Top 5 Passport Holders for Safe Travel

The importance of keeping your passport, travel documents, phone, cash, credit card safe while you’re traveling can’t be overemphasized. If there’s one thing you don’t want to misplace when you’re in a foreign country, it’s your passport and relevant travel documents. A passport wallet is meant to do precisely that — keep them safe and organized. 

These passport holders keep your important stuff from getting lost, and they also protect the contents from damage. They can even protect you from digital theft with their RFID identification blocking. To that end, here’s a list of top five practical and elegant passport holders you should buy before your next trip.

Where to Buy
Zero Grid Passport Wallet
Simpac Fabric Passport Holder
Passport Holder by YOMO
Shvigel Leather Passport Holder
Tarriss Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking

1. Zero Grid Passport Wallet

If you’re looking for a practical passport holder that carries multiple passports and is designed with a focus on minimalism and style, the Zero Grid passport wallet should be on your shortlist. It can hold your keys, cash, travel documents, air tickets, 8+ credit cards, and 8+ passports.

 It’s made from water-resistant Ripstop Nylon, and it offers built-in support for RFID blocking, so you’ll have some peace of mind that your documents are safe from spills and rain and that a digital thief won’t pickpocket you. 

The design is light, durable, and compact. And there’s room for a micro travel ‘Stow-away pen’ that the wallet ships with. You can fit a lot into this wallet, and even with its excellent storage capacity, it remains surprisingly thin. 

It’s crafted with a focus on family and group travel, which is perhaps its primary selling point. The wallet will set you back only $30, and it has excellent value to offer for its price. If you’re traveling with family, you might need up to four wallets that would cost several times this wallet if you want them all to have RFID blocking. So for its price tag, this passport holder is a bargain. 

Zero Grid also offers $300 trip assurance, in case the contents of the wallet are stolen. You also receive global lost and found tags by ReturnMe, that can help you recover your lost valuables.

2. Simpac Fabric Passport Holder

If you’re a frequent traveler and you only want your travel essentials (credit card, passport, and cash), organized and safe in one place, you really can’t go wrong with the Simpac Fabric. It sports a plain and practical design for a very reasonable price. 

While the holder is budget-friendly, it does not feel cheaply made or lacking in functionality. It features four slots for credit cards and IDs, two for cash, and a dedicated sleeve for your passport. It’s made from fabric, inside and out, and the stitching is of high-quality. 

The material makes for a durable design and is embedded with RFID protection. You can pick from five different colors, but there’s no water-resistance and the fabric attracts dirt like a magnet. 

3. Passport Holder by YOMO

With this passport holder from YOMO, you get a lot of sleeves, tons of storage, and RFID blocking. Made from canvas material, the wallet repels water and features an adjustable neck strap for convenient carrying. The back lining and the ‘Skin-soft-string’ fabric are gentle on your skin, so you don’t have to worry about discomfort from carrying the passport holder.

There are five pockets that can store your cash, coins, keys, credit cards, multiple passports, and even your phone. The case also embeds RFID-blocking technology to keep your sensitive information safe. That said, this holder isn’t without its flaws. Because of its material, the wallet tends to be bulkier than its competition, but it is still portable and lightweight so it gets the job done.

On the plus side, its bulkier build means you can carry all your essentials in your passport wallet. There’s a zipper on the top that gives you easy access to your keys or coins, as does a Velcro pocket to your passport.

You can pick from a handful of color options, but we’re not giving it any style points because the design feels basic and dated. Another caveat: while the wallet is advertised to be water-resistant, it doesn’t offer any protection against water when dipped in it. 

4. Shvigel Leather Passport Holder

If style and minimalism are at the top of your priority list, there’s not a lot of passport holders out there that can beat this leather passport by Shvigel. There’s enough room for your passport and documents, but the cover isn’t bulky at all. 

The material used is full-grain leather, and the attention-to-the-detail paints a picture of quality craftsmanship from the get-go. The design is plain, vintage, and tasteful. The stitching is well-done, and the leather is durable. 

There are four slots for holding your cards and two sleeves — one for your passport. But even if you intend to place more than four cards in the passport holder, you can fit two cards in one slot. 

The embossing is mostly ‘love-it-or-hate-it.’ It is slightly off-centered, and you might find it unnecessary if you like your wallet plain. As mentioned above, the stamping is done well, so it comes down to personal preference. Where it lacks in embossing, it makes up for it with its range of colors. 

Note that it might take a few tries to install the passport for the first time because the leather is supposed to become more flexible over time. And it goes without saying that you can’t store your other essentials because the cover is hardly bigger than a standard U.S. passport.

5. Tarriss Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking 

Made from water-resistant Ripstop nylon, this neck wallet offers RFID protection and a ton of storage for your travel essentials. The build is sleek, lightweight, and portable. You can neatly organize your credit cards and bills in the zippered pockets. There’s a pocket in the middle, deep enough to hold your phone and up to 5 passports. You’ll also find a clear panel for keeping your ID – something not typical of these wallets.

Save for the flap on the top; the wallet is completely RFID protected, so you can keep your RFID-enabled documents safe. The overall design is relatively unique. The material used for lining the back is breathable but the back of the case can cause discomfort if it rubs against bare skin.

There aren’t many color options, but the wallet does offer functionality. You also get a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be confident that it’s built to last through the years.

Final Thoughts 

You don’t want to spend your holidays in an embassy, nor do you want to fall victim to digital identity theft (at least 13 million U.S. citizens do annually). An RFID-protected wallet is an affordable, stylish, and safe solution to keeping yourself and your travel documents safe.