Top 5 Hamilton Beach Juicers

A renowned name in the world of kitchen appliances, Hamilton Beach has always been a top choice for shoppers especially when it comes to juicers and blenders. Having juice as part of your diet can contribute greatly to our over-all health and wellbeing. Instead of buying packaged juice cartons, you can make an investment on a long-lasting durable juicer/blender. These well-designed and efficiently built machines will continue to serve you for years to come.  Here we provide an overview of how to choose a juicer and the options from Hamilton Beach.

Types of juicers:

There are in general three types of juicers:

  1. Centrifugal juicer: Produces juice faster than other options due to its high speed
  2. Cold-press: More of a manual juicer and more limited
  3. Masticating action: For slow and well-blended outcome that maximized nutrients

How to choose the best juicer?

A large number of juicers are available in the market by various companies. Here are few points to consider when picking the right juicer for you.

  • Make sure the juicer can easily blend all greens and fruits including larger chunks
  • Make sure you consider the amount of noise a juicer makes.
  • You should know whether it’s a centrifugal, cold-press or masticating action machine, as the price and quality varies with each technology
  • Easy cleaning should also be the top priority. A juicer that is easy to clean with the use of a brush or other tools will ensure quality hygiene
  • Look for a machine that ensures minimum oxidization and creates a long-lasting beverage
  • A juicer that offers more than one speed option is always the best. For example, high, medium and low. You can change the speed according to your requirements

Top 5 Hamilton Beach juicers

Where to Buy
Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Big Mouth 2-Speed Juice Extractor (67850)
Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor, 2- Speed Big Mouth, Black (67750)
Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth 800 Watt Juice Extractor
Hamilton Beach Health Smart Juice Extractor Stainless Steel White 350 W
Hamilton Beach 67950A Slow Juicer with Masticating Action

1. Hamilton Beach Easy Clean Big Mouth 2-Speed Juice Extractor (67850)

Foam-free juice – froth separator on pitcher makes pouring the perfect glass of juice easy.

With a 3-year warranty and Hamilton Beach guarantee, the Big Mouth juicer offers a number of features for the buyer. if you’re looking for a well-built powerful machine then this Hamilton Beach product ensures you a speedy quality output with its two-speed option and a heavy motor. To avoid any inconvenience to the user, a 40 oz. container comes attached to it that makes sure that you don’t have to stop again and again the empty the extractor. Moreover, the stainless-steel locking arm of the machine doubles the security and helps you assemble the juicer 10 times easier. If you’re looking for foam-free juices and a well-blended drink, this machine should be your choice.  


Froth separator fixed on a 40 oz. pitcher

Adjustable spout that allows easy pour

Comes with a cleaning tool and is dishwasher safe


Makes a lot of noise

2. Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor, 2- Speed Big Mouth, Black (67750)

Extra-large pulp bin lets you juice longer and add nutrient-rich pulp to any recipe.

Not only does it look fancy but it works in the most efficient manner as well. The 2-speed big mouth 67750 model proves to be one of the best Hamilton beach juicers. The product has removable parts and has been labeled safe for dishwasher use. Moreover, this juice extractor has a BPA-free pitcher and a froth separator. A BPA-free pitcher means there are no harmful or toxic elements used in the making of the plastic used in the machine. This gives you and your loved ones the purest and healthiest form of juice.

For users who prefer less prep time and quicker results while there isn’t much electricity being consumed then they should definitely consider this product. The 900-watt speedy motor ensures immediate results along with energy-saving tactics. Even though it’s a lot similar to the one mentioned above, this one takes less space and energy.


2-speed option with a big mouth for pouring

Easy cleaning and long-lasting storage

Dishwasher approved

Does not make excessive noise



3. Hamilton Beach 67650A Big Mouth 800 Watt Juice Extractor

It’s easy to get juicing – just insert the strainer and lock on the lid with the clips, and add the pulp bin.

Save yourself from the hassle of cutting fruits in to smaller pieces before blending them. This juicer comes with a very powerful motor which helps it to process whole vegetables and fruits without any effort, creating a smoothly blended drink. The unique thing about the Big Mouth 800-watt extractor is the presence of a stainless steel strainer. The strainer makes the juice free of unwanted lumps and seeds that might ruin the taste of the drink, while it contains the healthy nutrients inside. An added feature to the Big Mouth 67650A extractor is the 20 oz. container which serves a double purpose such as working as a container and storing in the fridge as well.


Toggle switch with ON/OFF option

You will not have to turn off the machine to empty the pulp. A pulp-bin already does that work.

easy to clean as the parts are made of plastic and can be removed or replaced


Works at a single speed if the pulp bin is over-filled and congested, the operation will be difficult to carry out.

Plastic clips are prone to easy breakage

4. Hamilton Beach Health Smart Juice Extractor Stainless Steel White 350 W

The motor is powerful enough to munch through a bag of carrots or apples, yet not so loud that you wake the neighbors in the process.

This simple juice extractor is made of stainless steel. And because of that, the exterior is hard to break. A feature that makes this product popular is the stainless-steel cutter that works as a strainer as well. This enables it to make juice without any chunks left behind. Like most other Hamilton Beach juicers, this one has a pulp bin as well that makes it easy to clean after every use. The pulp bin is attached to the backside and the extra pulp is stored in it during use. The benefit of this is that you will not have to empty the extractor again and again while you’re making the juice.


Does not consume a lot of electricity; only 350 watts

Pulp bin ensures that the juice is made in one go

The box contains 25 delicious recipes for food and drinks


Available in one color only i.e. white

Not suitable for whole fruits or large chunks

There is no pitcher or container attached for storage

5. Hamilton Beach 67950A Slow Juicer with Masticating Action

All removable parts rinse clean quickly & are dishwasher safe, Easy to clean.Extracts 2X more juice.

Do not be confused be with the ‘slow juicer’ description as they work the best for greens and leafy vegetables. The motor working at a low speed does not consume a lot of electricity and ensures a well-blended drink. This is because of the Masticating Action that allows super refined mixing of the fruits or greens. Like we mentioned at the start of this article, a masticating action juicer works best for extra-fine and blended beverages.

This machine is recommended for making almond and soy milk by experts. The juicer does not make a lot of noise and carries out a swift action at a decent speed. However, for users who prefer the centrifugal juicer type, this product might not be the best option.


All parts are removable

Dishwasher safe

Has a pulp bin

The 24. Oz pitcher has a foam separator

Saves energy


Prone to easy breakage

Works at a slow speed compared to other juicers


If you are looking for a top juicer option, then the Hamilton Beach line is definitely one to check out.  Here we have listed the top 5 to consider but be sure and look at their whole line. Base your decision based on features, appearance, quality and durability.