Top 5 Rolling Luggage Options for Kids

Family vacations are not just about the destination. They require loads of planning and deliberation for the trip. The more you try to make the trip cheerful for the kids, the more your vacation is going to be fun. And what could be more fun for the kids than their luggage which they can pull or even ride?

There are numerous cool varieties on the market for kids’ rolling luggage, such as ones adorned with famous cartoon characters or some with funky colorful designs that attract the kids. Classics like Herschel kids’ luggage are also a good option as they usually come in solid colors and never become outdated. 

Some Considerations When Buying Kid’s Rolling Luggage 

  • Choose a suitcase that is light enough for your child to pull on their own. This is very important as the whole point of kids’ luggage is to encourage them to manage their luggage independently. If the suitcase is heavy, your kids would not be able to manage it, and you will end up pulling everyone’s luggage 
  • Test the wheels before buying the luggage. Kids’ luggage needs to have easy-rolling wheels. 
  • Some extra pockets on the outside of the rolling luggage are great for traveling with little children. You can stuff in a lot of things while on the go. Kids need snacks or toys that you can store in the outside pockets to quickly reach out whenever needed. 
  • Durability is another vital prerequisite for buying kids’ rolling luggage. You do not want any mishap during the trip as it may impact the vacations very badly. 

Top 5 Rolling Luggage Options for Kids 

Where to Buy
Trunki Boys, Bernard (Yellow)
JetKids by Stokke BedBox
Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set
American Tourister Curio Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels
iPlay, iLearn Kids Carry On Luggage Set 

1. Trunki Boys, Bernard (Yellow)

As a parent, you would know how much kids love riding on luggage throughout the airport. They love zooming their way, gliding through the airport floor, and laughing out loud. While the kids thoroughly enjoy this, it is also convenient for the parents to just have their toddler sit and ride the luggage so that they have one less thing to worry about. Kids run around the airport lounge-like crazies. Trunki kids’ suitcase solves this problem for you.

It is a suitcase scooter that lets your little ones sit, ride, or tow very easily. It has a famous pink Trixie one and a bright red fire truck that is very popular among children. It is extremely lightweight but durable and has a capacity of holding up to 75 pounds. You can even use it at home as a toy trunk when you are not planning any vacation.

2. JetKids by Stokke BedBox

Would you get excited if you get a free upgrade to the business or first class on the flight? Of course, we all love the plush seats of the business class and how we can put our feet up and relax. What if we tell you that your kids can enjoy the comfort of business class seats in the economy with this kids’ luggage. 

The JetKids by Stokke BedBox is a revolutionary rolling suitcase that is more than just a ride-on. It can easily transform into an in-flight bed! How cool is this? This suitcase is extremely spacious, and once clamped shut, it can easily be pulled by even toddlers. 

Remember how we pointed out easy rolling wheels are important when buying kids’ luggage? This one has it all. It has swivel wheels in the front for super-smooth maneuvering, and it can also be worn as a strap-on bag. 

3. Rockland Fashion Softside Upright Luggage Set

This one by Rockland is a little different from the other kids’ luggage on the list. It is made of a soft denier fabric instead of a hard shell. This quality of the Rockland luggage makes it easier to squeeze into small spaces, such as the airplane cabin.

It is a 2-piece luggage set that has one roller bag, which comprises inline skate wheels and an ergonomic telescopic handle. The handles are well padded and are very comfortable for the kids to grasp and roll the luggage. 

It also has the outside pockets we talked about earlier. The front pockets help stash some quick grab-and-go snacks for the kids. The tote bag in this 2-piece set has a sturdy shoulder strap that is fully cushioned so you can carry it efficiently. 

4. American Tourister Curio Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

This is the best option for kids’ rolling luggage for families traveling with more kids. It is a 3-piece set that is made of a durable hardcover. It includes a 20-inch carry-on too, which is ideal for people traveling domestically.

The wheels on this set are great spinners and make your trip smoother than you could have ever imagined with the kids. Although this set does not have funky designs or cartoon characters sketched on it, many parents go for it and invest in this durable luggage set as it is sturdy, and the size of the suitcases is perfect for tweens as well. 

5. iPlay, iLearn Kids Carry On Luggage Set  

This is another best rolling luggage option for kids with attractive designs printed all over its waterproof outer covering. These suitcases are made from starch-resistant durable polycarbonate and Nylon. The hard shell is easy to clean with a wet wipe. The wheels on this rolling luggage are multi-directional and can move 360°, making it easy to handle and pull. 

The size of both the pieces in this suitcase set is ideal for packing kids’ stuff. The best thing about this luggage set is that it has a handle that can easily be adjusted for kids or adults – whoever is pulling it. Thus, it is convenient and super smooth to handle. In addition to that, the luggage set is lightweight and can zoom through the airport without making your kids tired. 


Planning vacations with kids is not easy. It takes a lot of planning about the journey and how to keep them calm and entertained through the flight. Remember to keep a lot of interesting things that would keep your kids engrossed for a while. You can include a coloring set and books, handy toys, markers, play doughs, and even little Legos to keep the little ones busy on the flight. 

Snacks are another most important thing you need to keep in the carry-on luggage. Kids tend to get hungry more when they are traveling. You can find a lot of healthy options in the stores near you. With the awesome rolling luggage options above, you can keep all of these things neat and organized.