Top 5 Art Easels for Painting and Drawing

For the creative minds in all of us sometimes it takes that one thing to bring it all together. When looking at drawing and painting, there is one thing that we need in order to support our art work and allow us to and display it when it’s all said and done. Sometimes it’s the most basic things that have the biggest impact, and when looking at how inexpensive easels are there’s no reason not to own one.

Easels come in all different shapes and sizes, but when it’s all said and done they all provide the stability we need in order to paint or draw. Some of the most common types of easels are made of wood and are shaped in a tripod design. Other popular types of easels including a H-Frame and a hybrid which mixes both the tripod and the H-Frame, but all share the same purpose with differing price points to each.

Below, we detail the best options in this review with the Top 5 Art Easels for Painting and Drawing while considering everything most art-driven and budget minded consumers consider the most.

Where to Buy
Loew-Cornell 65-Inch Natural Wood Floor Easel
Quartet Easel Stand, Collapsible, Portable Display Stand for Home School Supplies, Home Office Supply Tripod for Posters, Paintings, Art or White Boards, Base 63" Max. Height, Supports 5 lbs. (29E)
Greenco Beech-Wood Portable Art Desk Easel and Book Stand with drawer
MARTIN Bob Ross Wooden Table top Easel

1. Loew-Cornell 65-Inch Natural Wood Floor Easel

The 65-inch Loew-Cornell wooden easel is the most basic design you will find. The tripod shape is a minimalist approach that will truly bring out the very best in painting and drawing. This floor easel stands tall at 65” which is the perfect height for adults and can be adjusted to accommodate shorter adults and children. The best aspect of this basic wood easel is the price, which under $15 you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything cheaper that does what it’s intended to do.

This Loew-Cornell easel is best suited for beginners and children as it won’t exactly blow you away with features. Offering a natural look and wood core construction, it’s strong and durable enough to handle everyday use. Easily adjustable and complete with a chain and plastic tips on the legs will help keep it stationary and can easily be collapsed and stored out of sight. Out of the box, it’s easy to assemble and comes with all the necessary hardware to have you painting or drawing upright, versus on the table.


Specs and Features

  • Adjustable to 65-inches tall
  • Easily adjusts for adults and children
  • Simple assembly


This natural wood easel by Loew-Cornell is the perfect choice for those looking for a table top model versus a standard floor model. Offering a durable, and simple to set up and collapse wooden frame which sits 20-inches high and rests comfortably while providing great support while working on any tabletop. Aside from painting and drawing, presenting your creations and business looks great.

Featuring a height adjustable frame which is simple and easily folds flat which allows you to easily store in the closet or under the bed. Coming complete with plastic tips on the legs which keeps it from sliding over the tabletop and chain which is all you need to create and present your best artwork.

3. Quartet Easel Stand, Collapsible, Portable Display Stand for Home School Supplies, Home Office Supply Tripod for Posters, Paintings, Art or White Boards, Base 63" Max. Height, Supports 5 lbs. (29E)

The Instant Easel from Quartet Easel is one of the best-sellers on, and for a very good reason. The sturdy construction which easily extends to a full 63-inches and supports up to 5 pounds of weight makes this the perfect choice for both professionals and beginners alike.

The Instant Easel features a standard tripod design and despite its sturdy and durable construction it’s highly portable. Easily collapsible and weighing only 3 pounds it can easily be moved from room to room or home to office. Collapsing to only 15-inches, both adults and children can easily carry and store out of sight which helps make the Instant Easel so popular with a wide array of consumers.

4. Greenco Beech-Wood Portable Art Desk Easel and Book Stand with drawer

This Greenco Beech-Wood model is a complete easel and book stand combo as it offers not only a place to draw and paint in an upright position, but a place to store all your goodies in the same spot. When not used, artists will appreciate the book stand which easily converts to a tabletop easel when the artistic painter in you comes out.

The unique design element of this Greenco Beech-Wood product is sure to be one of this year’s best as it’s one of the newer options on the market. The underside drawer has three compartments which can be used to store paint brushes, pens, paper, and anything else you need within arm’s reach. The sturdy construction is highlighted by a metal hinges which makes it perfect for regular use.

5. MARTIN Bob Ross Wooden Table top Easel

This Martin Bob Ross Wooden tabletop easel offers much more customization which makes it better suited for novice and artistic professionals. The durable tabletop construction offers a rugged H-frame design for more stability and support which is great for everyday use. From the center, this easel can be extended to 37-inches high which is big enough for large canvases and can be adjusted smaller for smaller pieces of art.

Both the lower and upper canvas supports can be adjusted up and down through the channeled center column. Even the angle can be adjusted from 0 – 15 degrees negative while accommodating a 27-1/2-inch canvas. Rubber grippers on the edge extending from the sides of the support provide stability for those looking to paint to the edge of the easel which is difficult with most models.

Hopefully this review on the Top 5 Art Easels for Painting and Drawing in 2021 answered all of your questions, and if not feel free to drop us a comment in the section below.