Top 5 Scratch Resistant Cookware Sets

It does not matter whether you are a novice or a professional cook; finding the best cookware sets is a blessing for everyone. You can enjoy cooking more when you have a high-quality, durable, scratch-resistant cookware set. 

Cooking is an art that relaxes you and makes you relish it while creating magic in the kitchen by combining various ingredients. Presenting the steak with a perfect sear on top or cooking the salmon without sticking to the pan is essential for creating a delicious dish. If you do not pay heed to the quality of your cookware, you may end up with overheated or burnt food.

If you are trying to get rid of scratches and dents on your pots and pans, a quick online search will reveal that there are plenty of options to choose from. So which one should you go for? That’s where this guide can help you! Let’s get started. 

Things to Consider When Buying Scratch Resistant Cookware 


1. Number of Pieces 

It might be love at first sight between you and that non-stick scratch-resistant stainless steel wok, but if you have a big family at home, you have to forego your love. The number of items in a cookware set is an essential consideration people sometimes overlook. You have to keep in mind the amount of food you need to prepare using the cookware before finalizing any set. 

A set of medium fry pans for whipping breakfast eggs or pancakes, a bigger fry pan for preparing cuisines, a big stockpot for stews, pasta, or soups, and a medium-sized deep saucepan for reheating, simmering, or boiling items is ideal for an average family of 4-5 people. 

2. Weight and Size of the Cookware Items 

Another most important thing to consider before getting yourself a big bulky cookware set is to consider its weight. It is best to get a mid-weight set instead of a lighter one that keeps slipping when trying to fry something. Also, a mid-weight frying pan or wok allows you to get a perfect sear without burning the meat.

It is recommended not to choose the hefty ones as they might not be efficient while multitasking in the kitchen.

3. Handles 

Go for cookware sets with long handles and good grips on them. One thing you should not be looking for in kitchen items is the flimsy or slippery handles of the pots and pans.

Cooking is not mutually exclusive from other tasks in the kitchen, as you have to stack, collect the dishes, wipe, chop, and do countless other things simultaneously. Therefore, the handles of your cookware items must be made for easy maneuvering and handling. 

4. Nonstick and Scratch-Resistant Coating

One of the top advantages of looking for non-stick cookware sets is that they are unbelievably easy to clean! Some non-stick pans also have the ability to cook food without oil, making them a healthier option for all. 

It is best to get non-stick scratch-resistant pans because if the cookware bears scratches, some debris of the non-stick coating might flake into your food; thus, making it unhealthy. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you get a high-quality, durable non-stick, and scratch resistance cookware set.

Top 5 Scratch Resistant Cookware Sets 

Here’s our list of the top five scratch resistant cookware sets you can buy and love for years to come:

Where to Buy
NutriChef 20-Piece Nonstick Kitchen Cookware Set
Granitestone Stackmaster Nonstick Cookware Set
Cooklover Non-Stick Scratch Resistant 100% PFOA Free Cookware Set
COOKSMARK 10 Piece Nonstick Scratch-Resistant Cookware Set
Wolfgang Puck 6-Piece Stainless Steel Pots and Pan Set

1. NutriChef 20-Piece Nonstick Kitchen Cookware Set

This cookware set is unarguably the best among all. It is the top choice of the consumers as it has everything one could wish for in a cookware set. It comprises 20 cooking utensils, including a bakeware set, nylon utensils, three different sized fry pans, a silicone drainer, two different sized deep sauce pots with lids, and much more. 

All these varieties of pots, pans, and cooking cutlery are made from high-quality non-stick material, free from PTFE, PFOA, and PFOS. This cookware set is made for maintaining your family’s health while they get the most out of your cooking. The best part about this cookware set is its incredibly catchy appearance. It has a bronze tinge that appeals to the eyes, and every plating style becomes a unique presentation of food. 

Also, consumers love using these non-stick scratch-resistant cookware sets because their quality remains intact even after repeated uses. 

These multi-layer scratch-resistant cookware items have high heat resistance, making them great for cooking over ceramic or induction countertops. The high-grade aluminum used to make these sturdy pots and pans maintains its quality over time.

Cleaning these cookware set items is more than convenient as no food sticks to the bottom. If you refrain from using a metal spoon in these pans and pots, the scratch-resistant layer also stays intact and lasts you long.

This non-stick scratch-resistant cookware set also checks another box for being the number one choice of the chefs. The handles of these pans and pots in the set are heat resistant; thus, saving you from burning your hand and carrying out various tasks simultaneously. The set comes with lids for saucepans and deep pots. These see-through lids have vent holes to pass through steam and prevent mishaps. 

  • Good quality non-stick and scratch-resistant coating 
  • Various sizes and types of cookware items 
  • Ergonomic heat-resistant handles 
  • It might be too big to store in a small kitchen 
  • The protective layer on the handles gets warm quickly

2. Granitestone Stackmaster Nonstick Cookware Set

Granitestone is one of the renowned brands in the cookware world. It is no surprise that their non-stick and scratch-resistant cookware set stands second on the list. This set comprises an 8.5” fry pan, two sizes of big deep saucepans with transparent lids, one 35. Qt. fry basket, a 10” fry pan with a lid for cooking dishes, and a hefty 5.35 qt. stockpot with a see-through lid. 

This cookware set is a dream of any cooking lover. It is made with triple-coating Granitestone finishing, making this set non-stick and scratch-resistant. The high-quality material and the ideal weight of the items in this set prevents items from warping. All the things in this set are oven-safe. 

Another essential quality of this durable scratch-resistant cookware set is its ability to work excellently with induction cooktops and flame-powered ones. Now, you can cook any food you want without worrying about sticking to the bottom and scraping it afterward. Moreover, this cooking set’s high heat resistant material makes it more than ideal for shallow frying or sautéing.

If you get this non-stick scratch-resistant cookware set, you will find it extremely easy to organize. This is because the pots and pans can easily be stacked on top of each fittingly, saving tons of storage space. 

  • Easily stackable; hence saves storage space 
  • See-through lids for convenience
  • Compatible with induction and flame-powered stoves 
  • Frying basket and tray included 
  • Items might be less for a big family
  • Bakeware items not included

3. Cooklover Non-Stick Scratch Resistant 100% PFOA Free Cookware Set

This non-stick scratch-resistant cookware set is ideal for people who love aesthetics while cooking. The beautiful multi-layers and durable marble coating on these cookware items are soothing to the eyes. The handles and knobs on these items are finished in the wood coating; thus, making them highly resistant to heat. 

The pans and pots are of ideal weight, which makes it super easy to cook on low to medium heat as the heat distributes evenly. The transparent lids with the pots and pans make cooking more convenient for you as you do not have to grab a mitten to look inside the pot hurriedly. You can cook the stew for long hours with even heat and perfectly trapped in the lid so that every ingredient is cooked to perfection.

Using these pans and pots also shortens the cooking time significantly. Moreover, the material of these cookware sets is highly durable, making them last longer in your kitchen than expected.

  • Posh appearance 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Provides even heat distribution 
  • Top-notch non-stick marble coating
  • Not oven and dishwasher safe 
  • Not high-heat resistant

4. COOKSMARK 10 Piece Nonstick Scratch-Resistant Cookware Set

The stylish blue enamel color catches the attention when surfing for a cookware set. This non-stick scratch-resistant cookware set holds up to the brand’s reputation and easily makes you love it. It is very easy to clean as the non-stick coating on the pots and pans is commendable. 

You can also use these cookware items in the oven, which is very convenient when making a big pot of mac n cheese or any other pasta. The non-stick layer of the pots and pans in this set is free from all the toxic materials that cheap quality non-stick sets are made of. Even with high heat, the coating on the pans and pots does not come off. 

The color-coordinated handles of these cookware items are ergonomically designed for better use and convenience. You can easily carry and maneuver the pots and pans without worrying about burning your hand. All the cookware items in this set are ideal-sized, allowing for more even cooking. 

  • The striking blue color is beautiful 
  • Scratch and stain-resistant 
  • Bakelite handles 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Safe to be used on gas, halogen, and electric stovetops 
  • Not compatible with induction stovetop

5. Wolfgang Puck 6-Piece Stainless Steel Pots and Pan Set

This stainless steel cookware set by Wolfgang Puck comprises six essential cookware items, including two large 3 and 6 Qt. sauce pots with transparent lids for cooking stews, pasta, rice, or soups. The one Qt. saucepan is ideal for cooking gravies, boiling, and simmering. The large circular bottoms of the non-stick scratch-resistant pots conveniently cook all the food evenly without mixing periodically.

The durable, high heat resistant material of the pots and pans in this set can cut your cooking time to mere minutes. The ergonomically designed handles on all the cookware items are cool to touch; thus, making them convenient to use and maneuver in the kitchen. 

This cookware set is made with a high-quality non-stick scratch-resistant Whitford Eterna coating. This means that you don’t have to worry about your food sticking to the bottom of the pan. Moreover, the lids of the saucepans and pots have tiny holes in them to vent some steam and hold in the heat for even cooking.

  • Compatible with all cooktops 
  • Cool to touch handles 
  • High-quality finish
  • None so far

Best Cookware Sets 

Choosing the best cookware sets implies making cooking easier for yourself. Therefore, you must get non-stick and scratch-resistant cookware sets that guarantee no chipped coating in your food. Food sticking in the pans and pots makes cooking and cleaning extremely difficult. 

Go through the list and review the pros and cons of the top 5 scratch-resistant cookware sets and make an informed decision.