Top Cities to Consider when Moving to Thailand


    Leaving the place where you grew up or have lived for a long time is not an easy decision. It requires much more deliberation and thinking than it might seem in the beginning. Not just the thought of leaving but also the decisions about settling in a new place with new surroundings are no less scary. If you are traveling for work and have the new city decided by your employer, consider yourself lucky as you are saved from the exhausting decision of which city to move to.

    If Thailand is the country you are relocating to, be prepared to listen to word such as exotic, tropical weather, and beaches a lot. Thailand is a beautiful country with exotic white sand beaches and an ultimate luxurious life, offering you all the civic facilities of the west wrapped in the most moderate of the weathers – that is tropical.

    As for safety concerns, Thailand is a safe country to visit and live. It offers a range of choices for you to relocate to. If you are skeptical about your move to this country of beach-rimmed islands, mountains, and historical and spiritual places, then read on. We have compiled an ultimate guide to the best cities you should be considering when moving to Thailand.

    A Little Peek into the Culture of Thailand

    Thailand is an attractive country with all the comforts and luxuries of any Western country. With its majestic mountains and temples, the country is brimming with a great blend of religion and ancient Buddhist culture. It has colorful buildings all around, and daily life in various cities varies from very hectic to a peaceful life between mountain views. Moreover, there are a lot of things to do in Thailand!

    The local people of Thailand are very hospitable. They are gentle and very humble to foreigners. However, any disrespect to the country or its ruling monarchs is met very harshly. They regard their monarchs with the utmost respect – not allowing anyone to say any negative thing about them. So, foreigners have to be careful.

    Overall, Thailand offers everything anyone may want in a new country – such as beaches for getting relaxed, mountains for sightseeing and adventures, temples for religious callings, excellent work ethics, pay, and a comfortable lifestyle.

    Top Cities to Consider Moving to in Thailand

    1. Chiang Mai – Calm and Slower Pace of Life

    This city is only an hour flight from Bangkok and is perfect for anyone seeking a calm place alongside spectacular mountains to settle in Thailand. However, do not be dismayed if you wanted a calm place but not very secluded because Chiang Mai might have a slower pace of life, but it does not at all lack in any amenities of a modern city.

    For all the history-lovers out there, Chiang Mai has beautiful temples built between the mighty mountains, offering a taste of the country’s rich historical touch and deep religious roots. The temperature there averages around 77 Fahrenheit even during winters, so it has conveniently moderate weather mostly.

    This city has a lot to offer, including fine dining options, fully equipped movie theatres, malls, and hospitals offering quality care. This place is one of the favorites among expatriates as it is not very expensive and has a tranquil atmosphere.

    2. KohSamui – The Ideal Tropical Island


    Exotic beaches, palm-lined white-sand shores, ocean waves crashing down, and fairly moderate weather the whole year – some might say KohSamui is the Hawaii of Thailand. It has a lot to offer if you consider it for relocation. Be it an ever-lively nightlife or the tranquil seaside residence with every luxurious amenity, KohSamui is not an expensive city.

    This city derives its economy mainly from coconuts besides tourism and fishing. When you hear about the exotic nightlife, the beaches, and the luxuries, you might skip moving to KohSamui thinking it will be hard to live there. However, in reality, KohSamui offers everything a seaside city can offer along with quality medical care, easy access to Bangkok, a wide range of inexpensive food, and even personal care facilities such as spas and gyms.

    3. Bangkok – For The City-Lover in You


    Now, if you are a modern-city person and would never want to exchange that with a slow-paced city like the above three, then Bangkok is your best option to move to. It is brimming with expats from all over the world as this city offers the best-paying jobs. There are lots of job opportunities in Bangkok, along with affordable housing and cheap fresh food.

    Due to a large number of expats opting to relocate to Bangkok, this city is vibrant and full of different cultures. You can witness people comfortably roaming around in Bangkok in the dresses they feel comfortable wearing. The city has skylines and Western-style malls that offer a variety of options, ranging from very high-end products to easily affordable ones.

    4. HuaHin – Best Beach Retreat


    Back in the early 1920s, HuaHin used to be a small quiet town with a very less population of local fishermen. The royal family of Thailand then built a palace near the shore which attracted many country elites to discover the place and inhabit it. Now, the city is beautifully lined with white-sand beaches and is a two and half hour drive from the country’s capital.

    If you are in for a slower-paced life with annual kites and jazz festivals, then HuaHin is ideal. This city emanates a cozy feeling with a comparatively lower population. The cost of living is also not very high, and one can easily fix a budget of 1,100 dollars and live very well in HuaHin.

    5. Phuket – Beach Life With City Amenities


    No one can describe the real beauty of this island city of Thailand and do justice to it. When you fly to Phuket and view the divine beaches with turquoise waters and mountains lined with tree-tops, you cannot help but gasp at the abundance of natural beauty this city has to offer.

    Offering very moderate tropical weather all year round, Phuket is an incredible choice for people who love to live by the beaches. You can go swimming on holidays or visit the beach at night – soaking in its natural beauty and breathing the calm air. Phuket also has the second busiest airports of the country.

    This city has the best seafood to offer. If you consider moving to this city in Thailand, then leave all the worries about missing your favorite brand of cereal as the grocery stores here are all stocked up with local as well as international food products.

    6. Pattaya – The Hub Of Expats


    The city of Pattaya is also one of the greatest hubs of expats in Thailand – mostly because it has a lot of job opportunities to offer. Most of the foreigners here are found working in shipping or construction industries. Just like many other cities of Thailand, Pattaya has a great nightlife and food options.

    Pattaya has a very laid-back lifestyle and the markets are open till very late at night. This city is very safe, just like the whole country.

    7. Krabi – Ideal Location


    Apart from the usual beaches and mountains surrounding this beautiful city of Thailand, Krabi has a remarkable infrastructure. It has some amazing road networks that can take you to Koh Phi Phi or Lanta from Krabi. This city is similar in most of the aspects to Phuket or Pattaya, but due to the fact that it is smaller and more in the process of being developed, this city offers a more quiet, peaceful, and laid back lifestyle.

    You can unwind on the sandy beaches and walk alongside sunsets or dine out whenever you want – thanks to the Krabi’s several bars and cafés always brimming with life. If you are a shopping fanatic and would not miss the hustle-bustle of the big city shopping malls, then Krabi is the best place to consider relocating to in Thailand.

    Final Words

    Overall, Thailand is a beautiful country for relocating. It has pristine sandy beaches and is filled with the natural beauty of mountains and palm trees. However, as every country is unique in its own way, this developing country also has some unique aspects. Thai people love and respect their royal family in any case. One cannot get away by saying anything bad about any member of the royal family. So, as a foreigner, it is better that you stay out of any such talks.

    When it comes to food in Thailand – it is great! It has fresh seafood and markets that are open till late at night. Housing is also not very expensive in most of the cities unless you plan on buying a palace.

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