Top 5 Pool Floats for Adults and Kids

When the hot summer days roll around, we all look forward to spending some time in the pool. Whether we’re lucky enough to have our own swimming pool or have to go somewhere for this luxury, pool floats can make this time all the more fun. The same goes for when we plan for some time by a large water body, such as a river or stream.

Pool floats come in several shapes and sizes, while their functions are also surprisingly versatile. They’re not just for kids anymore either; we now have several pool float options that are made especially for adults.

Why Buy a Pool Float?

A proper pool float can cost quite a bit, but it will last you for a long time. Some floats are specially designed for teaching kids how to swim, but most of the larger versions are for purely recreational purposes.

Swimming can get exhausting after a while, so why not enjoy the rest of the pool day floating on the water and sipping a cold drink? You can also do this with one of these top 5 backpack beach chairs, though you won’t get the pleasant sensation of the water that way.


What to Consider Before Buying a Pool Float

Getting a quality pool float for adults or kids requires some research beforehand. The best pool floats out there should have several air chambers. This will make it a bit harder to inflate, but the time and effort would contribute towards your safety.

You might also like some accessories with your pool float, which should also be a consideration before making any purchase final. For example, some options might have an inbuilt beach ball in their design or some inbuilt cup holders for your drinks. There might be other compartments for a cooler, some magazines, your phone, and whatever else you need for your relaxing sessions.

An ideal pool float should also make your life easier by being portable, somewhat lightweight, and easy to handle. Some of the larger versions require an electric pump, so make sure you have access to the required equipment before ordering.  Finally, make sure the material of your desired float is strong enough to support an adult if necessary.

Where to Buy
Swimways Original Spring Float Pool Lounger, Hibiscus Flower
FindUWill Hammock Float Portable Swimming Pool Lounger with Inflatable Water Pillow (Colorful)
Sun Pleasure Tropical Tahiti Floating Island, Giant Float and Carrying Bag - use in Lake, Ocean, River, Pool Floats for up to 6 People Pump Not Included
Jasonwell Big Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float Floatie Ride On with Fast Valves Large Rideable Blow Up Summer Beach Swimming Pool Party Lounge Raft Decorations Toys Kids Adults
Paw Patrol Boat Inflatable, 90 cm, Pink (sayca 95222)

The Top 5 Pool Floats for Adults and Kids

Fortunately, there are quite a few pool floats that take all the important considerations into account. Check out these top options that are currently available on Amazon:

1. Swimways Original Hibiscus Flower Float Pool

A splash of color will make any pool day more cheerful. With this Swimways Pool Float, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and prints according to your taste. If you’re aiming for a tropical theme for your next pool party, the hibiscus flowers will certainly tie right in.

The design and construction here have a patented inner spring, helping to make our experience more stable and comfortable. With an oversized pillow and a cooling mesh bed, it’ll be quite easy to nap while floating around.

This pool float will support a weight of up to 250 pounds, which is enough for most adults. However, keep in mind that it submerges a little when you clamber on. This might or might not be your ideal preference, so stay alert.

2. FindUWill Portable Pool Float

This portable pool float is easy to carry around and set up whatever you want it. It’s more of a lounger, with an inflatable pillow to rest your head. With the colorful design and sturdy fabric, we’re satisfied that this will provide a decent pool experience.

There’s also a warranty in place for this item, so there should be no worrying about any serious issues. Since the weight limit is a whopping 265 pounds, most adults can easily relax with this float and even take a nap if the mood strikes them. This is only for one adult at a time, though. Check out the next item if you want an option for several adults at once.

3. Sun Pleasure Tropical Island Float

This huge pool float is excellent for pool parties, especially those where the adults simply want to relax on the water. There’s enough space for six people to sit here, hold a conversation, and enjoy drinks while floating around in a large pool, lake, or pond. There might also be enough room for one o the top 5 beverage coolers for any outdoor party. This way, you won’t have to worry about your drinks warming up.

What’s more, this particular float comes with its own carrying case, which is a great option for road trips. While the material is PVC, it’s an eco-friendly version that we don’t have to feel so guilty about. The size of this item might make it a pain to haul in and out of the water. However, the fun that comes with it makes everything worthwhile.

4. Jasonwell Big Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float Floatie Ride

This pool float is a kids’ version of the popular unicorn float. It’ll make a lovely Instagram opportunity on any pool day, so do consider this for your little ones. It comes with fast valves, a premium vinyl construction, and is sturdy enough to take on trips.

When inflated, this float becomes a delightful spot for relaxing, playing, or taking pictures. The larger sizes can even hold four small children or a couple of adults. Make sure you don’t order too large a size if you’re not taking it on a huge body of water. Otherwise, you might just have a funny prop for the lawn.

According to other online reviews, this unicorn float is sturdy enough to survive strong winds and other harsh weather elements. You might even get the kids to paint on it using these great arts and crafts kits for any age.

5. Paw Patrol Boat Inflatable

Paw Patrol is a popular cartoon among kids these days, so this particular pool float will probably be quite a hit with the young swimmers. It’s around 90 cm long and comes in a baby pink background color. The material is durable and the quality is quite excellent.

Several users might want this raft for purposes other than to entertain kids in the pool. It’s also great for your small pets if they’d like to have fun around the water. It might not be hardy enough to withstand a roaring river, but a lake, pond, or swimming pool should be safe enough. Pay close attention to the length information, though, as this float is meant for very young kids.


Keeping in mind the right considerations and your own needs will help you get the best pool float for enjoying your pool time. The next step will be getting a proper patch repair kit to make sure you can make your float last for a long time. The top glue guns might be of help in case of any repairs or punctures.