Top Broom and Dustpan Sets for Your Cleaning Process

Dustpans are useful cleaning tools, but they do have their limits. With a decent dustpan, you can gather all the dirt and debris in one place without having to move the whole mess across the room. However, many dustpans and their accompanying brushes have short handles, meaning that you have to bend down and clear the debris with these tools.

This might be fine for an occasional mess like broken glass or some spilled beans, but not for clearing a larger space or frequent use. Plus, when someone is suffering from back pain or some other health problem, it might be difficult for them to bend and clean every time.

One solution here is to get a proper broom that comes with its own dustpan. This sort of broom and dustpan combo features long handles, making it easy to clean from a standing position. This way, you can clean a large area without having to risk your back or shoulder muscles. Not all these sets are created equal, however, so here are some tips for filtering out the best choices available right now. After that, we’ll look at Some Top Broom for Hardwood Floors to get your search started:

What to Consider When Buying a Broom and Dustpan Set

The factors you consider for the right broom and dustpan set will vary according to your needs, preferences, and current situation. Some of these include:

Commercial or Household

Do you have to clear up a large commercial area, such as a warehouse, or is the set for cleaning your home? The answer will determine what kind of set you have to buy. If you have a very large home or need the set for commercial cleaning, it’s best to get a large option that can contain a lot of dirt. For cleaning studio apartments or just one room, however, a regular size will so as well.


If you want a decent experience with your broom and dustpan, it’s best to shell out the cash for quality materials. Many brands like OXO and Carlisle have sets like these, so do consider one of these options if they fall within your budget.


The quality of the plastic, metal, and other materials used will determine the durability of your broom and dustpan set. Weigh the pros and cons before buying, and remember that paying for one quality set is much cheaper in the long run. Cheaper options might work well for some time, but they’ll also wear out easily. Buying several sets in a year will be a lot of hassle and even become more expensive in the long run.


If the broom and dustpan set is lightweight, this can be a great help in clearing large areas or cleaning for long periods of time. It will also be helpful for teaching kids how to do their share of chores. Plus, a lightweight option will be better for the elderly or those with joint pains, body aches, etc.

Height and Adjustability

The handles in these sets should be chosen according to the height of the user. If the handle is too short, it will be difficult to maneuver by a tall person and vice versa. There are also adjustable handles available, which will be useful when you want to reach awkward corners or the set is being used by more than one person.

Let’s now have a look at some of the top broom and dustpan sets available in the market today:

Where to Buy
Carlisle 36141503 Duo-Pan Dustpan & Lobby Broom Combo, 3 Foot Overall Height, Black
O-Cedar PowerCorner Angle Broom with Dustpan
OXO Good Grips Sweep Set with Extendable Broom
Jade Active Broom and Dustpan Set - Premium Long Handled Broom Dustpan Combo - Upright Standing Lobby Broom and Dust Pan Brush w/Handle - Great Edge, Lightweight and Robust
TreeLen Dustpan and Broom/Dustpan Cleans Broom Combo with 52" Long Handle for Home Kitchen Room Office Lobby Floor Use Upright Stand Up Broom and Dustpan Set
Broom and Dustpan Lobby Broom and Dustpan with Handle Solid Handled Dust Pan- Stand Up Design- Accommodates Any Broom Hand Brush- Best Dustpans for Home Lobby Shop GARAGE (Coffee)
Quickie Flip-Lock Dust Pan & Lobby Broom


1. Carlisle Black 36141503 Dustpan & Broom Combo

This is a combination of a long-handled dustpan and a lobby broom, both of which come together to make a sturdy design. You can use this set for both commercial and household cleaning.

While this combo can clean very large areas, it’s still compact enough to store easily. The handles can go up to thirty inches and are constructed from vinyl-coated steel. This increases the durability of this item, while the angled position is great for those who want to stand while cleaning. This price is also reasonable; however, some have reported that the height could be a bit low for taller people.

2. O-Cedar Broom with Dust Pan (Angler Angle)

This broom and dustpan combo is popular with customers for its many features, including the recycled plastic bristles. Finding the right broom also involves choosing the best broom bristles, and this option is one of the more responsible choices. Since the bristles here are of recycled materials, they’re eco-friendly and hence better for the planet.

Additionally, there’s Flare-Tip technology at the end of each bristle, which helps in capturing hairs, fine dust, and other difficult forms of debris. The dustpan is equipped with a conveniently wide mouth, enabling us to collect a lot of dirt in one go. Storage is also quite easy with this item, as the wide dustpan will lock into the broom handle and save you a lot of space.

Finally, the firm black and soft gray bristles will help to clear up all kinds of messes and spills. Unfortunately, there is the fact that the dustpan doesn’t have a sealing material underneath. This means that it will probably leave that annoying line of dirt after you’re done cleaning.

3. OXO Sweep Set with Extendable Broom

This sweeping set has several innovative features, which makes it a good choice for anyone looking for a good broom and dustpan. The handle here is extendable, which means that we may use it for large areas very easily. It’s also easy to sweep dirt right into the pan, as the handle retracts with a simple twist.

The company behind this set is a well-known one, especially when it comes to household items. We may hence rest assured that the materials and performance of this item will be up to par. This is reinforced by the design of the dustpan, which is equipped with teeth for combing dirt out of the broom bristles. It also boasts a flexible lip, conforming to various surfaces and preventing dust from going underneath the pan.

Overall, this is a lightweight and well-made set with thick broom bristles to ensure durability. Unfortunately, it also has a price to match the quality, so this set could be a little out of budget for some.

4. Broom and Dustpan Combo By Jade Active

What’s better than a great quality broom? A great quality broom and dustpan combo, of course. This long-handled set from Jade Active is perfect for any home, office or warehouse. The set has an ergonomic design with powder coating on handles to provide a non-slip grip.

The built-in scrapper in the dustpan allows you to remove all the debris from the broom while the clip-on feature lets you store away both items without separately occupying space. On the whole, the set weighs about 2.5 lbs, which shouldn’t be too hard to maneuver.

5. TreeLen Dustpan and Broom

While this set shares most of the qualities from the Jade Active option, it has one added feature that gives it an edge. The already long 52-inch handle comes with an additional extension pole that allows you to cover more area with lesser movement. It’s made out of durable plastic and is pretty lightweight. Another plus of this set is that it’s available in two different colors.

Of course, no matter how long a broom is, you need to dust the space before sweeping it. Here are some tips on dusting that might be useful next time.

6. Jingyuan Broom

This is another broom and dustpan set that presents an environmentally-friendly option for customers. It’s also durable, with a handle of stainless steel and stylish construction. This set can be used for daily cleaning, especially as the metal handle is quite light and easy to operate.

The dustpan here is also a flexible one. This allows the broom set to be used in all kinds of weather. Plus, the broom is made with a plastic that’s non-toxic and odorless. If you have kids or pets in the house, having such a material in your broom is quite important.

All in all, this set can hold a lot of dirt in one go, is easy to put together, and can be adjusted to your preferred size. It’s also easy to store, so limited closet space shouldn’t be a problem.  Find out Pet Broom Buying Guide here.

7. Quickie Flip Lock Broom

This brand focuses on giving us a broom and dustpan set that wouldn’t be a hassle to store. After we finish the sweeping, both cleaning tools will snap together for convenient and compact storage. What’s more, the emphasis on convenient storage doesn’t mean that the manufacturers have compromised on the performance of this item.

On the contrary, the long handle here ensures that we won’t have to bend while clearing up any area.

There’s a floor-molding lip on the dustpan here, which is useful for picking up both large and tiny particles. The broom measures around thirty inches and has a steel handle. Overall, this makes for a comfortable and durable grip.

The 10-year warranty for this item is quite reassuring, but keep in mind that this option is best for small areas.


If you’re looking to avoid frequent bending due to back pain, pregnancy, or any other issue, one of the sets above could be the answer to your cleaning dilemmas. The best choice for you will depend on your budget, the kind of messes you want to clean up, and the size of your living space. In any case, the convenience of long handles is a major consideration. If you want an even easier way of cleaning, you might want to have a look at our buying guide for robot mops.