Top 5 Beds for Pets

Those who have a cat, dog, or any other pet know that these creatures are just like family members. We have our own comfy beds for getting our beauty sleep, so why not our furry friends? There are now many choices of pet beds available online, with reviews and ratings guiding us about the quality and experience.

Both cats and dogs could be perfectly happy sleeping in any corner of the house, but they do deserve to have a warm and comfy place of their own. Plus, if they get used to their bed, you don’t’ have to worry about them curling up on your furniture and getting in the way. Sleeping on the couch could put them in harm’s way if someone inadvertently sits on them, so a pet bed is a logical investment here.

Yet another reason for getting a pet bed for your dog, cat, or other furry friend is to provide them with a sense of comfort and security. Here’s how you can go about finding the best pet bed for your home:

Orthopedic mattress

There are several features available in most modern pet beds, and one of them is an orthopedic mattress. If your pet has certain issues with aches and pains in their body, their vet might prescribe or suggest mattress like this for their health. This could be the best way to ensure that your pet gets the comfortable place they need for that healing sleep.

Heating or not?

Another feature of the best pet beds is that they might come with their own heating system. This usually means an electric heating option, which will drive up the price. However, other models might have a heating system that works with the pet’s body heat for a lovely warm experience.

if you live in a place where the weather is usually cold, or experience unusually harsh winters, a heated pet bed of any kind might be a necessity. Even if the price is a bit higher than the regular versions, it’ll be worth it to make sure your pet is safe from the elements.


May pets can have their own allergies, so you want to make sure the material of your chosen pet bed is hypoallergenic if possible. This will also be a viable consideration for the human members of the family, especially if there are kids around.

Your budget

Pet beds come in all sorts of price ranges, so you don’t have to worry about stretching your budget too thin. Of course, pet beds with special features will cost you more as well. You’d have to see where you’re willing to compromise.

Covered or uncovered

Some pet beds are covered, giving your pet a cozy spot and more heat. This also has its disadvantages, especially when it comes to cleanup time. An uncovered pet bed will allow you to see your pet easily, so consider the pros and cons before deciding what you want.

Suitable for the outdoors

Some pet beds might be suitable for using outdoors; others might not. You’d be able to find several waterproof options that will give your pet their own place on the porch as well as the interior of your home. If your pet likes to spend time outdoors, placing a suitable pet bed on the porch or veranda might be a good idea. This way, even if they stay out overnight, there’d be a safe and cozy place for them to curl up in.

While you’re looking around for a pet bed, you may also want to consider these top 5 cat activity trees under $50. However, the pet bed itself could be a challenge if you’re overwhelmed by all the choices out there. To make the decision-making process a bit smoother, here are some top picks for the best pet beds available on Amazon right now.

Where to Buy
The Purple Pet Bed
Dr. Morgan's Pet Caves
K&H Manufacturing KH ThermoKitty Bed
AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed
Duck River Wubba Reversible Pet Bed

1. The Purple Pet Bed

Many humans are more than satisfied with their Purple mattress, so it’s high time we considered a similar choice for our pets. It’s specially engineered for your pet’s comfort and is ultra durable to boot. Yes, you might have to spend a fair bit on his one, but it will last for several years.

Purple also guarantees a non-toxic experience here, with deep pressure relief and healthy support. The hyper-elastic polymer material is antimicrobial, resistant to moisture and neutralizes the pet’s natural odor as well. What’s more, it’s available in small, medium and large sizes for accommodating all kinds of pets.

Since this bed is made of high-tech materials, it’ll be able to suit any preference your pet might have. It’ll be cooling in the hot days and warm when it’s cold outside. Before you invest in this option, however, keep in mind that it’s a very heavy and solid option. Have a place marked out for it beforehand, as moving it about later could be a challenge.

2. Dr. Morgan’s Pet Caves

Getting a Pet Cave will ensure that your pet gets a cozy and comfy bed. With the all-natural New Zealand wool, we’re sure of a high-quality experience with this option.  You can get this kind of bed with all kinds of interesting prints, including Northern Lights, Celebration, and the Signature Style.

This bed is also washable in the machine, as long as you use the gentle cycle. After the wash, you’ll have to reshape the cave and let it dry naturally. Since natural wool resists dirt, stains, and odors, this is an especially suitable material for a pet bed.

If required, you can also flatten out this bed and use the top for your pet. When the cold winds start blowing, you can reshape it again and have a warm place for your furry family member. Overall, you’d find mostly positive user experiences for this pet bed option.

3. K&H Manufacturing KH ThermoKitty Bed

This is one of the heated options for a pet bed; in this case, the bed has soft foam walls that will make most cats very comfortable. The bed itself is controlled thermostatically and automatically responds to any temperature changes. The system is also electric but uses only about 4 watts, which won’t present a shock hazard for your pet.

The cover here is removable, which makes it easy to wash. Concerned pet owners will be pleased to know that this item has been certified and tested by the MET Labs. This means that it conforms to the necessary electrical safety standards.

The design is simple and functional, with a soft pillow and a nest shape. The heater is also removable, allowing you to get the bed ready for summertime.

However, we should remember that this soft pet bed isn’t suitable for use outdoors. It’s only meant for indoor use, especially if we want to avail the 1-year limited warranty.

4. AmazonBasics Warming Pet Bed

This bed is available in several sizes, with a choice between round and rectangular shapes. The material is plush and self-warming, so you don’t have to rely on electrical elements to have a safe temperature. The technology here is the same as those Mylar space blankets, which is quite impressive.

The basic working of this option is to utilize the natural warmth of your pet’s body. The faux Sherpa fleece and corduroy provide a stylish appearance to boot. Unfortunately, the manufacturer directions say not to wash the bed materials, which is impossible. Some users state that they went ahead and washed them anyway. Luckily, there were no issues after this.

5. Duck River Wubba Reversible Pet Bed

A soft-sided dog crate will make things a lot easier and comfier for your pup when you’re on the go, but you also need a comfortable space for them at home. With this reversible pet bed, you can change up the appearance to suit your pet’s needs as well as your current home décor.


When you know the kind of pet bed your cat or dog needs, the choice of pet bed will become more obvious. The discussion above will hopefully set you on the right path, while the reviews will help to gauge how the item will be in real life. The correct choice will hopefully help your pet with any orthopedic issues while also saving them from the cold. If you want to pamper them even further, here are the top 5 choices for pet strollers.