Top 5 Portable Tables for Laptops

If you own a laptop, it is almost hard to not use it all the time. Work, education, research, games or simply surfing the web, laptops are a bit part of our life.  This is doubly true if you work out of a home office. Your lap may well go everywhere with you. You likely may not want to always be at a desk, but also on the couch or bed, with a laptop placed on your lap (as it is named a lap-top).

Placing laptops on your lap for several hours can be hard on your body posture. Furthermore, the heat generated from the laptop can be uncomfortable and also not real healthy. The placement of laptops on beds and laps also damages the laptop itself as it restricts the airflow of the machine. While it is nearly difficult to change your habits of using a laptop, a better solution is to get an ergonomic laptop table.


In this article, we put forth some of the best portable laptop tables that can be used on a bed, without disturbing your work and your sitting posture.

1. Avantree Adjustable Laptop Table

Avantree is one of the lightest in weight when it comes to portable laptop tables. It is a multi-functional table that serves as a standing desk, floor table and laptop bed desk. With a large surface, it is spacious enough to easily keep a 17inch laptop and mouse. Avantree is ergonomically designed to prevent muscular fatigue and stress from bad position and posture. To give an optimal view angle, the surface desk of the table can tilt up to 30 degrees and the adjustable legs can change the height of the table from 9.4-12.6” as per your comfort. Both the legs are sturdy, wide-based and light in weight to be easily folded under the table. The lock mechanism of the desktop allows the surface to stay stable in its position and the plastic tabs make the surface non-slippery and smooth.

In terms of price, Avantree is a bit on the higher end as compared to it, competitors; however, it is stable, durable and portable, with ergonomic features that one looks for in a laptop table. All of this makes it a reasonable investment with a relief that you wouldn’t have to replace the table any soon.


  • All in one, extendable, tiltable and foldable
  • Waterproof surface
  • Made of high quality, environment-friendly, wood and materials
  • 2 years warranty


  • The lightweight of the table doesn’t hold the weight of heavy laptops
  • A bit big and bulky to be taken while travelling
  • Cooling fan not included

2. Winsome Wood Baldwin Lap Desk with Flip Top Bamboo

Winsome Wood Baldwin is a conventional design laptop table with wood construction. The table features a large surface with a flip top section and a non-flip section. The flip top section gives 5 position adjustments and can flip up to 63 degrees. This section is best to place the laptop or use for reading purpose. The non-flip section is ideal to keep your books, glasses, stationery or mouse. There is also a small drawer on the side, which you can use to keep some handy stuff.

The legs of Winsome Wood are foldable; however, like other portable laptop tables, it doesn’t allow height adjustments or leg-lock system. You may not adjust your sitting positions or height of the table with this restriction. Since Winsome is made of wood; its heavy and you can’t easily carry it everywhere around.

All in all, Winsome is a solid, durable and portable laptop table that you can buy at a pocket-friendly price.


  • The wood surface is smooth and fine, no scratch or roughness.
  • Storage drawer included
  • Made up of non-breakable wood.
  • Comes fully assembled


  • Due to height adjustments, not very suitable for large and tall users
  • Contains a wood chemical smell

3. Pwr+ Portable laptop desk

Pwr+ is a sturdy, lightweight and high in strength portable laptop desk for bed, sofa and couch. It’s manufactured with ergonomic features and a futuristic design so that the users maintain a correct sitting posture during work. The legs contain three rotatable joints that can rotate up to 360 degrees and adjust height, positions and angles of the legs, all through one push button.

On the surface of the desk is a built-in ergonomically designed mouse pad that can flip and rotate. An add-on feature of this portable laptop desk is the built-in dual fan that prevents the heat generated from your laptop and operates simply from your laptop USB port.

Pwr+ is a multifunctional desk; you can use it as a standing desk, tablet/laptop tray, a keyboard riser, as a cooling pad, as a desk raiser, or even as a breakfast tray.  It requires no assembling and can be used right away. So whether its office, home or frequent travelling, you can carry Pwr anywhere anytime.


  • Made up of aluminum, therefore, very stable and durable
  • Contains a built-in fan and mouse pad
  • Two years warranty provided


  • Users have identified that the legs jiggle if you place a heavy laptop or type too fast
  • Slippery bottoms
  • Doesn’t work well in a glass surface/desk

4. NNEWVANTE Laptop Desk 

Nnewvante is a unique combination of conventional wooden texture and futuristic ergonomic design.  This natural brown, bamboo finished laptop desk is an elegant lightweight piece of furniture that you can use for personal and professional use.

The wooden handmade and polished surface is the top tray to place the laptop with a side, storage drawer. The top tray can be adjusted in five different angles with a maximum tilt up to 45 degrees and adjustable legs that can fold and extend as per your requirement.

Nnewvante features a triple heat dissipation system; the bamboo material which naturally dissipates heat, a hollow-out face shaped area and a built-in heat dissipation fan powered by your laptop’s UBS port.

With a 1-year warranty, Nnewvante is a budget-friendly investment to your working lifestyle.


  • Made up of natural wood
  • Effective heat dissipation system with a quiet fan
  • Leg locks ensure the legs stay in place, sturdy and stable


  • Brings along an awful wood smell
  • The surface is small for large laptops

5. iMounTEK Multi-Functional Portable Laptop Table

This is a mini-version of a full proof desk with all the features you wish to have in your bedroom or lounge. Constructed in hard plastic, iMounTEK is a multifunctional table with two tilting surfaces with adjustable surface and height. The bigger surface can be used to place the laptop while the smaller one is meant to be used as a mouse pad. Both surfaces can be tilted separately according to your needs. As an add-on feature, iMounTEK has provides a built-in heat prevention fan, a triple LED desk lamp, a small storage drawer and four USB ports to charge your phone and other devices.

Since iMounTEK is made of hard plastic, it is heavier than other portable laptop tables, and hence may be difficult to carry frequently.


  • Ergonomically designed adjustable surface and table legs
  • Contains more features than other brands
  • 1-year warranty provided.


  • The tips of the legs are hard and rough, leaving marks on couches and other soft surfaces
  • Slippery mouse-pad surface
  • Doesn’t accommodate large laptops


If you have a small laptop, you can choose the iMounTEK or Nnewvante. If you are looking for something super solid, Pwr+ is what you need and if you want something elegant and useful, the Winsome Wood table is what you should buy.  All the above have numerous advantages that will make using our laptop other than on a table or desk much easier for longer periods of time.