Top 5 Bottle Blenders and Shakers for Fitness Drinks

As the weather gets warmer, you definitely want to beat the heat and shred those extra pounds by hitting the gym regularly and keeping yourself equally hydrated. Maybe this time you have added some supplements and protein powders to your health regime. If that is the case, here we are with some cool and useful blenders and shakers. These can be used as water bottles, fruit infusers and protein shakers. Below are 5 best options available around, each carrying a unique feature in them that may be something you are looking for? Check our below suggestions:


1. Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle

With highest customer rating, affordable price and useful features, Blender Bottle is one of the top choices.  It holds a capacity of 28 ounces and works great for protein shakes, smoothies and other fitness supplements. It features a patent mixing system with 316 surgical grade blender ball wire whisk, to give you jiggles and shakes like no other.  Blender bottle is purpose-built for fitness freaks and shaker lovers. You can mix scoops, liquids and powder through its wide mouth top. In case you are on the run or keep travelling, the screw-on lid will keep the seal locked and leak-proof.

It measures in ounces and millilitres, so you can easily keep a track of your liquids and save the extra calorie.  And just in case you aren’t happy with those boring colored shakers, this one has a wide range of cool, funky and subtle shades, to match your gym outfit.


  • Provides great mixing
  • Features a screw-on lid, leak-proof seal and a snappy flap cap
  • Unlike other plastic products, Blender Bottle is BPA and Phthalate free
  • Easy to wash by hand or dishwasher
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Not a durable product to stay for years.
  • The lid often breaks or cracks.
  • A very hard cap that breaks the lid.

2. JEELA SPORTS Protein Shaker Bottles 5 Pack – 24 Oz

JEELA SPORTS is for those who don’t want to spend a considerable amount of money on a shaker. It is cheap in price but pretty much consists of all the essential features that you would find in any other shaker bottle. Its BPS and Phthalate free shaker bottle is made up of 100 % food-grade material and allows the mixing of all kinds of ingredients. The total capacity of the shaker is 24 ounces and what you’ll get in each set is 5  colorful JEELA SPORTS protein shakers that come with motivational text designs.  

JEELA SPORTS is designed for gym-goers and sports players. It serves as a leak-proof and spill-proof shaker bottle with an ergonomic flip cap, tapered spout, and non-slip grip handle, making it safe even while driving.  


  • Price friendly shaker bottle
  • FDA approved, eco-friendly
  • Suitable for both warm and cold water
  • The wide mouth allows you to add extra powder or ice to it.
  • Easy to clean in the dishwasher


  • Might give a weird smell after few uses

3. 321 STRONG Shaker Bottle for Protein Shakes

if you want to make your shaker bottle your ultimate travelling and gym partner, having enough capacity to store your pills and powders, 321 Strong shaker is what you must includes 3 stacking storage containers with one pill organizer having three sections. Unlike other shaker bottles, with whisks moving freely, this one has a spring whisk fixed to the lid, giving you powerful mixing every time with no noise. 321 shaker bottle is BPA, BPB and phthalate free. As a loyal travel partner, the flip-top lid remains leak proof.


  • Multi-purpose shaker for mixing and storage
  • Lids are secure and snap correctly
  • Reasonably priced
  • Makes almost no noise when mixing so you can use it anywhere anytime
  • Easy to wash and dishwasher friendly


  • The powder can stick inside the hollow of the whisk
  • The storage compartments don’t have their own separate lids

4. Hydra-Cup Shaker Bottle

Hydracup is a 2-in-1 shaker bottle with two-sided cylinders. If you like to mix different flavors, store ice or carry different drinks with you, have this to make your gyming easy. It serves as a water bottle, shaker cup and storage flask to be your gym buddy. It consists of 2 wire whisk balls that stay on the lid. Both the cylinder lids are leak-proof and lock super tightly. This 28-ounce shaker bottle is made up of high-quality plastic materials that are safe for the health and eco-friendly.  The total capacity of this bottle is 28 ounce; however, if you consider the capacity of each cylinder, you may find it less.

Hydracup is a convenient fitness gadget that can be used as a fruit infuser, water infuser, shaker bottle or simply a water container.


  • BPA and BPB free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The snap flap doesn’t spill any liquid when opened
  • The size fits into almost cup-holders


  • The cylinders are too small to accommodate the volume one needs
  • Since it is half of the bottle, the powder may spill while scooping in.

5. Rise & Grind on Blender Bottle brand Classic shaker cup

Vremi is a pack of 3 shaker bottles at a very affordable price. All bottles are of the same quality and standard, hold the capacity of almost 24 ounces and include separate whisk balls. At the bottom of the shaker is a compartment to store pills and protein powders with a tight seal. Alongside begin BPA free, environment-friendly, Vremi is also odour free and prevents the odour that comes handy in protein shakes.

Just like any other shaker, this too is dishwasher safe, but on top of it is the plastic whisk that has no chances of getting rusty.

Vremi is a great buy for big families or a fitness freak who wants to keep separate blenders at home, office and gym.


  • Made of up semi-opaque plastic that is durable and solid
  • Displays fine lines of measurement in millilitres and ounces.
  • Easy to grip and twist cap
  • Strainers included in each bottle


  • Each shaker whisk is heavy in weight
  • The plastic tends to stick powers and doesn’t clean easily


We hope these options give you plenty of help. A shaker bottle isn’t a life-long investment and you may have to replace one in a while, but something that isn’t hard on the pocket and serves the purpose may last for quite a while.  If you are new to this gadget and don’t want to buy something expensive, we suggest Blender Bottle as a good buy. If you are looking for a solid buy, one that mixes well and stores more, then 321 STRONG Shaker Bottle is a better fit.