Top 10 Induction Cookers


    It’s terrific to have an induction stove. If you are used to a traditional stove, you will need to relearn how to regulate the amount of heat sent to your pots and pans from the stovetop, so getting used to using one may take some time. But once you’ve tried cooking with an induction cooker, you may well be glad you made the switch. 

    Induction stoves are not only more aesthetically pleasing than gas stoves, but they also require less maintenance. Again, this is because of the simplicity of its design and the absence of any ridges or sharp corners that would require special cleaning techniques. 

    The efficiency with which they achieve and sustain the set temperature is much improved, as is their precision. Unlike conventional gas burners, induction cookers have a negligible negative environmental impact. You’ll find that induction stoves are significantly quicker than gas ones after you learn how to prepare your favorite meals properly.

    Still don’t have an induction cooker, and now looking for one? Read on as we introduce you to induction cookers and how to pick the best one in the market!

    Cropped shot of woman boiling water in metal pot to cook spaghetti, holding glass lid and big spoon while cooking on black ceramic induction cooktop in white minimalistic kitchen

    How Does Induction Cooking Work?

    Instead of using a flame or an electrical heating element to warm a pot or pan, induction cooking heats the container directly via electromagnetic induction. Cast iron, stainless steel, or other ferromagnetic metal must either make up or be present in the cooking pot. 

    This cooking method is much more efficient since the heat is generated within the pan. You should check if your cookware can be used on an induction stovetop. Unless magnetic layers are put to the bottom, copper or aluminum pans won’t function. Check if a magnet will adhere to the pan’s bottom to know the pan’s viability.

    Benefits of Induction Cookers

    Whether you are fixated on having perfectly prepared food or are interested in reducing the energy you use in the kitchen, induction ranges offer many enticing benefits. Read on to learn more about their benefits!

     Induction cooker with eggs and pan on top

    Induction Cookers are Eco-Friendly

    Making the switch to induction cooking may minimize the number of pollutants in your house, your energy consumption, and your overall carbon footprint. By switching to induction cooking, you can make your kitchen more secure and less harmful to the environment.

    Induction ranges are anywhere from 5 to 10 percentage points more efficient than standard electric ranges. They are approximately more efficient than gas ranges. In addition, the quality of the air within the house is preserved more effectively, which is not the case with gas.

    Cooking and Boiling are Faster with Induction Cookers

    Induction cookers eliminate the need for an intermediate stage, in which one would heat up an element and then heat the pot. Therefore, compared to electric or gas stovetops, it responds more rapidly when the heat is dialed back down and cooks food more quickly when it is turned up. Water boils almost twice as fast in an induction cooker. Induction removes the need for you to stand idly waiting for a pot of pasta to boil, a common source of frustration for many. 

     Close up of woman adjusting temperature of an induction cooker in the kitchen

    Fewer Kitchen Accidents with Induction Cookers

    The majority of induction cookers have built-in safety features that will prevent you from having kitchen accidents. For example, if you accidentally switch on an induction cooker with no pot on it, the burner will not get hot. Because the heat comes from within the cookware itself, it will cease heating as soon as it is removed from a burner. Therefore, the surface of the glass never gets as hot as it would on a conventional electric range with radiant heating elements. The surface may be just warm to the touch in the same way that your kitchen counter may feel warm to the touch if you set a pot of freshly cooked soup on it.

    Less Messed-Up Cooking with Induction Cookers

    Cooking is more exact and uniform when using an induction stovetop since the heat comes from within the pot or pan. No more simmering sauces that suddenly erupt into a splattering boil, and no more pork bellies coming out of the pan completely blackened. Induction surfaces are simple to clean, like the smooth tops of other electric appliances.

    Man cooking frying fresh healthy vegetables on pan on induction stove

    What to Look for in an Induction Cooker

    Obviously, every induction cooker has a unique set of features and capabilities and a distinct set of drawbacks. However, there are a few broad factors to think about thoroughly before settling on an induction cooker.

    To get started, you should look into the power rating of a model you are interested in purchasing. The higher the power consumption of an induction stove, the higher the potential speed at which food may be cooked using the stove. On the other hand, the monthly charge for the electricity can be something else you want to keep an eye on.

    Before you go out and buy an induction cooker, one more item you need to consider: what sizes of cooking pots and pans it can accommodate. A pan on a modern induction cooktop’s surface triggers the appliance to turn on or off automatically. 

    On the other hand, suppose that you will purchase an induction cooker that does not support the sizes of the cooking pans you already own. In that case, you will look at the prospect of completely replacing your entire cabinet full of pans and pots. Having said that, you would already be required to do so if you did not own any cooking pots or pans suitable for use with induction burners.

    The built-in safety features of an induction cooker should also be considered. And another feature that can be of interest to you is whether or not an induction cooker comes with a preset set of settings that can be used for cooking various foods. These pre-determined parameter settings make your life more straightforward and efficient in the kitchen. This applies to tasks as plain as boiling water or milk as well as those slightly more complicated, such as cooking rice.

    Top 10 Types of Induction Cookers

    1. Built-in Induction Cookers.

    Woman in black shirt holding metal pot, going to put it on built in glass induction stove while cooking food in white kitchen with integrated technology, cropped shot

    The built-in induction cookers have the capability of being put on the countertop of the kitchen. A ceramic cooktop with a modern design may be an asset to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. If you want to utilize these mounted inductions, you must install them yourself. This second stove may be installed near your existing gas or electric stove.

    2. Portable Induction Cookers.

    High-angle view cooking pot on induction

    The portable induction cookers are highly convenient and versatile. They are primarily available in black and white designs. However, you can use this cooktop whenever and wherever you want. You can take it with you to cook in the backyard, camping, on trips, and vacation villas. If you are an outdoor kitchen lover, you can keep it there and enjoy a family meal. 

    3. Single-Burner Induction Cookers.

    Woman selects function on Induction stove, cooking broccoli process

    The induction cooker with a single burner only has room for one cooking zone. This induction cooker has space for only one piece of cookware at a time. This induction cooker is perfect for those living alone or in households with only a few members. They are the least expensive inductions that can be purchased today. It is a stovetop that is appropriate for usage in homes where just a little cooking is done. 

    4. Dual-Burner Induction Cookers.

    Technology cooktops or glass-ceramic cooking panels, hobs with one and two heating zones for cooking food isolated

    The induction cooker with a dual burner can only accommodate two separate cooking zones. Due to its limited area, only two pieces of cookware may be used at one time on this induction cooker. This induction cooker is also ideal for those who live alone or in families with only a few people but are dissatisfied with the performance of single burners on their own.

    5. Multi-Burner Induction Cookers.

    Open saucepan, pan and wooden spoons in modern kitchen with induction stove

    Because it has numerous zones where food may be cooked, an induction stovetop with multiple zones is a versatile appliance. The multi-zone cooktop has become so popular that many homeowners have replaced their complete gas range with it. They have a lower environmental impact compared to gas stoves. It functions similarly to a gas burner in that three or four dishes may be prepared simultaneously. These ranges are perfect for households with a large number of people.

    6. Freestanding Induction Cookers.

    Freestanding induction cooker close-up photo

    The freestanding-induction cooker is one of the most popular types of cooktop that can be purchased. Your kitchen surfaces and stoves should have no trouble accommodating them. The inductions that are freestanding offer the most significant degree of operational simplicity. They may be found in various sizes, designs, and performance levels. In addition, this freestanding induction offers a substantial number of zones for use. They are versatile and can prepare food in a short amount of time.

    7. Slide-in Induction Cookers.

    Slide-in induction cooker at top of an oven

    Also, induction ranges with ovens that can be slid in between countertops are now commercially available. The most common color scheme for slide-in induction cookers is a contemporary two-tone design consisting of stainless steel and black. You may choose from a few different zone configurations if you opt to replace your conventional range with an induction range. Several different designs, zone counts, and zone sizes are available for slide-in induction cookers. They come in both electric and induction variations.

    8. Hybrid Induction Cookers.

    Hybrid gas and electric induction stove with black glass tray selling in appliance retail store showroom, closeup, selective focus

    You may choose between gas and induction cooking on hybrid models made by a few induction cooker manufacturers. Such an induction cooker is handy when there is no access to power, on which conventional induction cookers rely. No fuel for the stove? Did a sudden blackout happen? Switch to gas.

    9. Smart Tech Induction Cookers.

    Man hand holding mobile phone smart control home cooker at kitchen

    These are induction cookers that mainly rely on smart technology features. To save you time when preparing meals, the vast majority of high-tech induction cookers include multi-zone burners and a mode that activates immediately and quickly brings water to a boil. Cooking with smart induction cookers provides precise temperature control, allowing you to instantly adjust the temperature to a lower or higher setting whenever it is required, in a manner that is analogous to using a gas burner. When you cook with such accuracy, you lessen the likelihood of accidents like overboiling or spilling, which saves you time when it comes to cleaning up. As soon as you’re done cooking, cleanup is a breeze owing to the smooth glass surface of the cooktop, which can be wiped clean promptly and efficiently.

    10. Commercial Induction Cookers.

    The design of the induction cookers utilized for commercial purposes is durable and tough. They are appropriate for establishments such as hotels and restaurants. This cooktop is capable of preparing a significant amount of meals at once. It is significantly more costly than the many other versions of induction cooktops. They might not have appealing looks, but you can always count on their durability. There is no question about it. They provide an excellent investment opportunity for your food company.

    Chef cooking a fried egg on a commercial induction cooker designed for restaurants

    Induction cookers are cutting-edge kitchen appliances that improve everyday life. You may depend on this modern convenience if you want to prepare a meal quickly without any fuss. Knowing the many types of induction cookers can help you choose the ideal one for your needs. What are you waiting for? It’s time to venture on your induction cooker-hunting expedition! 



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