Top 5 Best Cat Brushes for Feline Grooming

Cats love cleaning themselves. So much so that your feline friend spends a good part of its day grooming itself. But every week or so, it needs your help grooming. You can brush off the trapped dirt and loose fur off their coat. This weekly ritual helps keep their coat glossy and smooth, aside from preventing matted hair and excess fur shedding. If not addressed, tangles might quickly become a problem that can only be untangled by a professional groomer. It becomes more important as your cat ages and doesn’t groom itself that often.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here is a rundown of five best brushes you can find in the market. But note that not all brushes are right for your cat, depending on their hair length, one brush or comb might be a better fit than another.

Where to Buy
Furminator for Cats Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Cats, Stainless Edge with Fur Ejector
Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush – Gently Removes Loose Undercoat, Mats and Tangled Hair – Your Dog or Cat Will Love Being Brushed with The Grooming Brush
Safari by Coastal Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush to Reduce Shedding for Everyday Coat Care of All Cat Breeds
GoPets Dematting Comb with 2 Sided Professional Grooming Rake for Cats & Dogs
KONG - Cat ZoomGroom

1. FURminator deShedding Edge

To keep your cat from swallowing loose hair, it’s a great idea to remove that hair from their undercoat with the help of a de-shedding brush. And the FURminator Deshedding brush is perhaps one of the few tools perfect for this job. It’s designed for small cats with short to long hair, and it can remove the loose undercoat fur without hurting their skin or coat.

It features a comfortable handle, and once the hair has been removed you can eject that volume of hair with the ‘FURejector’ button. It’s essentially just a quick-release button that retracts the teeth, so you can just wipe the hair off the brush.

The manufacturer claims that the product can reduce shedding by 90%. That means fewer chances of hairballs and less fur for you to clean. Even though cats dutifully groom themselves, their efforts aren’t always as fruitful. But once the loose hairs have been removed, your cat can self-groom better, which helps prevent mats from forming.

If your cat sheds a lot or doesn’t like to be brushed, a de-shedding implement like the FURminator can pull loose hairs from the cat’s undercoat. That said, ensure that you pick the right variant for your cat, because you might give your cat a bald spot if you use a brush that’s not designed for her.

2. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

If your cat has long hair and a thick topcoat, Hertzko’s slicker brush is a budget-friendly, lightweight, easy-to-use, and ergonomic solution to grooming her. It is designed to pull loose hair and remove tangles, trapped dust, and dander. The handle is comfortable to hold and features an anti-slip grip.

It also comes with a thumb rest that makes brushing fatigue-free. With regular slicker brushes, you have to take a break every few minutes because of the discomfort brushing causes.

The design features wavy bristles that are gentle on the skin (which helps avoid skin irritation), and a push-button, that retracts the teeth, making cleaning the fur easy. It’s useful because traditional slicker brushes get hair trapped in them that are near-impossible to clean. This means you have to either resort to bobby pins or use your fingernails to clear the brush.

One caveat, though, a slicker brush won’t be the right choice if your cat has short hair. If you do use it, it might harm her skin.

3. Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Keeping the slicker brush train going, we have another wider brush but with thinner bristles. The Safari Cat brush has a durable, well-built construction, and it is perfect for cats with medium-to-long hair. It’ll clean trapped dirt and dander, and it can also remove dead hair. Regardless of what type of coat your cat has, it should help reduce excessive shedding.

The thinner pin-like needles curve toward the end that maximizes hair removal. The handle has a rubber grip, alongside a quick-release button for easy self-cleaning. The wires retract, and you have to wipe it to clean all the collected hair off. But same as most slicker brushes, if your cat has short hair, the finer bristles might hurt her skin. Try and ensure that you don’t overbrush and remove too much hair.

4. GoPets Dematting Comb

Long-haired cats frequently require de-matting, undercoat combing, and de-shedding. And to make this grooming routine easier, you can use a multi-functional tool like the GoPets Dematting Comb. The brush has two sides – one for removing loose hair and another for brushing out mats. Both sides have different teeth densities, making the brush more versatile.

There are 23 teeth designed for de-shedding and 12 teeth for removing mats. The bristles have round tips, which pull undercoat hair without hurting your cat’s skin. When you’re trying to detangle, it can take a while. So you want a brush that is comfortable to hold for long periods. The GoPets Dematting comb features a non-slip handle made of silicone gel, that offers a comfortable and secure grip.

It designed for all coat types and cats with sensitive skin, so you can be sure that the brush will be gentle on your cat. But it doesn’t completely hit the mark. The rounded bristles don’t go as deep as regular sharp teeth, and the silicone gel handle can get hair stuck on it. Further, it shouldn’t be on your shortlist if you are on a tight budget since it’s much pricier than its competition.

5. KONG Cat ZoomGroom

Wouldn’t it be great for your cat if you could groom and massage her at the same time? That’s what a curry comb is meant to do. These implements remove dander, dust, and loose hair, but unlike traditional brushes, the bristles on curry combs are flexible. Flexible soft teeth that massage. The KONG Cat ZoomGroom is a soft cat-shaped comb with a flexible rubber design like this.

When brushed with, this cute brush gently massages your cat which stimulates healthy oil production keeping your cat’s coat glossy and smooth. The brush also goes deep into your cat’s fur and draws out loose hair. Note that there is room for improvement because the comb can’t brush out mats and tangles.

Final Thoughts

Grooming your cat can be fun and relaxing if you have the right tools. If you choose the right brush, you can help prevent hairballs and excessive shedding by drawing out loose hair. A comb can brush out tangles or mats and it can stimulate healthy natural oil production. But if the tangles have worsened to a point where you require help from a groomer, a simple comb might not do the trick.