Top 50 Picture Books for Children

Young children need all the help they can get in reading books. More often than not, parents have to read aloud books to small kids. But what makes the reading experience truly remarkable for kids is the pictures that go with it. We have compiled a list of 50 picture boos for your toddlers and preschoolers that they will absolutely love.

So, let us dive into the list!

1. The Kit Kat Caper

The Kit Kat Caper

Written by Susan R. Ross, The Kit Kat Caper is a lovely story about a little witch who wants Kit Kats on Halloween. She goes from door to door with a cat and a bat, trick-or-treating. But she only accepts Kit Kats as a treat! At first, no one can figure out who she is. But the clues can be found in the pictures!

2. National Graphic Readers: Koalas

National Graphic Readers: Koalas

National Geographic now brings learning to kids as young as 4 to 6 years. This informative book on koalas contains adorable photos of koalas and talks about their living habits, what they eat, and how they age. Kids will love learning about these furry creatures and the way they socialize.

3. Lady Emma in Her Land of Wonder

Lady Emma In Her Land Of Wonder

Lady Emma in Her Land of Wonder is a tale about a young girl’s adventures and follows her as she makes mistakes and gets into trouble but ultimately learns to fix up everything with her father’s guidance. There is also an element of fantasy, with a witch’s spell and some dragons and ogres. There is a prince, too, but Emma learns that she is responsible for her own life.

4. Letters from Santa: A Christmas Alphabet

Letters from Santa: A Christmas Alphabet

Recommended for toddlers and preschoolers, this is an alphabet book full of various, interesting bits about Christmas. And the information comes straight from Santa! Kids will love learning their ABCs through the beautiful illustrations and the rhyming text. The book has been authored by Katrina Streza.

5. The Adventures of Lovable Lobo: Lobo’s Howliday

The Adventures of Lovable Lobo: Lobo s Howliday

This is a story about a little wolf pup named Lobo who has to travel to the North Pole to help save Christmas. Santa decided to get a smart sleigh to be more eco-friendly, but this has resulted in some unexpected problems! Now Lobo and sidekick Roxy go up to the North Pole and are helped along the way by the Arctic animals. Written and illustrated by C. L. Murphy, the book is ideal for kids aged 3-7 years.

6. The Lorax

The Lorax (Classic Seuss)

Written by Dr. Seuss, this is a story about the environment and how to protect it. It is also playful and cheerful, tackling the theme in a way that young children can understand. Around the light themes of playing in nature, the book teaches the importance of kindness, hope, and taking the initiative to bring about change.

7. Lou Lou

Lou Lou

Lou Lou is just a 6-year-old girl, but she has some big challenges to overcome. She discovers that she and her family have to leave their home because the land they lived on in the Maldives is disappearing into the ocean. Lou boards a ship saying goodbye to her home and in the journey, comes across a mermaid who helps Lou and her family be safe.

8. Miss Moore Thought Otherwise

Miss Moore Thought Otherwise: How Anne Carroll Moore Created Libraries for Children

Written by Jan Pinborough and illustrated by Debby Atwell, Miss Moore Thought Otherwise is a book based on the true story of Miss Moore who brought reading privileges to the children at American public libraries. Due to her work, New York’s Public Library created the first children’s room and allowed kids to borrow books. Filled with beautiful illustrations, the book is recommended for kids aged 6 to 9 years.

9. Moore Zombies: The Search for Gargoy

Moore Zombies: The Search for Gargoy

Are your kids afraid of zombies? Well, they won’t be anymore after reading this book! The book tells the story of the Moore zombie family and follows the siblings in their search for the missing Gargoy. The zombie siblings have distinct personalities and their likes and dislikes, which will make your kid fall in love with them. The book makes for a very entertaining read, recommended for kids aged 6-8 years.

10. The Moose at the Manger

The Moose at the Manger

On Christmas Eve, Moose wanders off from her family and gets lost. As she tries to find her way back, Star Bright, a magical star, transports her to the birth of Jesus through time and space. Later, she is reunited with her family. In a simple way, the book introduces children to the real spirit of Christmas and the joy and love that is supposed to be shared within families. The beautiful illustrations will keep kids thoroughly interested in the story.

11. My First School Journal

Richard Scarry s My First School Journal

Richard Scarry has made a wonderful journal that allows kids to chronicle their experience of going to school for the first time. Full of illustrations and colors, the journal teaches kids to record information about their school name, address, their class fellows, teachers, the subjects they study, the games they play, the activities they enjoy, and how they feel at school. This simple project will become a prized family possession just a few years down the road.

12. Dinosaurs


Kids love dinosaurs. The very concept of huge beings roaming the earth before humans inhabited it is fascinating, to say the least. National Geographic brings this book for 4-6-year-old kids to tell them all they want to know about dinosaurs. There is no fiction in the book, but the information is presented interestingly, along with brilliant illustrations.

13. Nickerbacher: The Funniest Dragon

Nickerbacher: The Funniest Dragon

Winner of many prestigious children’s literature awards, Nickerbacher: The Funniest Dragon is a story about a dragon who wants to be a stand-up comedian. However, his father tells him he has to make people afraid, not happy. Further, he is burdened with the responsibility of protecting Princess Gwendolyn. The story is playful and meant for young children, but it tackles important themes of tradition vs. individuality, and authenticity vs. obligation.

14. Ollie’s Carrot

Ollie’s Carrot

One day, Ollie wakes up to find that his favorite carrot is missing. Now Ollie is a little rabbit who loves all carrots, but that one carrot was the dearest to him. So, he decided to go around the world in search of it. In his journey, he passes through a desert, a tropical jungle, a cod land, and a quiet forest. This gives children the chance to be acquainted with different geographical locations as well as come to know about the animals that live there. The story ends happily when Ollie comes home and finds that his carrot had been there all along.

15. One Little Christmas Tree

One Little Christmas Tree: A Children s Christmas Picture Book

One Little Christmas Tree is a story about a young tree Alfred at a Christmas farm who longs to be picked as a Christmas tree. As years pass and no family picks him, his sadness increases. He is urged to be patient until his time comes, but he just can’t wait to inherit a family and share Christmas with them. Eventually, Alfred does get his wish, and all is as marvelous as he had hoped for. But how does his luck change for the better? Read to find out!

16. One More Candle

One More Candle by Merry Susiarjo (2013-09-01)

Nola and Betty are sisters and Betty is just one year older than Nola. When they decide to celebrate their birthdays together every year, Nola becomes obsessed with the fact that Betty has one more candle than her. She invokes the lighthouse, the sun, and fireflies to give her just one more candle. However, gradually, she understands why Betty gets one more candle learns appreciation and gratitude for all the things she has. This book is excellent to help children deal with sibling jealousy.

17. Osteoblasts to the Rescue

Osteoblasts to the Rescue: An Imaginative Journey Through the Skeletal System (Human Body Detectives)

Merrin and Pearl are two sisters who are Human Body Detectives, literally. They have this magical power to go into people’s bodies and explore their systems. Here, they go into their friend’s body and explore her skeletal system when she breaks her arm. Traveling from the spinal cord, across the ribs, and up the clavicle, they reach the site of the fracture and learn about how the body repairs itself. The book combines adventure with facts to help kids learn about their bodies.

18. Our Picnic Surprise

Our Picnic Surprise (Chef ReCee Jay & Friends Book 1)

Do you want to teach your children about the importance of nutrition with the help of a rhyming book? Well, this is the book for you! ReCee is ready to go on a picnic with a monkey named Carb and has loaded up a lot of sugary sweets and junk food in her basket. However, a rabbit named Veggie shows up and tells them about the importance of vegetables and fruits. He also shows them ways to make healthy food taste better.

19. ParaNorman: Meet the Ghosts

ParaNorman: Meet the Ghosts: Level 2 (Passport to Reading Level 2)

Norman lives in a small town. he goes to school and watches television every day. However, what sets him apart from other boys his age is that he can see and talk to ghosts. When he watches television, his grandmother’s ghost is there. On the way to school, he greets the ghosts he meets. And he even plays with the ghost of his best friend’s dog. Recommended for 4-8-year-olds, this book is a fun, light read, introducing kids to all the ghost friends of Norman and setting their imagination on fire.

20. ParaNorman: Attack of the Pilgrim Zombies!

ParaNorman: Attack of the Pilgrim Zombies!

This book follows ParaNorman: Meet the Ghosts and is meant for 5 – 6-year-old kids. Norman, who can talk to ghosts, is thought to be weird by everyone. After all, having to keep the fact that he can talk to ghosts a secret does make him act weirdly at times. Now, there is an attack by pilgrim zombies on the town, and it is up to Norman to stop them. The book has very detailed illustrations that are quite spooky, so we recommend not getting this book if your child can get scared easily.

21. Pegasus – A Dragon’s Tale

Pegasus – A Dragon’s Tale

Dragons have fascinated children since forever. After all, what is not to like about a giant, fire-breathing beast that can also fly? Pegasus – A Dragon’s Tale­is the story of two bear cubs, named Dayshawn and Kameela, who come upon a dragon’s egg. when it hatches, they raise it in their castle until it becomes so big that it leaves. Years later, there is a war and the two grown bears are captured. It is then that Pegasus comes to their rescue.

22. Philipa Knickerbocker Glory and the Ice Cream Castle

Phillipa Knickerbocker Glory and the Ice Cream Castle

If there’s one thing Philipa loves, it is ice cream. However, her cat, Little Miss Whiskers, despises it. How is that relevant, you may ask? Well, because one day, the two of them find themselves in a magical world where there is an ice cream castle, full of every ice cream flavor and topping imaginable. And the Queen tells Philipa she can stay forever and be the Castle’s ice cream taster. Isn’t that wonderful? Read the book to find if this really is such a blessing as it seems to be.

23. Picasso-ville

Picasso-ville: An Imaginary Place Consisting of the Visions of Pablo Picasso

This book introduces Pablo Picasso and his works to very young readers through illustrations and rhymes. A young boy finds himself in a village called Picasso-Ville, where everything is different. The sun is bursting with blue and red lashes. Yet, everything feels right. This book will take readers on an imaginative flight, describing Picasso’s work as seen through children’s eyes. Pat Luttrell is the author of the picture book.

24. The Pocket Mommy

The Pocket Mommy

If you have a small child who is going to start kindergarten soon, this is the perfect book to read to them. The Pocket Mommy is the story of a small boy, Samuel. On his first day at kindergarten, he is anxious and afraid, so his mom gives him a doll – a small version of herself that he can keep in his pocket to soothe himself. However, soon this pocket mommy comes to life. Samuel is happy at first, but soon pocket mommy starts to interfere in everything and create big messes, making him wish she would go back home!

25. Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees

Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees

The third book in the Rachel Raccoon and Sammy Skunk series, Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees teaches young children interesting facts about trees, the different types of trees, the process of photosynthesis, and the importance of trees. Rachel and Sammy’s teacher takes the whole class on a field trip, where they hike through a forest and learn about trees. The book is full of colorful photographs and illustrations.

26. Ronald Humphrey Is Wearing A WHAT?

Roland Humphrey is Wearing a WHAT?

Recommended for 2 to 6-year-olds, the story is about a small boy Ronald who likes pink color and sparkles. At his school, girls can wear what they want but boys are governed by these strange rules, which he does not understand. It is the story of how he learns to be his true self.

27. Rooster Gallo

Rooster/Gallo (Libro Tigrillo)

Written by Jorge Luján, Rooster Gallo is a poem about the rooster that sees the rooster as a poet and as almost in touch with the magic of the universe. The poem allows adults to speculate, but children will simply love its rhyme and illustrations. It is written in both English and Spanish, meant for 2-4-year-olds.

28. Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy Room

Ruth the Sleuth and the Messy Room

Ruth needs the potholder she had borrowed from her mom, only the trouble is that her room is a complete mess and she cannot find it. Trying to find the potholder, she has to sort through her messy room, which she never bothered to clean before and comes upon long-lost items. When the search takes so long that her playtime is disturbed, she realizes a clean room is more important than she used to think.

29. The Salmon Twins

The Salmon Twins (Coastal Spirit Tales)

The Salmon Twins explores the culture and community values of West Coast areas and teaches children the importance of working together for the community. When the salmon twins become greedy and selfish, they are magically changed into a two-headed serpent, so they learn to live together. This cooperation becomes necessary when the villagers’ food source relies on their actions.

30. Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp

Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp

Suitable for preschool and kindergarten children, Saturday Night at the Dinosaur Stomp is a story about dinosaurs having fun and dancing. There are many different dinosaurs in the book, which can introduce children to their names. The rhymes and the illustrations will keep children thoroughly entertained.

31. Snuggle Puppy!

Snuggle Puppy! (Boynton on Board)

Snuggle Puppy is the tale of a mother dog and her adorable puppy who she loves very much. Written by Sandra Boynton, it is packed with fun and joy. It makes for an excellent bedtime read, with its wonderful illustrations and rhyming verse. It is a book that kids are sure to love and sing along to!

32. Sticky Icky Booger Bugs

Sticky Icky Booger Bugs

Cystic fibrosis is a disease that affects 30,000 children every year. Sticky Icky Booger Bugs is the story of just one child with this disease. Kory goes to school; he enjoys recess and loves playing soccer. He also has a best friend. What he does not like is the hospital. The story tells us how a normal boy has to take certain measures to maintain his health.

33. The Susu Pals

The Susu Pals

Written by Richa Jha, The Susu Pals is the story of two young girls, Rhea and Dia, who are best friends. They play together, they braid each other’s hair, and they even go to the bathroom together. However, things start to change when Isha moves in next door to Dia. Read the story to find out how the girls deal with this new arrival, and how their friendship is affected because of it.

34. Taj Cleans the Garage

Taj Cleans the Garage

Taj is a young boy who is saving up to buy new trains for his train set. He starts doing chores around the house to earn money. Soon, he agrees to help his neighbor Mr. Ryan clean their garage for $2. But when Taj finds the flashlight Mr. Ryan wanted, he finds it has magical powers. The flashlight transports Taj to a fantasy land full of magical creatures.

35. Thank You, Mr. Falker


Thank You, Mr. Falker

Thank You, Mr. Falker, by Patricia Polacco is based on the author’s own life. In the story, a young girl named Trisha finds herself the center of ridicule because she cannot read as well as her class fellows. It turns out that she is dyslexic. With the help of her kind teacher, Mr. Falker, she makes great progress and is finally able to read.

36. Time for Bed

Time for Bed

Time for Bed is a bedtime book for babies to toddlers of 3 years of age. It has a gentle, soothing rhyme that will help your kids fall asleep and make them feel warm, comfortable, loved, and safe. The text is repetitive and talks about darkness settling in and little ones going to sleep. It also contains illustrations that go with the rhymes.

37. Timmy the Fish

Timmy the Fish

Timmy the Fish is a story about a little fish who is bullied at school. His friends help him learn how to keep the bullies away, without ever being violent. The story is a wonderful way to introduce a complex topic to little children and help them understand how to prevent bullying. The picture book is recommended for kids older than 3 years.

38. Tons of Trucks

Tons of Trucks

Tons of Trucks is a book for toddlers, featuring over 20 trucks with illustrations and rhymes. This book allows children to interact with it, as it has moving parts, spinning parts, lifting flaps, and even a sticky tar page. It is quite resistant in terms of the material it is made of, and children will enjoy playing as well as learning from it.

39. Too Many Mittens

Too Many Mittens

A beloved children’s classic, Too Many Mittens is about the twins Ned and Donny. When one kid loses a mitten, they ask their friends to help them find it. Over the next few days, the kids are given more than ten red mittens. Soon though, the twins figure out that none of them belongs to them. How will they return these red mittens now?

40. Tumbleweed Christmas

Tubbleweed Christmas

Tumbleweed Christmas is the story of how a young girl named Jackie makes Christmas special for her siblings and family. Jackie’s family is poor, and her father is at the hospital, which means there are not many festivities around her house, nor the money for it. However, with her thoughtfulness and selflessness, Jackie manages to save the day.

41. Voices in the Park

Voices in the Park

A simple story is told from four different perspectives, that of a sad man, a very particular woman, a lonely boy, and a lovely girl. The four characters have different opinions and thoughts about the same things, helping children understand the characters better. The main themes of the book are friendship and alienation, and the strange within the ordinary.

42. Waddley Sees the World: Upside Down Under: The Adventure Begins

Waddley Sees The World: Upside Down Under: The Adventure Begins

The story is about a penguin from Antarctica who dreams to travel the world. Lexi and Sam are two young children visiting with their parents. Waddley follows them to their ship and they are delighted. Lucky for Waddley, the ship is headed on a round-the-world cruise. The next stop is Australia, and the reader gets to explore Australia with Waddley as he haves the time of his life.

43. We Are in a Book

We Are in a Book! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)

Piggie and Elephant are two central characters in We Are in a Book. The third character is the reader, as Piggie and Elephant are talking to the reader. The illustrations and the words in the book are really simple, and they leave a lot of room for young readers to use their imagination to think up scenarios. The story is motivating and interesting.

44. We Go Together

We Go Together!: A Curious Selection of Affectionate Verse

Recommended for kids aged 4 and older, We Go Together is a collection of poems that revolve around the themes of gratitude, affection, and friendship. The poems are simple and never longer than 15 lines. They are also accompanied by fun and eye-catching illustrations. All in all, this is a great book for kids.

45. When Sam Set Sail

When Sam Set Sail

When Sam Set Sail is an adventure book written by LeAnn Beck. It is a journey of facing the unknown and going beyond the horizon. This is a rhyming book, but it does not have any pictures. Instead, it contains blank pages where children can draw their own photos. The book is ultimately about friendship and adventure, with a nice twist at the end.

46. Why Is Mommy So Tired?

Why Is Mommy So Tired?

Why Is Mommy So Tired? is a delightful book meant for young children. It centers around Mr. and Mrs. Weary and their son Rowdy. Mr. and Mrs. Weary are always tired, whereas Rowdy always has an excess of energy. The book finds the humorous reason behind their varying levels of energy and also with a nice message at the end.

47. Windy and Whirly

Windy and Whirly (Volume 1) (The Adventures of Windy and Whirly)

Wendy the dryer and Whirly the washing machine are the best of friends. But one day, Whirly goes missing. So, Wendy takes it upon herself to rescue her, thus proving her loyalty and friendship. This humorous and charming tale will be an absolute delight to young children.

48. The Colorblind Chameleon

The Colourblind Chameleon

Chameleons are supposed to blend in with their environments, by changing colors to match that of their surroundings. However, the chameleon at the center of this story is colorblind. That means, he often stands out when he is meant to blend in. With bright-colored illustrations and rhymes, the story teaches children that it is okay to be different.

49. When Santa Plays with the Toys

When Santa Claus Plays with the Toys

Abbie and Sawyer, just like any other kids, love stories. However, the story their grandmother tells them in this book is not your usual story. Grandma talks of the time when she was a young girl and on one Christmas found her presents all covered in a strange oil. Who had been playing with the presents? Read to find out.

50. Meet Franklin Bean

Meet Franklin Bean (Franklin Bean Superhero Series Book 1)

Recommended for 6-8-year-olds, Meet Franklin Bean is the story of a strange talking dog who is actually a superhero. When a ten-year-old boy Jack moves to a new neighborhood with his mom, he is anxious about settling him. The dog Franklin Bean helps him settle in, while also helping all those in need.


Picture books can be kids’ best friends if they find the ones that they really like. The above list will help you get your hands on some books that your child will simply adore.