Top 5 Fashion Accessories in the 60s

Pieces of jewelry and accessories in the early 1960s are similar to the 1950s. However, it gradually changed in the late ‘60s, where bolder and more expressive designs were introduced. By the end of the decade, the jewelry styles of the 1960s had transformed from familiar glitzy gold parures to fantastic bold creations which are made in budget plastics. During these times, femininity was out, and the Space Age began. 

Women’s fashion in the 1960s was suddenly available and accessible to everyone. The increase of ready-to-wear clothes matched with the span of clothing factories resulted in a market of mass production. In accessories, some of the most popular trends were Mod or pop art colors, such as black & white, pink & red, and yellow & green. In addition to that, women also wore big dangling earrings in unique shapes, and as well as stacks of bangles, colorful necklaces, and cute plastic pins. 

If you want to know more, read on as we’re giving you the top 5 fashion accessories in the 60s. 

Long Retro Earrings


Pierced ear lobes had become a trend in the 1960s. During these times, women wore long and large earrings. Many of them intentionally tried finding the biggest ones that they could wear. With this, women also started wearing their hair shorter or tucked behind using a headband or clip so that their neck and ears would be more exposed, giving focus on the earrings. This also provided more space to wear oversized hoop rings on the earlobes. 

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If you want to try wearing long retro earrings, here are some of the best ones we found:



Due to mass production, jewelry had become very affordable back in the sixties. Women were able to buy as many accessories as they wanted, which enabled them to compliment different outfits easily. Bangles were one of the most popular fashion accessories in the ‘60s. They come in different colors and designs. 

Many women loved wearing them as they can update their outfits easily and add those signature pops of color, making the ‘60s fashion stand out. Chunky and oversized bangles in jarring color combinations are the trend in the 1960s. A stack of these bangles was worn down on the entire arm. 

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Here are some examples of ‘60s bangles that you can wear today:

Black and White Accessories

Fashion and art also often went hand in hand in the ‘60s. Op Art featured a single color palette that was used in making complex patterns and designs, and as well as to create optical illusions. Jewelry designs also supplemented these trends further. Simple black and white pieces of jewelry became popular, and they are usually made of low-budget plastics. These made them very affordable for everyone. And the best part is that these accessories paired well with almost every outfit. 

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Here are some black and white accessories that you can check out:

Geometric-Shaped Jewelry Pieces

The shapes of the jewelry designs became much bolder approaching the late ‘60s. It became almost sculptural as a result. The Op Art and Pop Movement of the decade had an influence that surpassed the fashion trade and made its way into the accessories and jewelry of the decade. 

In the ‘60s, pop art and geometric designs saw their way into fashion and clothing of the decade. In addition to fashion accessories, these were also a prominent design mode for homewares, décor, and interiors. The outcome of this influence was innovative jewelry styles that feature different shapes, such as diamonds, hexagons, spirals, and circles.

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Here are some examples of geometric-shaped jewelry pieces:

Floral Accessories

Floral designs and patterns gave jewelry designers a lot of inspiration in the 1960s. During this decade, floral jewelry designs were larger and almost exclusively fashioned in the new plastics. Towards the end of the 1960s, the Hippie movement saw the expansion of the Flower Power movement, which extended beyond a political statement and paved itself firmly in the kingdom of fashion. When this movement entered the fashion industry, the popularity of floral styles grew larger. 

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Here are some of the best floral accessories you can check out:

These are the top 5 fashion accessories of the ‘60s. With these, we can say that costume jewelry designers of the 1960s experimented with new materials and techniques. In addition, they also rejected the idea of jewelry representing status. Instead, what they did was produced designs using low-cost materials, which pave the way for an entirely new approach to fashion and as well as consumerism. We hope this post helped you in learning more about fashion accessories in the 1960s.