Top 90s Trends That Are Still Followed


    The 1990s was a splendid time, especially when it comes to style and fashion. Even though the ‘90s can be credited with giving us now-favorable dresses and heels, there were also trends back them that should be kept in the past. Even though it has been a lot of years since the ‘90s decade started, it hasn’t stopped some of the iconic fashion styles from resurfacing and still being worn by a lot of people today.

    Fashion lists the ‘90s as one of the most memorable heydays. No wonder many people are still obsessed with its iconic street-style trends. If you are one of those who can’t get enough of the ‘90s decade, you’re in the right place. Today, we are giving you a list of the top ‘90s trends that are still followed in the present time.

    1. Baggy Clothes

    Baggy clothes are inspired by the R&B and hip-hop scene of the ‘90s. Up until today, they are still a trend. It includes wearing oversized shirts and pants, which a lot of people like due to the comfortability it offers. Aside from that, these clothes have laidback vibes and provide easy nonchalance appeal.

    2. Plaid Clothes

    Plaid pieces of clothing are probably popularized by “Clueless” back in the ‘90s, but they are still around and very popular today. A plaid pattern is versatile, whether your style falls on grunge, preppy, or sporty. It is a fun and easy print that is made famous in the ‘90s. Many people still like this style today as it is easy to match with other clothes.

    3. Cardigans

    Cardigans are one of the top trends in the ‘90s, which are still worn today. It is usually thrown over the shoulders in case you are wearing spaghetti straps, and it got a bit cold. Today, you can find more modern cardigans that can be worn as a top alone. In fact, you can make it cropped and pair it with loose-fitted jeans for a casual look.

    4. Velvet

    Velvet is considered to be “the fabric” of the ‘90s. In the present time, it is still very popular, especially when it comes to dresses and gowns for parties. In fact, many affordable and high-end brands are creating wrap dresses and dramatic midis in jewel-tone velvet today.

    5. Knee Socks


    In the ‘90s, knee socks are very popular, and it is because of Cher in Clueless who always wear them. Many people today are still wearing knee socks. In fact, high-fashion brands, such as Prada, were able to create updated versions of this trend that many people are so into.

    6. Thick Headbands

    Hair accessories are very popular back in the ‘90s, and thick headbands were one of them. Today, many women still use various thick headbands, especially during special events and sometimes to simply match their outfits.

    7. Slides by Adidas

    In the present time, you will see a lot of people wearing slides by Adidas. But did you know that these slippers are popularized in the ‘90s? Yes! And today, you can spot celebrities and models wearing them. There are also other brands that are releasing their own versions of the slides, even high-end brands like Gucci.

    8. Bucket Hats

    Bucket hats are very trendy back in the ‘90s. In the present time, many people still wear them, either as a fashionable accessory or as protection from the sun’s heat during hot summer days at the beach. They certainly look good when sporting a casual or outdoorsy look.

    9. Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    Those exaggerated cat-eye framed sunglasses that you usually see being worn by celebrities actually peaked in the ‘90s. Today, the style is more modern and comes in a lot of designs, patterns, and colors.

    10. Fanny Packs


    Back in the ‘90s, fanny packs are a brilliant way to carry all your essentials hands-free. In the present time, they are also called belt bags, and they now come in many different styles and designs. Even high-end brands like Gucci are selling these stylish bags today.

    11. High-Waisted Mom Jeans

    When you browse for fashion inspirations on Instagram, you will see a lot of women wearing high-waisted mom jeans. These types of jeans are very popular back in the ‘90s but are still worn today, thanks to models like Gigi Hadid and other celebrities. It is a flattering street-style fashion if you are looking for a comfortable but fashionable casual look.

    12. Denim Overalls

    Denim overalls are very popular in the ‘90s, back when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were still on TV. This fashion trend is still followed by a lot of people today, especially that designers are offering more stylish versions. You can find denim overalls in different shades and styles. Some are skinny, and some are oversized.

    These are some of the 90s trends that are still followed in the present time. With these, we can say that the 1990s fashion trends were the best. That’s why many people are happy to relive them. These looks were influenced by pop culture, the rise of hip-hop, and as well as urban culture, and the grunge movement led by rock n’ roll. Which of these trends is your favorite?

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