Top 7 Cool Gadgets for Your Garden

If you are assumed as one of those people, who lives in a city and cannot persist their passion for gardening. Then be ready to pursue your passion with innovative best smart gadgets for your indoor and outdoor gardening no matter wherever you are.

Where to Buy
Etekcity Indoor/Outdoor Soil Moisture Sensor Meter
Orbit 62024 Single-Dial Hose Watering Digital Timer
Grow Light with Stand, APLANT Timer Grow Lights
Back to the Roots Water Garden
Rain Bird WR2-RC A55300 Wireless Rain Sensor
Kuna Integrated Smart Home Security Lantern

1. Etekcity Indoor/Outdoor Soil Moisture Sensor Meter


It is a compact and moveable hygrometer to measure the soil moisture without using any battery or electricity. Just plug in the probe and read moisture level from the reading that is 1 to 10. It has color coded reading system from red, green to blue, showing dry to wet. Buy on Amazon!

2. Orbit 62024 Single-Dial Hose Watering Digital Timer

It is an excellent automatic tool to water your plants with the help of 2 AA batteries. With single dial control of water setting from 2 to 90 minutes; it is easy to on and off when needed. You can set the watering pattern as for daily, every other day or every third day. It also saves water in drought condition and keep your plants fresh. Buy on Amazon!

3. Grow Light with Stand, APLANT Timer Grow Lights

The APLANT Indoor Grow Lights have a 6/10/12H timer. It's convenient to be able to leave the switch turned on constantly and use a circular memory timer to regulate it according to your schedule when it's powered on. With this plant grow light, your wonderful plants continue to flourish even when you are away. It has a bit low power consumption and high luminous efficiency, it helps the plant, indoor or placed in dark, with an extra boost of light, or a few of sun, raining or snowing. Buy on Amazon or check out hydroponics Melbourne as well.

4. Back to the Roots Water Garden


A gardening gadget with a self-cleaning fish tank that grows the plant at the top. It has a silent and submersible pump. Fish wastes feed the plant and plant cleans the water. It is available with a discount coupon for a Betta Fish. Buy on Amazon!

5. Rain Bird WR2-RC A55300 Wireless Rain Sensor

It is a wireless rain sensor exclusive of freeze sensing. It includes sensor unit and controller interface, really easy to use and programmed. It is remarkable due to its superior signal reliability. Buy on Amazon!

6. Kuna Integrated Smart Home Security Lantern

A bright security lantern at your door or in the garden that constantly connected to your smartphone and stays “ON” every time. You can detect and interact with people through your smartphone. It prevents home break-ins and alerts you before it happens. Buy on Amazon!

7. AGPtek® 3M x 3M 300 LED Linkable Design Fairy String Curtains Light

It is an ideal for party, wedding, Christmas party or decorating your garden. It consists of a controller and main curtain light two parts. Each main curtain can be seen as a unit, and multiple main curtains light can be linked one by one. Buy on Amazon!

Bottom Line

Grateful to the technology that it made an easy access to everything. The listed gardening gadgets can make your garden outstanding and stay your garden away from the harm of any type.