Top 7 Heaters with Wide Rotation

The major drawback during winters is the low temperature. In winters, heaters are needed to keep the temperature of the room warm and cozy. Not everyone can afford the central room heating. If you are looking for energy and cost-efficient heaters for your room, then there is a variety of heaters available. We will be mentioning the top 5 heaters with wide rotation.

What to Consider Before Buying Wide Rotation Heaters

Before buying any heater, you should consider the fact that it is suitable for your use. The main purpose of buying a wide rotation heater is to ensure that your desired area of the room gets heat up in winters. In winters, the temperature of your room without a heater feels like sitting in an open area with snow. One does not want to get up from their bed or couch to adjust the heat or oscillating angle. Your desired heater should be having a remote control. If you need a portable room heater, then it should be having a carrying handle to move it from one room to another.

Before you make any decision to buy a heater, you should consider if it’s energy-saving or not. The more options the more are the chances of buying that heater. The same is the case, where you consider the modes of the heater and temperature or thermostat adjustment while buying a heater. Then you consider the quick heating feature to know which heater heats the room more quickly than others. Other features that make you buy a wide oscillating heater are the technology they use in heating, safety features, auto-shutoff feature, etc. The technology used in the heater makes it clear for you about the heating and its outcomes.

Some of the electric heaters make noise or they produce a foul odor. The heat protection feature makes sure that the body of the heater does not heat up while operating. A person having kids or pets will consider the safety features that it does not become a hazard if it is tip-over by a kid or pet. It must be having an auto-shutoff feature to protect them from burning. Some people want to set a timer so that it turns off after a time even if they fall asleep.

These are some of the facts that you want to consider while buying a wide rotation heater for your room in winters. We have mentioned the best 5 heaters with wide rotation for your ease to choose one.

Where to Buy
Ommani Portable Ceramic Space Heater for Home and Office, 1500 W/750W 1s Fast Heating Small Space Heater with 3-Hour Timing, Oscillating
HUNTINGOOD Heater,Electric Heater,Space Heater,with1500W PTC, 3 Modes, 3s Fast Heating, Thermostat with Overheat Protection, 90° Rotation, Portable for Indoor and Patio,2 in 1 for All Year(1500W)
Patio Tower Heaters Outdoor - Oscillating Portable Large Electric Heater, Remote Ceramic Fan Heater Adjustable Thermostat 12 Hours Timer Overheat
Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater, Silver
PELONIS PHTA1ABB Portable, 1500W/900W, Quiet Cooling & Heating Mode Space Heater for All Season, Tip Over & Overheat Protection,for Home, Office Personal Use, Black, 7 x 5.82 x 8.54 inches


Top 5 Electric Heaters

OMMANI Portable Ceramic Space Heater for Home and Office

OMMANI oscillating space heater heats your room and the surrounding air in 1 second using PTC ceramic heating elements. It uses ABS Flame Retardant Materials to achieve V-O level. A stylish design to buy for heating your room in winters. It comes in two modes; low (750W) and high (1500W). This space heater saves power than other similar products, and provide hotter air than others. When the internal temperature of the space heater reaches 80°F, it cuts off the power and stops running.

If the body of the heater is not upright or it is tilted, then it will stop working. It removes the worries about your baby or pet tripping it over.  You can use the head swing function which rotates the head of the heater at a wide rotation of 70°. It adopts a curved inlet hole to reduce the noise up to 42db. It does not produce any foul odor-causing any kind of respiratory irritation. You can set the timer for heating up to three hours by turning the timer switch clockwise from the OFF position.

HUNTINGOOD Heater, Electric Heater

LIONWON INC. is providing its customers with home appliances especially electric heaters. Their electric heater is best suitable for the home. It provides you the 3 modes for heating and a quick heating feature. 1500W and 750W heat settings can easily warm up cold spots in your room. It saves energy and it comes with long service life.  The rotating feature allows you to warm up your surroundings more efficiently. Same as the way, you can circulate air when it is used as a fan in summers. The built-in fan can heat up in 3 seconds.

It is adopted with PTC technology. PTC technology is the stable, fast, reliable, and safe heating element. The electric fan heater triggers when the knob is turned to the maximum heat option, using the overheating protection system. It stops heating when the temperature of the surrounding reaches 86°F. The 90° tilt rotation heats evenly in a wider range. As compared to big room heaters, you can use this indoor portable heater if you stay alone at home. It saves electricity bills too!

Patio Tower Heaters Outdoor – Oscillating Portable Large Electric Heater

TECTAKE ceramic space heater, a safe heater around kids and pets, brings warmth to your home. It is a portable heater, which is easy to move from the bedroom to the living room, dining room, reading room, etc. It maintains the comfortable temperature of your room using thermostat settings and oscillating feature. 120° oscillation, efficiently heats from side to side. It can heat up to 70°F in seconds using 1500W power. There are 4 heating settings; low (900W), high (1500W), fan mode, and 30 seconds auto shut-down.

To make it more portable for you, there comes a remote control with it. You can easily control the temperature or rotation without getting up from the bed or couch. It comes with a carrying handle. It is ideal for home, bedroom, office desk, etc. This tower heater comes with an auto shut off providing tip-over reliable overheating protection. It is safe for families having kids or pets, who may knock it down. The 12-hour timer ensures the right time warm with peace of mind. The noise created by the ceramic heater is lower than 45db. You can use it even while sleeping, because of its quietness. It comes with high-quality flame-retardant material and an anti-dust filter. It is worth buying because it is more portable than other heaters that can be operated with remote control. It is a large portable fan heater.

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Portable Space Heater, Silver

Lasko has been manufacturing high-performance, great-looking home comfort products in the U.S. They have been operational in the market for more than 100 years. Lasko is leading the market with its portable fans, ceramic heaters, room heaters, ceramic low-profile heaters, and many more. The main purpose of buying this portable space heater is the portability, 11 different temperatures, and the heat adjustment features that will operate according to you. It comes with a convenient carry handle. The adjustable thermostat adjusts the heater’s 1500-watt ceramic heating element. It covers 300 sq. ft.

It comes with high heat, low heat, and a fan-only. The adjustable thermostat in this space heater is ideal for small areas. It does not have a remote to control the heat adjustment. If you forget to switch off the space heater, then you do not have to worry about it. It comes with overheat protection which ensures that the heater does not heat up for an extended amount of time or make it a hazard.


PELONIS has been providing its customers with safe and reliable home appliances, considering environmental protection. The fast heating, programmable thermostats, user friendly, heater and fan, and safety makes it worth buying for winters. It takes only 3 seconds to heat smaller spaces. It uses ceramic heating elements with a rated power of up to 1500W. It maintains a consistent temperature making your surroundings cozy and warm. The adjustable thermostat with easy to control dial allows you to choose high low heating. The oscillating function allows you to warm the desired area without wasting the heat.

You can use this heater as a fan in summers while turning the knob to the fan function only. It is a light-weight heater weighing only 2.72lbs. The easy to carry handle makes it easier to move it from one room to another. ABS UL 94 V0 flame-resistant material makes its cool touch. Tip-over switch and overheating protection ensure safe use.


No one wants to live in a refrigerator. Cold bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, office desk makes no difference than living in a refrigerator in winters. Warm and comfortable rooms make it easier to move around and do your work easily. For this reason, we have mentioned the top five portable room heaters that are electric and energy-saving. You can choose according to your requirements and budget. If you need a high-quality heater, then buy Patio Tower Heaters Outdoor, but if you are having a low budget, then you can buy Ommani Portable Ceramic Space Heater for Home and Office.