Top 5 Diapers for Newborns

The most important part of any newborn prepping list is a big pack of diapers. It is one thing that saves all the new parents’ lives (and clothes!) by keeping their bottoms dry and preventing big messes. Before all the strenuous potty training endeavors, diapers are the lifesavers. As children start wearing diapers as soon as they are out of the comfort of their mother’s wombs, you must choose the right diaper brand.

Every family has different dynamics, due to which, some kids wear diapers well into their toddlerhood while others train to do without them early on. No matter when your kid starts to stay dry without diapers, it is good to use the best brand for the soft and rash-free bums of your baby.

Determining the Best Diapers


Before diving into the best diapers brands, let us take a brief look into some considerations that qualify as a handy checklist for determining the effectiveness of any diaper brand. 

  • Since children wear diapers 24/7, it is the topmost requirement of the parents that the diaper’s inner material does not irritate the baby’s skin.
  • The diaper should be a comfortable fit for the kid. 
  • Holding the waste materials in for a certain time is a must for every effective diaper brand. 

Different Types of Diapers 


There are two main types of diapers that new parents can choose from: 

Disposable Diapers Cloth Diapers
They are disposed of after every change of nappy  Cloth diapers do not burden the environment with every single change 
They are made of highly-absorbent material comprising a polypropylene top-sheet They are the best cost-effective option for prudent savers as they are reusable 
The center of these diapers is highly absorbent so that it can lock the waste materials in without irritating the baby  They come in cute, adorable prints and designs 
They are the best choice for traveling or places where it is impossible to tackle the cloth diapers  They are made of organic and breathable material that ensures the overall health of your baby 
These diapers might cost a lot of money in the long run altogether  Cloth diapers do not irritate the baby’s skin too much; hence, there is zero or minimal rash 
Changing disposable diapers is more than easy. They come off quickly before the babies move  These diapers are way too problematic to handle during long trips or traveling as you cannot launder them anywhere on the road 
They are a considerable hazard to the environment  You have to carry dirty cloth diapers back home with you after changing them on the go
The materials used to make them highly absorbent might lead to allergies or other skin problems  It becomes difficult to find baby care facilities when you use cloth diapers as not everyone is willing to wash your baby’s dirty diapers

Essential Considerations When Buying Diapers 


1. Cost 

Of the numerous things new parents worry about is the expense of durable diapers. Baby diapers are not like baby gear or toys that are used occasionally. In addition to a diaper brand that prevents leakage and does not irritate the baby’s skin, the brand must be affordable. 

Diapers are used round the clock without missing any hour. The expense of baby diapers is an ongoing cycle that ends with potty training. Adding up the overall cost can make you dizzy even thinking about it. These days, the best solution is to get a subscription service or buy diapers in bulk. Also, you can keep looking out for sales campaigns on your favorite diaper brands and purchase them in advance.

2. Absorbent Power 

Diapers have to be absorbent, or they become useless as it is their fundamental function. No one can afford to wash loads of clothes all day with every nappy change. Caregivers also require parents to use an absorbent diaper brand and keep the baby dry for long hours. 

You should go for the diaper brands specially made for long hours (12 hours/overnight) for use at night. It will save you some time while enabling your little one to sleep through the night peacefully.

Top Diaper Brands for Newborns 

Parents love dressing up their newborns. They search endlessly for cute little shoes or onesies that fit their kids. Just the way you would love your child to have the best strollers or highchairs, you should also look for the best diaper brands. 

Following are five of our top picks:

Where to Buy
Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers
Pampers Pure Protection Hypoallergenic Disposable Baby Diapers for Sensitive Skin
Andy Pandy Biodegradable Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers
Wegreeco Washable Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers  
Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Pants

1. Pampers Swaddlers Disposable Baby Diapers

There is nothing parents want more than dry and rash-free babies. This is why Pampers Swaddlers are so popular with parents and pediatricians. These diapers have the best super-absorbent inner material that prevents the wetness from leaking; thus, leaving your baby’s skin dry. 

Newborns love to swaddle. They come from the comfort of the womb directly into a world where there is so much going on. Swaddling babies is the most effective way to calm them down when fussy. These diapers by Pampers are designed on the same formula. They have special layers to make your baby cover-up and be protected without burdening them with loads of layers. 

The swaddling design of these diapers makes it easy for the new parents to change nappies without disturbing the umbilical cord. Pampers Swaddlers also have a wetness indicator that informs you about the changing time. This way, you would not have your baby wet for a long time!


  • Highly-absorbent material that keeps the babies dry for a long time 
  • Super soft, non-irritating 
  • Prevent blowouts 
  • Features wetness indicator 


  • The sticking might come off a tad bit more easily than the traditional ones 

2. Pampers Pure Protection Hypoallergenic Disposable Baby Diapers for Sensitive Skin

New parents have a lot in their lives to worry about since they bring their little one home. Changing diapers is one of the most significant factors that overwhelm new parents. Even if you master the art of holding your newborn down for a nappy change, multi-tasking your way through getting hold of a nappy and cleaning your baby is an art.

Pampers is a trusted brand that vows to keep the health of the babies as their number one priority. Their new natural line of comfortable diapers is chlorine-free and has no artificial fragrances that mess with the baby’s skin.

These diapers are hypoallergenic and can suit children with extremely sensitive skin. Moreover, they also come in various catchy designs and prints so that you can start your baby’s photoshoot anywhere anytime!


  • Super soft inner and outer material; hence it is best for sensitive baby skin 
  • Highly absorbent material provides great overnight protection 
  • Chlorine-free and Hypoallergenic


  • Inner mesh lining becomes sticky when wet 
  • A bit more costly than usual 

3. Andy Pandy Biodegradable Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers

The best thing about these biodegradable diapers by Andy Pandy is their less negative environmental impact. Parents love that they can stop worrying about burdening the environment with heaps of dirty diapers while also enjoying the comfort of disposable diapers. 

These earth-friendly diapers are made from high-quality bamboo. Another reason why these diapers are so popular among parents is that they come in plain white design, which makes it easier to dress the children without worrying about diaper patterns showing through the clothes.

The inner material of these Andy Pandy diapers is lined with aloe vera to keep your baby’s skin hydrated and moist. As these diapers are free from all the chemicals that most others are laden with, you can rest all your worries about skin rashes and irritation. 

Moreover, with the thermal regulation ability, these diapers can keep your baby cool in hot summer months and warm during inclement weather. 


  • Biodegradable; made from Bamboo 
  • Best for preventing diaper rash 
  • Features a wetness indicator 
  • Thermal regulation
  • Antibacterial moisture 
  • Clean design


  • Costly 
  • The tabs could be wider, which are pretty thin

4. Wegreeco Washable Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers  

Using cloth diapers is not as easy as it may seem. Parents have to go through rounds of laundering dirty diapers, probably missing out on many outing trips, and carrying soiled diapers back home to get used to cloth diapers. However, once you weigh the long-term and wide-range benefits of using cloth diapers, the task becomes less daunting. 

This pack comes with six reusable cloth diapers made of absorbent microfiber and bamboo inserts. They are pretty easy to use and put on with the help of snap buttons. The best thing about these cloth diapers is that they grow with your little one. The waistband of these diapers easily fits babies at various stages of their infancy. Therefore, these diapers are the best investment as a budget-friendly option. 


  • Environmental friendly, reusable, and breathable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made of high-quality material
  • Washable 
  • Highly absorbent six layers to prevent leakages 


  • It might be a bit challenging to change it while traveling 
  • No wetness indicator 

5. Huggies Little Swimmers Disposable Swim Pants

Your little ones need to explore the world without any hindrance. It is why all the parents need these finest swimming diapers by Huggies. You can start collecting these diapers as soon as your little one is ready for the first pool trip with you.

The primary requirement for swimming nappies is their excellent fit. Therefore, it is important that you buy the right size of swimming diapers for your babies. These diapers have elastic sidebands that are pretty adjustable. The different size options ensure the best fit for your little one, while the diaper’s extra-absorbent but not-saggy inner material prevents leaking.

Unlike other brands that make swimming diapers, Huggies Little Swimmers do not swell and sag while your baby is having the best time splashing in the water. 


  • Easy-to-use side straps 
  • Best swimming pants
  • Releasable sidebands for extra convenience 


  • Only suitable for swimming 

Parenting is Hard – Let Diapers Make it Easy 

No job can compare to the hard work and emotional burnout of constant parenting through the child’s early years. Diapers make it easier for the parents to have a breather while doing other necessary chores around the house and the newborn. Therefore, choosing the right diaper brand is more than essential. 

Select the brand that suits your needs and makes your life more convenient than ever.