Learn the Benefits of Cat Trees for Your Feline Friend

There is a survey that shows that people are now spending more time with their favorite pets than ever. The Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI) Benchmark Survey of Pet Owners, in its 2021 survey, said that there is a growing strength and essence in the human-animal bond nowadays. In fact, the survey disclosed that some 83 percent of pet owners say they spend most of or a big part or most of the day with their pets, up from 78 percent in 2016 (+5 percent). As this has become a trend, pet owners are keen on finding ways to make their feline friend enjoy their time at home.  

One of the best activities for your feline friend is to have a cat tree as a companion at home. This may sound like overindulging your pet, but then again, there is nothing more important than the joy of seeing your favorite pet also having a perfect time and fun.

Investing in a cat tree is something necessary because it can help you with plenty of things, especially if you always catch your cat scratching your pricey furniture and jumping on kitchen tables or cabinets. Thus, the next piece of furniture you must invest in is a cat tree!

Cute pet on cat tree at home

Some good benefits of cat trees for your pet

1. A cat tree provides security

Cats are territorial. They don’t usually share personal spaces with others. You need to give them a cat tree to avoid stress and anxiety on their part.

It is important for their mental health that they occupy their own space. A tall cat tree serves as a tower, giving cats a sense of control and territory. This is also an excellent place for the felines where they can clean themselves, far from adults or children who have allergies to fur.

2. A cat tree is fun

Cats are curious. We know this to be a fact. You’ll find your feline friend jumping on the closets or fridge. You will see them having endless fun playing around. Since they all wanted to be entertained, they usually used your furniture as the usual go-to structures at home. 

Because you cannot afford to have a damaged piece of furniture, you need to provide them with a cat tree that they can use as a source of attraction for their funny moments. Watching them jumping around a tall cat tree is a big relief to you and fun, too. You can also attach a toy to the tree, like a mouse toy, so the cats can play with them. “When your feline showcases behavioral problems, a tree will be able to fix it,” said author Marc-André, who regularly writes about all things relating to cats on his blog Katzenworld.

Black cat on a hand made cat tree

3. A cat tree serves as personal space

In reality, our feline friends are not as sociable pets compared to dogs. There will be plenty of times for the cats to simply find a space at your home where they can curl. You would likely see them on the couch, or next to you. However, most of the time, these cats like to be alone. If you also do not have any other pets at home, it is wise to give your cats a cat tree to give your feline friends a safe place exclusively for their own.

4. A cat tree serves as a platform for exercise

Cats, like dogs, need exercise to keep them fit. While it is true that your cats also enjoy a nap at home, it is also important that they will move around and have lots of activities for their well-being.

Providing a cat tree to your cats is a significant boost to their exercise routine. They can jump and play around on the cat tree, making them preoccupied at the same time, fit!

Interestingly, a cat tree also provides them exercise time without you putting a leash on them for a walk.

cat looking up on cat tower

Some options in selecting best cat trees

1. A cat tree with a play toy

Pick a cat tree that can give activities to your feline friend. A tree with a soft cushion, a sisal rope, and a toy is a perfect option.

Cats use these activity trees as playing material. They climb up and down on this tree and scratch the sisal pole. This tree has a mouse attached to it so the cats can play with the mouse. The rope that connects the mouse with the tree is really strong, so it would not break even if it’s pulled hard by the cat.

Also, add some herbs you can buy at your local store, or you are practically free if you grow them.

The cats love the soft cushion that they even sleep on it comfortably. Activity trees are very important for cats as they provide an activity that keeps them healthy and active. Many cats who do not like to play around or have a bad health feel much active and better when they play with this type of tree. 

2. A cat tree furniture made of faux fur and wood

Having a cat activity tree furniture that is covered with sisal rope is another excellent choice. 

Pick the one that is made of faux fur and wood. These materials are very comfortable for your cat; it would love to sit/ sleep and play on them all day long. You can attach at least 2 mice to the pole as well, with which the cats can play or wrestle. It is strongly attached, so it never comes off even if they pull it hard.

This is a perfect option for your cat as it’s good for their health, and they can play with it whenever they want to. They can scratch the pole as much as they want and satisfy themselves. The activity trees keep the cats fit and active as they keep climbing up and down and playing with the mice.

3. A cat tree scratching post with furniture playhouse 

Check the market and pick an activity tree that is made of faux fur and is wrapped in soft plush fabric. Make sure that it has a sisal rope-covered pole and a pom pom toy attached with a strong string.

Having this type of cat tree is one of the best activity trees for your cats. Your cat can play around in this tree, climb up and down and scratch the pole as much as it wants. It can even play or wrestle with the small furry pom pom toy. The activity trees release the cat’s stress and keep it fit and active; its health improves as the cat can exercise.

4. A cat tree scratcher tree with a solid tower

Find a cat tree that is designed for cats to have extraordinarily comfy and great activities.

A cat tree that is multi-leveled and spacious is an amazing find. Make sure you can have tiers of stairs and a scratching post at every step. A small seat exists on the top is great for cats curling or napping. The steps are also very spacious, so the cats can sit on them comfortably.

Your cat will love this tree as they can scratch as much as they want, climb, sleep, and exercise. This will keep them fit and active and will also improve their health. They will spend more time on the tree and stay away from your furniture, keeping the floors and furniture protected. Also, ensure that the tree is easy to store and transport from one place to another.


A cat tree, whether costly or cheap, offers the same kind of fun experience to your feline friend. Thus, you have to find time to pick a cat tree that is very comfortable for the cats, and they can enjoy their time by playing with it. The cat tree should have soft plush, scratching posts wrapped in natural sisal ropes, extra padding, and a backrest.

Generally, a cat tree is perfect for your cats as they get to do a lot of exercises, play around as much as they want, relax and scratch to sharpen their nails. This keeps them fit and active, and they move around and play a lot.   

If you know someone who has recently bought a kitten or is a cat lover, do share this page with him/her so they can find the best options regarding some cat tree toys for their pet.