Top 5 Programmable Hose Timers

To conserve our resources for future generations, and to conserve our resources for our present, we need to imply certain steps to conserve our resources which are ending such as water.

Water is often used the most in our lawns and gardens while we are watering our plants. This is one of the main reasons why water is being wasted in large quantities and it is becoming scarce day by day. If you are a responsible citizen of a responsible state, you need to get the Top 5 Programmable Hose Timers on an immediate basis.

Where to Buy
Orbit Single Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer
Orbit Single Valve Digital Watering Hose Timer
Hydrologic 4-Zone Digital Water Timer
Instapark PWT-07 Outdoor Waterproof Digital Programmable Single Outlet 
Gideon Single-Valve Hose Water Timer Sprinkler

1. Orbit Single Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer – 9.9

The Orbit Single Outlet Programmable Hose Faucet Timer is one of the best hose timers which comes for a low price as well. It has an extra-large LCD which gives vivid text that assists in better reading even in the darkest or brightest conditions.

It comes with a simple user interface and a simple program which gives you easy control of controlling water duration and frequency. It can be considered as a good device to control the wastage of water. Moreover, it also stops in rain with 24, 48, and 72 hours delay timer so that your water isn’t wasted anymore.

There are up to 4000 on and off cycles from just two alkaline batteries. However, the batteries are not a part of the complete package. It has an all-weather resistant construction which makes it a good and strong choice for our customers. Buy this one and get a 6-year warranty and have a stress-free purchasing experience. The watering duration is 1 to 240 minutes. It has been considered as one of the best ones by the customers due to amazing performance and no-leak issues.

Specs and features

  • Large LCD
  • Simple user interface
  • Requires two alkaline batteries (not included)
  • 6-year warranty
  • Water duration: 1-240 minutes
  • Rain delay: 24, 48, and 72 hours

2. Orbit Single Valve Digital Watering Hose Timer – 9.8

The Orbit Single Valve Digital Watering Hose Timer is another one by the same company, Orbit. It has an automated timed outlet which can be used to time a standard US garden hose easily. It comes with a brass connector for a better seal so that there are no leakage issues to the customers. With rain delay feature, you can delay the watering for 24, 48 or 72 hours so that the precious water is saved without any problems.

It has a better dial than its predecessors and comes with a 6-year limited warranty as well which means you are going to have a peace of mind with your purchase. It is available in 1-hose and 2-hose connectors. Customers found this one to be better than the similar one in its kind because of its big dial and a much better appearance and design.

3. Hydrologic 4-Zone Digital Water Timer – 9.6

The Hydrologic 4-Zone Digital Water Timer provides you with a 4-zone connection with a Zinc connection nut with a non-slip rubberized grip so that you get the maximum grip with the firmness in holding. It comes with a large LCD display which shows several different stuffs such as the battery remaining, time schedule, remaining time and much more etc.

It can water up to a maximum of 24 hours per day. It can provide you with programming for all the 7 days of the week. It is available in different sizes of 1, 2, and 4. The best thing is that even though it has a slightly higher price, it comes with a 7-year warranty which gives the customers one of the best using experience and maximum peace of mind.

4. Instapark PWT-07 Outdoor Waterproof Digital Programmable Single Outlet 

The Instapark PWT-07 is a Waterproof Digital Programmable Single Outlet Faucet Water Timer that is considered as one of the finest timers available in the market. It can be attached to any hose of a standard size. With Instapark PWT-07, you get effective control over watering and user-friendly programming. It offers weather-resistant and impact-resistant features with a premium ABS construction that makes this timer much sturdy than most other options available.

It is a perfect choice for several irrigation applications or even having your lawn watered at the desired time. It is rated IP66-waterproof. You can program it either week-wise or interval-wise. Its power consumption is also low – provides up to 4,000 on/off cycles with two fresh batteries. 

Instapark PWT-07’s bright 2.1” X 1” LED shows several useful things, including timer status with bar-graph battery health indicator and the current time. It requires two alkaline 1.5V batteries to power up, which are not included in the package. 

5. Gideon Single-Valve Hose Water Timer Sprinkler

Gideon Single-Valve Hose Water Timer Sprinkler allows you to set the accurate watering frequency and duration up to 240 minutes per session. To install the hose with it, you don’t require any kind of tools as it features a swivel coupling for quick and efficient connection. The best thing about it is its bright, large, easy-to-read LCD screen that displays detailed information such as when the next watering cycle will begin, how much time remaining for the current watering cycle, etc. 

You don’t want your timer to work during, or after rainy days – for this purpose, the Gideon Single-Valve Timer has just the right feature for you that will skip watering sessions during or after the rain without interrupting the programmed watering cycles. All you have to do is select how many hours or days of watering would you like to skip; once selected, it will pause watering for that entire duration and will resume normally after the programmed skip time. 

Two AA batteries are required to power this device (not included in the package). It is also fully waterproof and rainproof, so no worries when it comes to durability and reliability. 

Water is a scarce resource and we need to save it as much as we can. Get your programmable hose timer without any further ado and have water conserved in the best ways possible. Recommend to every person in your friend list as it is your social responsibility.