Top 6 Pain Relieving Patches

Have you ever been in a fix and needed someone to help you with applying ointment to a place where you are shy of showing? What to do if you get cramps while in the middle of a hectic day at the office and you cannot see your doctor immediately? People usually panic in cases of such emergencies, which is justified, given the amount of pain some might be in and the increasing worry about not having someone nearby to apply any ointment. This is where the pain-relieving patches come in. 

Pain relieving patches are the easiest and convenient means of dulling the pain without having to apply any ointment that might stain your clothes. These patches come as a relief for people who require immediate treatment that is faster than a pill. These pain-relieving patches are equipped with a strong adhesive that sticks securely to your skin. You can use them anywhere on your body according to the directions.  

How Do These Patches Work?

The main ingredient in most of the pain-relieving patches is a topical anti-inflammatory. The primary purpose of anti-inflammatory is to relieve you from pain by seeping into your skin and relaxing the affected area. 

If you, or anyone you know, suffer from muscle pain frequently, the pain-relieving patches are a gift straight from heaven. They work almost instantly and relieve you of the pain and discomfort. People who have arthritis know how painful a muscle strain or joint pain can be. These patches also soothe sprains and muscular pains caused by arthritis. (Read More)

Is It Safe To Use These Patches? 

The pain-relieving patches are meant to provide you with instant but temporary relief. Keep in mind that these patches, in no way, replace your prescribed medicines. However, because of the ease of use, the pain-relieving patches are popular among people who are old aged, working long hours, living alone, or are athletes and sportsmen. 

Another main ingredient in these patches is lidocaine. Some people might hear and give a big no-no when they hear about the numbing effect of lidocaine. However, in reality, lidocaine used in pain-relieving patches is not meant to harm you. The fundamental function of lidocaine is to provide local numbness to the affected area so that your mind is distracted from the pain. 

Once your muscles and nerves are relaxed after numbing, the other ingredients in pain-relieving patches go about doing their work for relieving pain. Nevertheless, most people are sensitive to anything that might numb any part of their body. They are right. It is worrisome – but as it goes, the benefits overcome the harms. 

Essential Factors to Consider

If you know the real pain of being in a situation where you were helplessly in pain and with no one around to help you, pain-relieving patches should be the first on your shopping list. Now, there might be many brands with dozens of different types of pain-relieving patches when you go search for them. However, do not fall for poor quality pain-relieving patches that would only cost you loads of money but cannot give you relief. 

What you have to look for in a pain-relieving patch is what we are here to tell you. We have gathered some essential underlying factors that you need to keep in mind and check whenever you are hunting for top quality pain-relieving patches. 

Here you go:


It does not matter whether you are brand conscious or not. When buying any medication, always consider the brand name as it has a reputation attached to it. While medications are bliss for treating your pain, if poorly made, they cannot affect or even aggravate your pain. Always check the brand name and read the leaflet very carefully.

Responsible pharmaceuticals enlist all of the possible side effects of their medicines along with who can use and who cannot. Check out for any specific type allergies, if mentioned. 

Patch Test 

A patch test is vital if you have never used pain-relieving patches for yourself before. These tests are meant to tell about any possible skin allergies or reactions. This information helps in deciding whether your skin is suitable for using a pain-relieving patch or not. 

For carrying out this test, cut a small piece of the medicated patch and apply it to any area on your body. The reaction to this patch will tell you if the pain-relieving patch suits you or not. If your skin swells or develops an allergy where the patch was used, stop using it immediately. 

Main Ingredients 

When you are searching for reliable pain-relieving patches, keep in mind to check their main ingredients. Look for the ones that have camphor in them. Camphor is an amazing ingredient that is very effective in treating muscle and joint pains. While the properties of camphor help relieve the pain, they also help fight off bacteria from the skin. Thus, you are healed with protection. 

Camphor can work up to 12 hours. The instant reaction of camphor is to make your skin icy cool so that your nerves are relaxed. It helps with the healing process. 


Another thing to look for when buying pain-relieving patches is to check the size of the patches. Some of these pain-relieving patches are larger and have to be cut in half to be used. Go for the ones that are medium-sized and can be used anywhere – your arm, back, thigh, or foot. 

Odor and Stain-free

Although most of the manufacturers of pain-relieving patches claim that their product is odorless and does not leave a stain, they are not. However, make sure that you get the one that does the trick without staining your clothes and giving any odor. What good would it do if the patch you wear leaves an odor behind? Similarly, as these patches are meant to be applied for long hours, you are bound to wear them to work or outside, which is why these patches should not leave stains on your clothes. 

Side Effects 

This factor is the most important amongst all. Never compromise temporary and instant relief over your health. If you are allergic to any ingredient that is used in the pain-relieving patches, please do not compromise on your health. Nothing is a hundred percent perfect. Read the label of the pain-relieving patches very carefully. If you find anything that would not suit you, you are better off without it. 

Our Top Picks

Where to Buy
Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches, 60 Count
Absorbine Jr. Ultra Strength Pain Relief Patch
Bengay Pain Relieving Patch, Ultra Strength, Regular Size, 5-Count Patches
Tiger Balm Patch, Pain Relieving Patch, 4"x2.75", 5-Count Packages 
Beyond BodiHeat Original, Box of 24
Buoceans Wormwood Pain Relieving Patch

Salonpas Pain Relieving Patches, 60 Count

Providing you up to 8 pain-free hours, the Salonpas pain relieving patches are one of the best options to opt for on our list. They are absolutely odor-free. If your back has been aching at work and you have got no escape from working tirelessly in front of your screen, then Salonpas is the way to go. 

It works magically for sore joints and muscle pain. Though temporary, but the relief from these pain-relieving patches is unmatchable, especially when you know you cannot get any other help for a couple of hours. It is effortless to use, and you can safely wear it underneath your clothes without any worries about stains showing or any unpleasant smell. 

The active ingredients are (per patch):

  • Menthol 3% (Topical analgesic)
  • Methyl salicylate 10% (NSAID*) (Topical analgesic) *nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Absorbine Jr. Ultra Strength Pain Relief Patch

If you ask your parents what over-the-counter pain-relieving ointment they know about from their days, they will probably tell you about Absorbine. Absorbine has been around for more than 100 years now. It is incredibly effective for arthritis-related muscle and joint pains. Even if you are not thinking of buying these pain-relieving patches for yourself, get them to keep at home in case of emergencies.

As explained earlier, these patches provide a quick remedy through instant pain relief. The topical anti-inflammatory used in these patches takes no time in absorbing into your skin and immediately provide relief in the affected area. Absorbine pain-relieving patches provide up to 8 hours of relief from pain and are utterly grease-free.

You can apply them anywhere without having to worry about greasing your hands or clothes. Their quality makes them an ideal choice for traveling and for keeping in your work desk drawer.

Bengay Pain Relieving Patch, Ultra Strength, Regular Size, 5-Count Patches 

Bengay is another trusted brand in pharmaceuticals. The Bengay pain-relieving patches have menthol as a topical analgesic. Menthol is supposed to provide instant numbness in the affected area as soon as it is applied. Numbness helps in taking your mind off the pain firstly. Secondly, it eases the way out for the other anti-inflammatory ingredients to seep in and do their work. 

If you are in need of pain-relieving patches that are long-lasting, then get your hands on Bengay ultra pain-relieving patches. These are extremely efficient in their function and last for long.  

Tiger Balm Patch, Pain Relieving Patch, 4″x2.75″, 5-Count Packages 

These, we would say, are the most common pain-relieving patches in the list. One of the best things about these pain-relieving patches is their size. Whether you want to use these patches on your arm, back or thigh, they are perfect for everywhere. 

Moreover, Tiger Balm pain relieving patches are made of a similar formula as Tiger balm, which is a very common over-the-counter pain relief balm. So, if you are going to make a purchase decision according to the reputation of years, then Tiger Balm pain relieving patches should be your first priority. 

Beyond BodiHeat Original, Box of 24

Sometimes all you might need is a little heat on your sore shoulder muscles. Heat is claimed to be one of the oldest ways of providing instant pain relief. The Beyond BodiHeat pain-relieving patches work the same as a hot bag would – ultimately easing your muscles and giving comfort. 

These patches are beneficial for all types of sore muscles or joints and back pain. The adhesive on these patches is very strong and does not fall off in the middle of providing you relief. The box contains 24 fast-acting, pain-relieving heat pads.

Buoceans Wormwood Pain Relieving Patch

If you are slightly hesitant about medicines numbing any of your body parts and would like to have a natural alternative, then get this pack of Buoceans Wormwood pain-relieving patches. They are made of Chinese herbal medicines that are claimed to have no side effects whatsoever. 

You have to use these pain-relieving patches like any other pain-relieving patches and experience instant pain relief. These patches can help relax your muscles and stretch the soft tissues, promoting flexibility and helping decrease stiffness. They work for all ages, are odor free and non-transdermal. 

These patches can help you with:

  • Numbness of the legs
  • Joint stiffness
  • Knee cold
  • Old cold leg
  • Muscle ache
  • Joint discomfort

Final Words 

When your muscles are sore, or your joints are aching badly, what you need is instant relief. But what to do if that happens at work? What to do if you do not have anyone around to apply the ointment? Pain relieving patches are made exactly for these types of situations. 

This magical pain relief option is very economical and comes in handy when you are traveling. Now, you can carry the treatment of your muscle and joint pain easily anywhere you go.