Top 5 Inversion Table Reviews

Got an aching back? Suffering from joint problems? Or do you just want to strengthen that abdominal region? From relieving back problems to balancing posture, an inversion table is capable of doing much more than put you in a state of relaxation. In fact, the right inversion table can also help re-vitalize your organs, soothe trigger points, and improve your overall wellbeing.

Due to these reasons, the popularity of inversion tables has boomed in recent times and so many vendors have taken advantage of this growing demand. However, these manufacturers are introducing so many models that buyers now have hundreds of options to choose from. This means finding the best conversion table for your specific need(s) can be a challenging and time-consuming task.

So in order to save you the hassle, we’ve done the research on this ergonomic product and have listed the top 5 inversion table reviews based on motion, durability, features, safety, user interface & more.

For those who don’t know

Inversion tablets lets users hang at an angle from their feet, or upside down, to allow the pine and back to elongate, which relives the pressure on the discs and back by opening spaces up. Some people use the product with gravity boots when performing inverted squats, sit-ups, and crunches, and pressure is taken off the back, while the workout is intensified.

Even celebrities adore this product. Bradley Cooper said it helped him prepare for on stage performance in The Elephant Man. Others like Eva Mendes credit inversion table workouts for their glowing skin. While there’s a lot of research to be done on the primary benefits offered by these tables, the likes of Martha Stewart, Matt Lauer and other similar names have reported other wins, including height maintenance, improved digestion, reduced stress, and increased immunity.

5 Best Inversion Tables Reviews

Now that you have a good understand of inversion tables, let’s take a look at the top five ones in detail.

Where to Buy
EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table with SURELOCK Safety Ratchet Support
HARISON Inversion Table with 180 Full Inversion
Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table
IRONMAN Gravity 4000
Innova ITM 4800

1. EXERPEUTIC Inversion Table with SURELOCK Safety Ratchet Support

The main purpose of an inversion table is to reduce gravity’s impact on your back. But how do you do that if you’re at risk of falling right on your head? Fortunately, this inversion table goes to great lengths to ensure security with its comfy and big AIRSOFT holder ankle straps. These straps have two “palm-activated” adjustable locks (ratchet-tooth) to secure users’ feet before they hang upside down. Also, the original SURELOCK ratchet is covered with air-tight padding to cover a good portion of ankles and feet for a better grip. Other features of EXERPEUTIC inversion table include 165-degree inversion, adjustable rear crossbar and movable lumbar pillow.

What makes it stand out?

The product features a ‘3 angle’ rear cross bar that’s adjustable for easy angle positioning; it eliminates the need for the standard strap System.

2. HARISON Inversion Table with 180 Full Inversion

The Harrison inversion table features a 3D backrest (memory foam) that supports both the user’s neck and back in an ergonomic manner. The rest of the product allows for natural inversion, making sure that it hugs the body’s contours for pain relief and comfort. It can to a maximum of 180 degrees and a minimum of 20 degrees. Aside from these characteristics, the table also boasts a multiple safety features. For instance, you’d find a steel frame, a non-slip mat, covered foot holes, easily accessible handles, and even a safety belt on this Inversion table. Plus, its stable machine doesn’t move an inch unless it is made to and the peg-based function is simple to use. For an additional cost, it will arrive at your home completely assembled.

What makes it stand out?

Apart from the integrated safety features, the HARISON inversion table ensures users’ safety with a ‘true balance’ design that offers the smoothest inversion experience.

3. Teeter EP-960 LTD Inversion Table

This inversion table has stretch max handles that allow for an extra-long grip, while its ergo embrace support covers users’ ankles to distribute weight evenly between the heels and the feet. The traction handles maintain smooth oscillation; it’s ideal for anyone searching for decompressing and stretching options. There’s also a comforter bed that has a countered yet smooth surface –  it supports the body slide function for relieving back pain. Additional attachments for lower back support include Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure nodes. The product is pre-set marked with the following inversion angles: 60 degrees, 40 degrees and 20 degrees. Users can also rationally control the adjustable product.

What makes it stand out?

The lockout of the Teeter EP-960 LTD inversion table is quite secure for stretching and advanced range inversion.

4. IRONMAN Gravity 4000

This inversion table has the capability to withstand 350 pounds of weight. Its extra-long safety handles are covered in foam, which makes it convenient to hold them. There’s also a non-skid rubber-made stabilizer for controlling the table’s motion while inversion takes place. Other than that, the IRONMAN Gravity 4000 is equipped with a lumbar pillow that’s adjustable and a ratchet ankle locking system for supporting users’ lower back and ankles. Plus, buyers would love the remote control mesh present in the package. Additional features include the ultra-thin heating material and an adjustable height function. The former, along with soothing the muscles of the back, improves blood circulation and controls fatigue. What makes it stand out?

6.6. feet is the maximum height, and 3 positions are possible. Also, the product can be converted into a compact piece of equipment for convenient storage – folding dimensions are 26L*17L*80H.

5. Innova ITM 4800

Featuring therapeutic massage and isolated heat technology, this product comes with a lumbar pad. The multi-mode massage settings even include a manual and auto mode for an intuitive massage experience. Some inversion table reviews say that it can accommodate individuals up to a maximum of 300 lbs of weight and 6.6 feet of height. Users can leverage five different positions with an adjustable pin feature that has a ‘patient pending’ cover. The strap further secures the inversion, making varying inversion degrees safe, comfortable, and easy. After the pin has been adjusted in the decline you desire, the rest of the position is going to be safe. Another thing that’s adjustable is the headrest pad; it offers a high level of comfort courtesy of its big energy foam. Overall, the Innova ITM 4800 is one of the newest models of inversion tables available in the market.

What makes it stand out?

The inversion table has handlebars made of foam and U-shape ankle/heel holders. It’s easy to go back into the inverting position using these comfy handle bars. Another highlight is its folding versatility; you can make it compact by folding it, which should resolve any storage problems.

Ready to Live a Healthier Lifestyle?

These wondrous inversion tables have been making headlines about promoting healthy living for some time now. From minimizing arthritis and reducing stress, to improving blood circulation and balancing body posture, inversion tables offer all. The ones in the above list are safe, well built and versatile, so any of them will make a perfect companion to the other health and ergonomic products you have at your home.