Top 5 Weber Gas Grills

Weber is a name that has been out there for more than five decades as one of the most famous brands when it comes to BBQ grills. The company offers a large variety of grills including charcoal, gas and electric grills with a varying price range. Weber is known for producing quality grills under a number of series such as Spirit II series, Q-electric series, Master-touch series, and Smokey Joe series. All features and services are unique to every particular range.

Be sure to focus on the features and the quality a gas grill offers. This includes the heating system, whether the grill is user-friendly or not, can be easily cleaned, surface cooking area and a lot more features.

What to look for in a gas grill?

Here are a few key items to keep in mind when selecting a gas grill:

1. Warranty

Weber offers a wide range of warranties depending on the series and model of the grill. Most of their gas grills come with either a 5 or 10-year warranty on the cook box and lid and then various parts come with more limited warranties (e.g. plastic components). One benefit of purchasing a higher end Weber grill is their high-quality warranties.

2. Temperature matters

Keep in mind that the gas grill should reach a minimum temperature of 600 degrees if you wish to grill steaks on it. This kind of temperature will ensure that the meat does not become dry or undercooked. Gas grills with flexible temperatures ensure even distribution of heat.

3. The grill burner is proportionate to the size of the grill

This problem is usually discovered by customers after they start using the grill. The burner typically doesn’t cover the entire grilling area evenly – its hotter close to the burner. Make sure you aware how much you want to grill at once and have the proper surface area.

Top 5 Weber grills

Where to Buy
Weber Summit 7470001 S-670 Stainless-Steel 769-Square-Inch 60,800-BTU Natural-Gas Grill
Weber Summit S-470 Freestanding Propane Gas Grill With Rotisserie, Sear Burner & Side Burner
Weber 67014001 Genesis II LX E-440 Natural Gas Grill, Black
Weber Genesis II E-410 Freestanding Propane Gas Grill – Crimson
Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill LP Outdoor, Black

1. Weber Summit 7470001 S-670 Stainless-Steel 769-Square-Inch 60,800-BTU Natural-Gas Grill

This big gun Weber gas grill happens to be one of the most up to date and top of the line products in the Summit series. It is pricey for your pocket, the gas grill comes with six burners including the smoker burner, sear burner, side burner, and the smoker box along with a space for holding up to 6 tools. The temperature control is extremely precise and ensures even distribution of heat. Whether it’s a crowd of meat or a single piece, the GS4 Grilling System ensures that the meat is cooked to perfection. With the use of latest technology, the LED tank scale allows you to gauge the fuel with only a single touch. This saves you the time for constantly checking the tank.


  • The best and most up to date product of the series
  • 6 burners, cook box and shroud, iGrill3 ready system, infinite ignition
  • Side burner has a 12,000 BTU per-hour capacity which allows to multi-task as you continue grilling


  • Expensive
  • Extremely heavy

2. Weber Summit S-470 Freestanding Propane Gas Grill With Rotisserie, Sear Burner & Side Burner

This gas grill is ideal for buyers who are ready to spend a little extra in search of great quality along with quantity. The Weber Summit S-47O offers 48,000 BTU and covers up a space of 580 square inches. It’s the smaller version of the S-670 above.

What helps it stand apart from other products of the same kind is the presence of 4 burners which includes a sear-station burner, side burner, smoker burner and the most up to date infrared rotisserie burner. Moreover, the Summit grill has Snap-jet ignition system, installed individually for the burners. This means you do not have to make use of matches or a lighter; a single turn of the knob will ignite the fire in the grill.


  • Four burners and a snap-jet ignition system
  • Fuel gauge helps to know the exact level of fuel left
  • Latest accessories include an in-built thermometer, Grill out light, six tool hooks and much more


  • 5-year warranty
  • Does not have the most efficient system of cleaning the equipment

3. Weber 67014001 Genesis II LX E-440 Natural Gas Grill, Black

With an Amazon review rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, the Weber Genesis II serves to be a great product with its efficient grease management system and flavorizer bars made of stainless steel that ensures easy removal of grease and other unwanted waste material. Covering 646 sq. inches of space, this gas grill comes with an overhead warming rack as well. Unlike most other products by Weber, this one comes with a 10-year warranty and additional features such as infinity ignition and a side burner that comes in handy while preparing sauces and side dishes.

The Genesis series is technologically advanced as you can connect the Bluetooth thermometer with your phone and monitor the performance of the grill.


  • Bluetooth thermometer connected to your phone analyses the performance
  • Comes with a side burner
  • Lighted control knobs and Handle lights are added features


  • Does not include installation and assembly price

4. Weber Genesis II E-410 Freestanding Propane Gas Grill – Crimson

With a 10 year guarantee, its grilling system comes with four stainless steel burners and a flavorizer bar that is enameled with porcelain along with the iron cooking grates that provide up to 646 square inches of space to cook. To reduce flare-ups and other uninvited incidents, the grease management system also ensures the removal of grease easily. Weber Genesis II E-140 comes in four colors that can be chosen according to your style and preference. The grill machine holds a space for preparing sides along with hanging hooks to store your barbeque tools there. The GS4 System enhances the quality and efficiency of the product being produced.


  • iGrill3 ready Bluetooth system ensures constant monitoring through phone
  • Produced in four attractive colors
  • Comparatively less expensive


  • Difficult to assemble

5. Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill LP Outdoor, Black

This gas grill made to our list for a couple of reasons; the most important one being the price and the positive feedback it received. Not everyone is willing to invest in huge machines, therefore, we chose to bring forth the Weber Spirit series. This grill covers up to a space of 529 square inches with its three burners, flavorizer bars enameled in porcelain and an improved version of the infinity ignition. This relatively small grill offers a warranty of 10 years along with some added features such as the open cart design which enables you to store extra grilling tools and ensures easy access. Along with that, this gas grill has a side folding table and a space for hanging hooks as well.


  • A warming rack helps you keep the food warm and acts as a storage
  • Easy to control ignitions
  • Available in four uber-chic colors including black, white, sapphire and crimson


  • Smaller cooking area

Final Verdict

Gaining a detailed overview of different products, the decision is yours to make now. Be it the Weber’s Summit series or a gas grill from their Genesis collection, each product ensures high-quality performance and an efficient output that leaves the buyer extremely pleased and satisfied.