Top 10 Tips to Maximize Space in Your Apartment


    If you are living in a big city, you sure have dreams of a big apartment or your own house. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult for some people to buy a house due to different circumstances. But the plus side is you can always make the most out of everything even if you live in a small apartment. 

    Following are some tips to maximize the space and make your living more efficient in your small apartment:

    1. Collapsible is The New Trend

    Wooden expandable table with stools & drawers

    Modern problems require innovative solutions. The days of heavy unmovable and giant dining tables are now over. If you want to save space, go for the collapsible, easily transportable and space-saving furniture. It is a new trend in the market. These folding chairs and tables are lifesavers if you want to accommodate extra guests  and lay down bedding for them. Just fold the chairs and hide them! You have a whole new setting in your bedroom, and that too within no extra time.

    2. Your Cabinets Can Hold More Than You Think

    white colored 4 door Wooden Cabinet 

    Why go for large cabinets that occupy unnecessary space in your bedroom or living room, when you can add some extra shelves to them? The more the shelves, the more items you can store within a confined space. Organize your stuff, add shelves for separate items. This way, your cabinets can hold more items, while decreasing the need for buying large, space-occupying ones. The key is going vertical. Add as many vertical shelves in your closets; the stacking will help you organize items by categories and save space like you can never imagine.

    3. Turn Your Closet into a Study Space

    Turn Your Closet into a Study Space

    It’s time to be innovative. After you have minimized the need for closets by making up as much storage space as possible, you could turn an extra closet into something brilliant. Remove the door from the front, and you will have a whole wide space at your disposal. Place a preferably folding table, a chair, and hang a light on the ceiling. By doing this, you will have a perfect place to keep your books and some stationery, so you can study without needing to occupy any extra space in your house. 

    Show some creativity and make it an awesome-looking area in your house.

    4. Use the Bathroom Space Efficiently

    closet in the bathroom

    Things that belong to the bathroom should be stored in the bathroom. You can buy some baskets to store the extra items that often lay around the house, taking up unnecessary space. Organize your things, and place them neatly in baskets that can rest on shelves in your bathroom. If you have a closet in the bathroom, it is an additional advantage. Add foldable shelves to it and make it your dressing table. Racks installed on the closet door can also be used to store toiletries.

    Laundry can always be managed in the bathroom space, allowing you to use the balconies and porch for better things that come around.

    5. Utilize the Walls

    shelves installed on a wall

    Shelves on the walls, especially placed on top of each other, is always a perfect idea to increase storage space in your house. Wall hangings are not an obsolete idea, after all. Do not clatter the walls. But some neat looking organized shelf space is always a good idea. Store your books on the shelves. Some crockery might go there too. Using the shelves for decorative stuff can beautify the room as well.

    Always mount your television on the wall, because a television placed on a specially bought TV trolley only takes up much-needed space. So don’t make a mistake and mount your television on the wall, saving much ground space for other essential things to do.

    Kitchen and rooms of your small apartment can also be saved from the clatter. Use the space on walls, while your cabinets can be used to store other items.

    6. Partitions

    Partitions can come in handy when you live in a small apartment. Use partitions to create more room or storage space in your cupboards and cabinets. For two smaller rooms are so much more spacious than a single large room. A single room, however, will have a lot of space wasted. 

    The great thing about partitions is that they can come with shelf space. Put up decorative items on the shelves, or adorn them with your books. 

    7. Hydraulic Beds

    Of course, beds are a necessity, so why not use hydraulic beds? In addition to providing the function of bedding, they can help store away all the stuff you desire. Sweep it under the bed, as they say. These type of beds are easy to lift; they provide you with extra storage and even drawers. The extra sheets, neatly folded laundered clothes, and if you have kids, this could be the perfect place to hide their toys.

    On the other hand, you can use the vertical space above. Use bunk beds for your kids; they take up less space and kids love it! The empty space above can be used for loft shelving to store up multiple items. Racks look neat, and they serve storage plus decorative purpose.

    8. Doorless Closets

    a doorless closet

    You may not realize, but doors take up space. Closets covered with beautiful curtains help you store more items. The space occupied by doors can then be used to line up items of daily use. Foldable furniture can be neatly arranged inside the closet without having to worry about how the door would be able to fit in all of it.

    9. Buy Smart and Take Out Stuff that you Don’t Need Anymore

    a modern living room

    If you live in a small apartment, here is the rule; everything you buy must have multiple functions. Nothing that you buy for your small apartment should serve only a single function. For example, go for a couch that can be turned into a bed (in other words, a sofa cum bed). This step is not just economical but also saves space. Try to take out stuff not used any longer, such as children’s toys or old books that you no longer read/need – you should take them out from time to time or stack them in boxes on top of each other in a way that they occupy minimum space.

    10. Play with Light and Colors

    Try to get as much natural light as you can and at specific angles so that your room looks bigger. Also, you can put up mirrors on the walls and use free-standing mirrors as they always make a place appear bigger. Call in an expert to change the light adjustments. Use curtains on windows that you can easily lift up to make your home lit up and spacious. 

    Lighter colors help create the impression of width. Avoid using dark colored curtains or large dark colored furniture, which block the natural light coming in from the windows. Avoid clattering the furniture. Give it an airy look, leave space between your furniture, let it float, and the result will be a spacious room.


    It is not always about bungalows and big houses, a small apartment can always be improvised as well – and with a bit of innovation, it can be changed into a cozy and comfortable home, with the perfect aesthetic feeling as well.


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