Top 5 Best Sound Systems for the Home

A sound system is arguably an essential appliance at home due to how it can deliver the best movie and music experience for you and your family. Without a good sound system, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy music as much and your movie watching time with your family would be quite unexciting due to the poor speakers of most monitors and TVs.

Music and movies are one of the few forms of entertainment that can ease your mind off the stresses of daily life, that’s why they should be complemented with the best sound systems to provide excellent entertainment.

These are the top 5 best music systems that you should consider having for your home.

Where to Buy
Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System
Sony CMTSBT100 Micro Music System with Bluetooth and NFC
Onkyo SKS-HT540 7.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System
Yamaha Yht-4950U 4K Ultra HD 5.1-Channel Home Theater System with Bluetooth
Acoustic Audio AA5170 Home Theater 5.1 Bluetooth Speaker System 700W with Powered Sub


1. Logitech Z506 Surround Sound Home Theater Speaker System

The Logitech Z506 is an audio system that includes right, left, and center speaker channels as well as a subwoofer and two rear channels used for surround sound. The sound system’s controls are on the right speaker, and it has access to the power and the volume of the Logitech Z506.

Its subwoofer is down-firing, which means that the driver inside it won’t move as much compared to the front-firing subwoofer. The subwoofer’s down-firing mechanic gives it a stable bass sound while also being absorbed by the floor, which makes you feel that you’re inside the action going on in the movies you’re watching.

The disadvantage of the down-firing subwoofer is that the bass coming out of your music won’t be the best representation of it since the bass from instruments often has a straight-forward sound wave and not a downward wave. Although the bass coming of down-firing subwoofers is still useful when it comes to music, the best use for it is really for watching movies.

Besides its down-firing subwoofer, the Logitech Z506 also has multiple inputs to make it easier for your family and friends to connect a few devices all at once in the sound system. However, the system lacks Bluetooth support, which makes it unable to connect to devices wirelessly.

Thankfully, Logitech also sells a Bluetooth Audio Adapter that you can connect to one of the Z506 inputs. Through the use of this adapter, you will be able to pair multiple devices wirelessly at the same time because of its multipoint Bluetooth connectivity function. Also, it has an automatic re-pairing mechanic that immediately matches devices that have been connected to the adapter before.

The adapter also has an extended range of wireless capability, which allows devices that are at least 15 meters away from the adapter to stream to the Z506. This function is excellent for those who want to stream music while talking to a friend or a family member who is far away from the sound system.

2. Sony CMTSBT100 Micro Music System

For people who don’t need surround sound for their audio system but want to connect their devices wirelessly without the need to buy an adapter, then the Sony CMTSBT100 is the right sound system for them.

The first thing you’ll notice by looking at the Sony CMTSBT100 is its classic design. It gives a piece of retro aesthetic to any movie room or music studio because of its speakers that are encased in wooden panels and its blocky-yet-sleek control unit.

Besides its ability to connect devices wirelessly through Bluetooth, the Sony sound system also has AM/FM radio functionality, and it has a CD Drive, which further establishes its retro aesthetics. People who have racks of old music CDs can still play them using this sound system.

3. Onkyo SKS-HT540 7.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System

The Onkyo SKS-HT540 is similar to the Logitech Z506, but it has front and center speakers with diaphragm woofers and floating tweeters that give extra bass space to accompany the sound system’s dedicated subwoofer.

Each speaker has 130 watts of output, which provide a powerful sound while watching a movie or concert footage. The subwoofer powered by bass reflex has an outstanding 230 watts of output, which can shake the floor of the room during tense and bass-heavy scenes or parts in movies or songs.

The one downside to the Onkyo SKS-HT540 is that it doesn’t have built-in Bluetooth functionality, which can be easily solved by buying an adapter like the Logitech Bluetooth device.

4. Yamaha YHT-4950U 5.1-Channel Home Theater System

Those who want to have the AM/FM radio function of Sony’s sound system and the surround sound properties of the other systems on this list would want to buy the Yamaha YHT-4950U.

Besides having an AM/FM radio and speakers that support surround sound, it also has a 4K Ultra HD functionality that has Dolby Vision and HDR10, which can be connected to a TV via HDMI. In addition, it has a built-in Bluetooth receiver, so you won’t have to worry about finding and buying an adapter.

The Yamaha sound system has a virtual cinema front mechanic, which allows the speakers to produce surround sound even if they are all placed in front of you.

The sound system also has a CINEMA DSP technology that gives an excellent natural sound in movies. There are SCENE buttons in the control panel that lets you select which DSP mode is suitable for what you are watching or listening to. Also, the SCENE button can be utilized to choose which input the sound system will provide audio for.

Moreover, the added USB port near the volume control lets users connect a flash drive that contains music or firmware updates. The sound system automatically reads the data inside the flash drive.

5. Acoustic Audio AA5170 Home Theater System

If you need a good sound system but don’t want to shell out a lot of money, Acoustic Audio sells a few home theater speaker systems that produce good audio for relatively low prices. One of the best sound systems that Acoustic Audio offers is the AA5170, which has three front speakers, two rear speakers, and a subwoofer.

Acoustic Audio included a remote control that can adjust the volume of the speakers, choose music from the flash drive in the system’s USB/SD Card Reader, and select which input would go through the sound system.

The AA5170 also has a built-in Bluetooth receiver that can be turned on by pressing the Bluetooth button on the remote control. Consult a professional home theater store for support in selecting the best audio system for your needs.


Sound systems for home are usually expensive, but their prices are justified by the quality and the richness of the audio that these systems produce. Despite being relatively pricey, you will be surprised by the plethora of cheap systems available in the market.

While we do not suggest that you skimp on sound systems since they can make or break your movie watching or music listening experience, you can buy affordable systems for now if you are on a tight budget, but make sure that you read reviews regarding these cheap sound systems before purchasing.