Top 5 Designer Backpacks

Backpacks are way better than other luggage choices because they put a reduced strain on the body. They are specifically designed so that their weight is distributed evenly on shoulders and hips. This is why they can be carried for hours without tiring. Their padded straps make it easier to carry the load. They can be very handy for short trips, college, hiking or even air travel.

Today, when fashion has come to the forefront of everyday life, it is obvious that people do not just look for luggage to fulfill their transportation needs but as a fashion statement as well. The demand for trendy designer backpacks is ever increasing.

Without any further ado, here’s a list of top 5 designer backs that are comfortable and affordable.  Some price tags may shock you a bit but we have a couple options on the less expensive side as well.

Where to Buy
Tommy Hilfiger Unisex Classic Backpack
Louis Vuitton Springs Backpack
Adidas Stadium Team Backpack
Fila Duel Tablet Laptop Backpack

1. Tommy Hilfiger Unisex Classic Backpack

This classic backpack has got it all. It is comfortable and very functional. It is made of nylon and this makes it durable. There is a grab handle makes it easier to carry it around. The shoulder straps are adjustable so that you can modify their length according to your ease.

The great thing about this backpack is that it has got many pockets which make it easy to organize stuff without undue hassle. If you like to go on hiking and camping then there aren’t many better options than this one. 

2. Louis Vuitton Springs Backpack

This mini Louis Vuitton backpack is perfect for ladies who like to travel in style. The exterior is decorated in extra-soft calfskin. The top handle is padded with leather. There is a nylon lining with gold-coloured metallic pieces attached to it. The pull on the zip enclosure is encrusted. The outside front pocket is zipped. The monogram exterior supports a strap which is multi-positional and can be used to wear it across the body. Overall, the backpack is brand new and totally authentic. 

3. Gucci Soho Black Backpack Calf Leather Backpack Ladies Bag Italy

This stylish Gucci backpack can be used by both men and women. The exterior is made of smooth nylon with typical Gucci pattern. It has a zipped front compartment. The adjustable shoulder straps are padded for extra comfort. A controllato card is also attached at the front so that the customer can verify that it is an original. 

4. Adidas Stadium Team Backpack

This Adidas backpack is specially made for sports people. The hydro-shield base is waterproof which keeps the interior dry. The exterior is made of genuine polyester which makes it one of the most durable backpacks around. The front pocket supports FreshPak technology which keeps it ventilated so that your sneakers and cleats dry easily. Soccer players can fit their soccer ball in the bottom compartment. The padded back panel and shoulders make it comfortable to wear and carry around. 

5. Fila Duel Tablet Laptop Backpack

This durable Fila backpack is constructed of special coated nylon. The sewing is done to perfection so that it can endure rough handling. It is perfect for taking your tablet and laptop with you as there are separate compartments for both. The shoulder straps and back panel are padded and ventilated which allows your back to stay cool even on a warm day. The main compartment is quite spacious which makes it easier to place folders and books and other accessories. The two side pockets can be used to keep water bottles so that you stay hydrated throughout the day.  


This above list of designer backpacks has got something for everyone. If someone is looking for a backpack for all seasons; one that is durable and multi-functional, then, look no further than the Tommy Hilfiger Classic backpack. For those ladies who put style and fashion ahead of the price tag, the Louis Vuitton Springs backpack is an excellent option that certainly makes a fashion statement. Gucci Nylon backpack is another excellent option for those who like to travel in style. Though considerably lesser in price than the Louis Vuitton backpack it has got all the credentials of being a hit amongst your fellows.

Fila backpack is perfect for college and school kids who want a budget-friendly and spacious backpack which accommodates their books and laptops and other accessories. Lastly, sports people who want something spacious to carry their sports gear and stuff, the Adidas Sports backpack is the best choice.