Top 5 Soft Indoor Cat Houses

When you have a cat in your home, it’s only natural to want to provide them with a comfortable environment. Cats are usually independent creatures, and they love lounging about whenever possible. With the right cat house, you can give your feline a homely spot within your home. This will also give them a feeling of security, which will stimulate them mentally as well. 

Cats also love to have privacy and alone time, even though they would curl up on your lap when the mood strikes them. Having an indoor cat house will give them that space, also minimizing any mess they make with their toys, hair, etc. Just like you have a room of your own to relax in, your cat also needs a place to retreat to. There are even cat houses where two cats can fit together!

Which Kind of Indoor Cat House Should You Get?

There are several kinds of indoor cat houses, and they’re not all suited for every type of cat. Different cats might require different types of cat houses. 

While there are cat houses made of plastic, wood, or a mixture of both, we’d be checking out soft options here. There are several indoor cat houses that are made of fibres, fabric, and other soft materials. These are both comfortable for the cat, are usually portable, and easily  cleaned when necessary. Before we look at the top soft indoor cat houses though, let’s see how we can make the best choices for our furry feline friends: 

What to Look For When Selecting Cat Houses

Choosing just the right cat house is not a straightforward process. Follow the steps below to ensure that you and your cat have the best experience from this purchase.

Understand the cat’s needs and make them a priority


There’s no sense in buying a cat house and then not having your pet make use of it. All too often, cat owners complain that they’ve invested in a quality cat house or bed but their cat doesn’t use it much. Instead, the feline might prefer to curl up on the couch, a bed, or even on top of a laptop (now that televisions are usually too slim for napping on). Such habits don’t necessarily mean that the cat doesn’t want or need a cat house at all; it might simply mean that the house isn’t according to their wants or needs.

At different stages of their lives, cats need certain conditions to stay comfortable. For instance, you can’t get a cat condo that’s made for playful young kittens and expect an elderly feline to use it. If you have a very hyper cat, they might need a cat tree near their little house in order to get all that energy out. Here are a few more reasons why your cat might need a cat tree

If your cat is curling up in warm places, a house with a heating pad might be the need of the hour. Check out the everyday habits of your pet, especially the places and time when it wants to retreat or nap. This information will give you an idea of what kind of cat house will best suit your cat.  

Choose the Right Space

The place where you put the indoor cat house is also essential. You mainly have to consider this from at least two angles: the area should have enough room for the cat to play about, and also be sheltered enough to provide a safe space. 

Your cat’s breed might also determine what kind of cat house they need, especially when it comes to the size. Every cat needs at least enough space inside its house to curl up, stretch out a bit, scratch itself, eat some snacks, and sleep. Cats want ideal conditions to stay comfortable, so you have to make sure of providing for as many needs as possible. 

The best spot for your cat again depends on their habits. Are they usually found in warm, dark places, like a cardboard box under a bed? Or are they usually stretched out in a patch of sunlight on the patio or windowsill? Keep in mind the usual temperature of your home and see whether the cat is comfortable in most places or seeks a specific kind of space. 

Whether you’re buying a cat house or looking at the top beds for pets, make sure to measure the space first and see what dimensions you need. 

The Portability Factor

Many cat owners would like their pet’s cat house to be portable if at all possible. Fortunately, many soft indoor cat houses can be flattened enough to make a bed or mat which you can easily pack into a suitcase. Some might also be lightweight, so one can pick them up without much effort. 

Unless you’re moving house, there’s usually not much reason to pack away a cat house. However, you might still want to get one that’s easily movable from one room to another. Some cats might like to have their house out on the porch or patio in the daytime, so you’d have to carry it in for the night. In such cases, having a lightweight, portable cat house is necessary. 

A portable cat house is also good for carrying to the laundry room, out of doors, or wherever you want to clean it up. With the cat using it so frequently, a cat house can become dirty quite quickly.

A Stable and Durable Construction

If you want a really stable and long-lasting cat house, you’d have to pay a high price for it. If your pet is especially active, likes to play with everything, loves to scratch things and jumps around a lot, cheap materials won’t last very long. 

Ideally, a good cat house should last for the cat’s lifetime once they get used to it. You don’t want to keep buying new cat houses; in addition to the burden on your pocket, the cat will also find it hard to adjust to the new feel and look of the house. 

Unfortunately, soft cat houses don’t last as long as those made of wood or plastic. You should either be prepared to replace them frequently or at least change up the pads inside when they wear out. If durability is a high priority, a soft house might not be the best option. Go for a wooden cat house in such cases; they’re quite expensive, but usually a one-time purchase. You might even be able to get a bargain on a used house or one that’s made of old furniture materials. 

Designing and Layout

For cat owners who have more than one cat, a house with several layers/rooms might be ideal. It’s important to make sure that every layer stays tidy and that the linings or pads aren’t mixed up. Some cat lovers might also want to include heating pads or insulation inserts to make sure the felines are warm and cozy.

Must-Have for a Cat House


No matter what kind of cat house you go for, it’s essential to ensure that it has certain features to make your pet comfortable.

At the very least, the house should be large enough to act as a safe hiding place for your pet. It’s also nice if it can give the cat an elevated point to view the world from. A solid and cool surface will also be nice for stretching out, while a soft and comfy space to sleep in is essential. 

Here are a few of the options available for indoor cat houses, along with some guidelines on how to gauge if your cat would like them. Some of these might overlap in the best cat houses on the market today, but the following table should help to keep most of the essential features in mid: 

Type of Cat House/Features



Caters to Cat Habits

Easy to Assemble

Durability and Stability

Easy to Clean

Feature to Look Out For

Heated Cat House


Might be quite heavy

Good for cats who are either naturally prone to feeling cold or are elderly and need extra warmth

Usually not

Depends on quality and materials used


Self-warming option

Convertible Cat House

Medium to High range

Depend on materials

Suitable for cats who like to have an open bed as well as a hiding space at times


Depends on quality and materials used

Yes, easy to carry

Flattens out for storage purposes

Cave Style Cat House

Low to Medium range


 Best for cats who have a tendency to curl up in cardboard boxes or under chairs

Good for elderly cats who might have joint issues


Yes, but only in a protected space

Not unless it has a washable cover

A big enough opening for most cat breeds

Cat Condo



For cats who are young and/or active, energetic, curious, and love to play




Might include arches, bristles, scratching post, catnip, and other features for an active cat

With all the factors in mind, we should now be looking at some of the top options available for indoor cat houses today. Here they are now: 

Where to Buy
Bedsure Cat Beds for Indoor Cats
Hollypet Self-Warming 2 in 1 Foldable Comfortable Triangle Pet Cat Bed 
BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo
Smiling Paws Cat House for Indoor Cats
K&H Pet Products Indoor Little Red Barn

1. Bedsure Cat Beds for Indoor Cats

The Besure Cat Bed is a great option for indoor cats. It’s a largish cat cave design, complete with a fluffy ball hanging so that your pet can entertain themselves for hours. There’s also a scratch pad so that the cat can work out their instincts without going for your furniture. 

The best feature about this bed is probably its stable structure, which provides both protection and safety for any cat. There are also thick cushions inside, perfect for making a cozy sleeping environment. 

With the cave-like design, it’s pretty easy to fold this house up and take it away for cleaning. You can also put it either outdoors or indoors depending on your need. Since the cover is washable, it is not very difficult to maintain this kind of house. 

The opening here is around 8.5 inches, which should be big enough for cats. Since the fabric is so durable due to the sisal material, this cat house should last you a long time. It’s especially suited for cats who need a lot of relaxation and even some joint assistance. 

Feature-wise, there’s a lot here to keep your kittens and cats occupied. The fleece material might get a lot of cat hair stuck inside, though, so you’d have to keep up with the maintenance on a regular basis. 

2. Hollypet Self-Warming 2 in 1 Foldable Comfortable Triangle Pet Cat Bed 

This self-warming cat house/bed comes in a decent size, which means it has space for most cat breeds to move around in. With the self-warming feature, your cat will hopefully feel comfortable, cozy, and right at home. The outside fabric is washable, so the whole structure is fairly easy to keep clean.

Along with being washable, the materials here are comfortable as well. The tent design is a classic one that will look nice in your home and also let the cat hide when it wants to. There’s printed flannel lining the exterior, while Arctic velvet lines the inside. If you have a small cat, it would probably enjoy this kind of house the best.

3. BEWISHOME Cat Tree Condo

This intriguing cat condo seems to have it all; there are scratching posts made from sisal, a plush perch, a basket, a handing ball, and so much more. It’s a whole activity center and playhouse also with a house where a cat could get some privacy. 

The construction here is also strong and durable, with the outside made of plus covering. Since there are two hideaway houses here, two cats or even more can use this piece at the same time. While the design might be sturdy and large, the condo is still lightweight enough to move around if you want to. 

However, it must be noted that such condos are mainly for active, usually young cats or even kittens. A cat who’s getting on in years will probably have no use for the platforms and will find it difficult to get into an enclosed space due to their joint issues. 

4. Smiling Paws Cat House for Indoor Cats

This is a convertible cat house for small pets. It can serve as a popup cat tent if you flip it upside down. The bottom serves as a bed; when folded up, it forms a comfy cat cave. 

The design here is cube-shaped, which should look nice in any modern home decor. The versatility of this cat house is what makes it so highly-recommended; it’s soft on the sides, made with organic cotton, and can fold up or down according to your kitty’s needs. Many owners also report that the outside is easy to spot-clean in case of any unexpected spills or messes. 

The structure is durable, but might confuse some people. There aren’t two halves that you can use as a bottom and top. The house is a foldable cube that you can squash it down to make a bed. Overall, it’s a nice idea but not for the larger cats.  

5. K&H Pet Products Indoor Little Red Barn

This is a soft, covered indoor shelter that also presents a stylish appearance. Its material makes it safe from water spills and even a little moisture in the atmosphere. You can purchase this option with or without a heater, though the former is especially useful for keeping a cat warm in the cold winters. 

All products from this company are MET-listed, meaning that they safeguard the pets in case of an electrical issue or failure. Another great feature is that the heating element uses only 6 watts of power, making it a responsible choice. 

This is also one of the few heated pet houses that are actually lightweight and easy to carry. You can even pack this up easily when taking your pet along on vacations. The house will help the kitty stay comfy and warm no matter where you are. For the travelling phase, check out these cat carrier backpacks


Choosing the very best cat house for your pet can be a challenge. It helps to know what you want and what companies can give you the best options. See if any of the top 5 indoor cat houses seem to be right for your cat; make sure to read the reviews and then decide upon your final choice. You may also want to read our post on the Top 5 Best Cat Brushes for Feline Grooming.