Top 7 Glucose Meters

There was a time when people used to personally visit doctors for getting their diabetes status checked. With the evolution of technology, portable glucose meters are available today that could be used by diabetic patients to check their sugar levels at home. With a wide variety of glucose meters present in the market, choosing the perfect one could become confusing. Moreover, glucose meters have become a necessary item in almost every household. The elderly could closely monitor their sugar levels by getting their tests done and receiving results instantly at the same time.

To help you out with the process, we have vetted a list of some of the best glucose meters for you to consider along with things you need to watch out for.

Things to consider when buying a glucose meter

Buying a glucose meter is not as easy as it seems. You would want to consider some things regardless of your budget, to end up with the most suitable option.


A basic mistake people make when purchasing a glucose meter is getting carried away by its retail price. It is not necessary that a higher-priced glucose meter is will be precise and accurate. Several other factors affect accuracy and readings such as the strips. Therefore, give due importance to the strips as you will be using them regularly and are expensive.

Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage is another important factor to consider. You need to make sure what supplies are covered by your insurance so that you can further narrow down the list of options. As already mentioned, glucose meters and strips tend to be expensive. As you will be using them regularly, it is only important that you cut costs wherever possible.

 Automatic Coding

Most glucose meters are calibrated with a particular set of strips. If you happen to use different strips, the results would be inaccurate. On the other hand, some glucose meters require you to insert a code and then download an app to scan the codes using your smartphone. Either way, make sure that calibration remains unbothered as it directly affects the results.

 Data Storage

Glucose meters come with a data storage feature. Meaning that it will store your readings and results for you to compare. This is a great way to track your progress and keep closely in check with your glucose levels. Therefore, consider buying a glucose meter that stores as many results as possible.

 Test time

If you are someone who checks their glucose levels multiple times daily, you would want a glucose meter that displays results as quickly as possible. Waiting for 10-15 seconds each time could become a nuisance. Opt for a glucose meter that takes accurate readings and displays them as well within 5 seconds.

Where to Buy
Contour Next EZ meter
Accu-Chek Guide Blood Glucose Monitoring System
Onetouch Verio Blood Glucose Monitoring System
DSS Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Meter Kit, Results in 5 seconds, Strips Not Included (1 Kit)
One Touch Ultra2 System Kit 1
Care Touch Diabetes Testing Kit – Care Touch Blood Glucose Meter, 100 Blood Test Strips, 1 Lancing Device, 30 gauge Lancets-100 count and Carrying Case
Bayer Contour Next ONE Glucose Monitoring System


Recommended Products

Contour Next EZ

The Contour Next EZ is a simple device that is used to measure glucose. Even though it is both light-weight and compact, it can provide very accurate readings. Using multipulse technology, the Contour Next EZ uses a 0.6 microliter sample and reruns it six times for accurate reading. Although the sample is run several times, it still displays results within 5 seconds. Furthermore, its test strips are affordable as well, which are readily available at every pharmaceutical store.

Key Features:

  • Multipulse technology
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Reruns test six times

Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The Accu-Check blood glucose monitoring system features Bluetooth technology that connects with the user’s smartphone. Furthermore, the user could download and use its app to view graphs and readings and keep a record of the test results. Accu-Chek is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to manufacturing diabetes checking meters. The device can store 750 blood glucose readings, however, you could store unlimited results with the Connect app.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Shows results in just 5 seconds
  • Stores 750 test results.

One Touch Verio

The OneTouch Verio glucose meter is as simple as it could get. It features an LCD that is easy to read and understand. Additionally, it consists of ColorSure technology which uses a red dot to convey that your reading is above average and a green dot to display that everything is normal. It also uses a blue dot to highlight your below-average glucose reading. It can store up to 500 test results and calculates averages based on tests conducted past week, two weeks, and thirty days.

Key Features:

  • 99% accuracy
  • Uses only 0.4 microliters
  • Test strips are covered by Medicare

DSS Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Meter

The DSS Precision Xtra Blood Glucose Meter is an intelligent glucose reading device. It is easy to use and required minimal blood to test for results. Once you insert the strip into the meter, it will turn on automatically. Furthermore, it uses a beep when its reservoir is filled with blood and then initiates the test. Upon pulling the strip out, it will automatically shut off itself. Users have stated that they have observed accurate reading every time using the product, which is a major plus.

Key Features:

  • Shows results in just 5 seconds
  • Beep alert
  • Automatically turns on and off

OneTouch Ultra 2

The OneTouch Ultra 2 is a smart device that tracks your averages and communicates your progress. Designed to provide extreme accuracy each time you use it, this device pinpoints the difference occurring in your glucose levels due to food choices. Additionally, it is a simple one-touch operation that clearly displays your test results both before and after meals.

Key Features:

  • One-touch operation
  • Smart glucose reader
  • Easy to use

Care Touch Glucose Meter Kit

Care Touch offers a comparatively unique product for its diabetic customers. This Glucose Meter Kit by Care Touch does not require any codes and the device can catch batch codes encrypted on test strips. Therefore, there is no need to manually insert any code. Furthermore, it features a hygiene strip injection, which allows the user to eject the strip with a single touch without having to manually remove the strip. Lastly, it keeps a 14-day average and stores around 300 test results.

Key Features:

  • Single touch strip ejection
  • Stores 300 tests
  • No manual codes required

Bayer Contour NEXT ONE Glucose Monitoring System

Featuring smart light technology, the Bayer Contour Next One glucose monitoring system provides alerts and reminders to better manage diabetes. It consists of a logbook that records your activities, meals, and medication. Since it features Bluetooth technology as well, you could connect it with a smartphone app and capture blood glucose results more easily. By combining the results stored previously and analyzing glucose levels, the device highlights the effects of daily activities on their diet. To top it off, users can share the test results via the app as well.

Key Features:

  • Smart light technology
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Reminders and alerts

Final Word

With this, we end our guide to the top glucose meters. We hope that our recommendations and things to consider will help you tremendously in choosing the right glucose meter.

If you were to ask us, we would recommend the Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Monitoring System. It stores more than 700 test results, is easy to understand and use and affordable as well. In addition to that, its strips are budget-friendly as well, which makes it a perfect package. And, since it carries high ratings and positive reviews from customers and doctors alike, this device could be relied on for glucose readings.