Top 5 Dish Racks for Organizing Your Dishes


Kitchen chores are usually part of our daily routine, so it only makes sense that we should make them as easy as possible. One of the best ways to keep your kitchen organized and neat is to have a proper dish rack for your dishes. This will help you dry out your crockery and other utensils while also storing them easily.

If you don’t already have a dish rack, you might be putting your wet dishes in a basket or tray. This means that the dishes are in an unsightly pile, while the ones at the bottom probably wouldn’t dry properly.

Manual drying is an option, but it’s just another chore that you might not be able to accomplish daily. This is why it’s much better to get a proper dish rack for the job. Plus, manual drying could leave streaks on the more delicate pieces, such as the ones in these top 5 bone china dining sets.

The best dish racks out here might cost a little more than the common ones you can find in any shop. However, they’re worth investing in due to their quality materials, sturdiness, and ergonomic designs. This way, all your utensils are easily accessible and won’t look too bad even if they’re out on the counter. This will also prevent any rusting or mold formation, keeping your high-end purchases pristine for as long as possible.

Not all dish racks are created equal, so do some research before you order the best one for your needs. We’ve discussed some of the best options below:

Where to Buy
Sagler wooden dish rack plate rack Collapsible Compact dish drying rack Bamboo dish drainer
Neat-O Deluxe Chrome-plated Steel Small Dish Drainers (Black)
OXO Good Grips Convertible Foldaway Dish Rack, Stainless Steel
Rubbermaid AntiMicrobial In-Sink Dish Drainer With Silverware Cup, Chrome, Large (FG6032ARCHROM)
PremiumRacks Professional Dish Rack - 304 Stainless Steel - Fully Customizable - Microfiber Mat Included - Modern Design - Large Capacity

1. Sagler Wooden Dish Rack

This is one of the best wooden dish racks on the market, but don’t worry about mold and fungal growth when the wood comes into contact with water. The wood used here is bamboo, which is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly option that’s also mold-resistant. What’s even better is that it’s a lasting and durable experience for most users.

Another useful feature of this rack is that it’s collapsible, which means you can easily tuck it away when it’s not in use. This will be useful when you have company over and want the kitchen to look as neat and clean as possible.

There are two levels to this dish rack, which makes room for more than a dozen plates. However, there’s admittedly not much room for your spoons, forks, and knives, etc if you use all the slots for your plates. This might be somewhat limiting, but we can always put these smaller items in between the other dishes. Another drawback is that the bamboo wood might give you splinters if it cracks or gets weak over time.

The drawbacks aside, this bamboo dish rack is still among the best choices you have. It doesn’t cost an arm and leg, and is easily cleaned with mild soap and some water. There’s also no rusting to worry about here, so consider this one if you live in a tropical or humid climate.

2. Neat-O Deluxe Chrome-Plated Steel Small Dish Drainer

Chrome-plated dish drainers are a convenient option when you want to organize your dishes nicely. They don’t cost much, won’t rust easily, and have a stylish appearance that won’t spoil the look of your kitchen. This particular choice is also very compact and can easily fit inside most standard kitchen sinks.

We’d say that this dish drainer is ideal for a small family, a couple, or even someone who lives alone and regularly has company over. You can stack around eight plates inside, even the deep ones made of thick ceramic. We especially like the plastic holder here, as it can hold the smaller items safely. This way, we don’t have to go rummaging about in the washed dishes for a fork, knife or spoon should the need arise. The holder is also removable, so we can keep that clean very easily.

Another thoughtful feature here is the rubber base, which is good for keeping the rack sturdy. This will also prevent it from leaving any scratches on the countertop. Unfortunately, there isn’t a tray underneath to prevent the water from dripping right on your countertop. You can try keeping a separate tray under this drainer, or just put it in the sink until everything’s dry.

3. OXO Good Grips Convertible Foldaway Dish Rack

Whether it’s oven gloves or dish racks, the name of OXO Good Grips is a widely-known one in the kitchen industry. This particular rack is a good example of the quality this brand gives us, as it’s a transformative option. You can choose to have slots for your wet plates or fold down certain areas to make room for large items such as pans and pots.

There are several impressive features in this dish rack which will make your dishwashing and drying much easier. There’s a spout that can open directly into the sink, making for easy drainage and minimal water cleanup. You can also elevate the whole rack by folding our four tiny legs. When your dishes are dry and you don’t’ need the rack sitting out, you can easily fold it up and store it inside a very small space.

Other factors of this rack’s design include several stemware holders, two plastic containers, and several compartments for all sorts of utensils. However, since this is a plastic dish rack, it’s not a good idea to place a lot of weight on it. If you mostly have heavy stoneware or iron pots to dry out, it might be best to look at a steel option instead.

4. Rubbermaid AntiMicrobial In-Sink Dish Drainer

Rubbermaid has come out with a microbial dish drainer that contains patented technology. This Microban shield can help your dishes remain free of contamination, which is a serious concern. We want our dishes to dry out without the effects of pooled water causing mold r fungus growths, and this rack is one of the best preventative measures.

The kitchen sink also harbors a lot of microbes from leftovers and washed ingredients. With the technology of this rack, we might be able to protect ourselves from such germs.

The construction of this rack is also quite strong, consisting mostly of metal wire with a chrome coating. You can put in all sorts of dishes here to dry without worrying about anything breaking, permanently bending, or warping. However, there’s no mat or tray underneath this option either, but the price is low enough for us to get one separately.

5. PremiumRacks Professional Dish Rack

There is such a thing as a professional-grade dish rack, which you might want to try if there are a lot of dishes at your place. This also goes for people who have very heavy dishes to wash and dry on a regular basis. This burden might not be one that cheaper racks can withstand. It’s hence logical to invest in a professional model right away, even if it means a higher financial investment.

This dish rack gives you a lot of flexibility and versatility. It can become a double-decker, a single large level, or be installed on the side of your sink. Unlike many other dish rack options, this one has a special place for your cutting board. You’ll also get to put your cup holders just where they’re most convenient.

All that detaching, attaching, and assembly might be problematic for some. Still, we’d say this is the best choice for preserving those top 5 premium dinnerware sets.


If you want to maximize your efficiency in the kitchen, it’s always a good idea to have the best tools for the job. With one of the quality dish racks on hand, you’ll hopefully be able to get through your chores much more quickly. Who knows, the right dish rack might even make the work easier and more enjoyable.

Before pressing that order button, though, make sure you have the right dish rack for your unique needs. If it’s an in-sink rack, see if it’ll even fit your sink or not. If you want your rack outside the cabinet at all times, you might want to pay a little more attention to its appearance. Any of the options above could be a great gift for someone with a new home as well. For more choices, you might want to check out these gifts for the kitchen under $100.