Top 10 Induction Cookers

Induction stoves are great. It might take some time to adjust to one, and you will have to relearn how to manage heat transfer between the stovetop and your cooking pots and pans, but once you learn how to properly use one you won’t want to go back to gas stoves ever again.

Induction stoves come with less hassle than gas stoves, and are much prettier to look at; giving your kitchen a much more elegant and sleeker look. They are also easier to clean; once again owing to their relatively simple design and lack of edges and ridges. They are also much more efficient at reaching, and maintaining, the desired temperature, while also being much more accurate about it too. Induction cooking is also environmentally friendlier when compared to traditional gas stoves. And, once you get to know how to properly use one to cook your favorite dishes, you’ll soon come to the realization that cooking on induction stoves is much faster than on their gas-powered counterparts.

Things to Look Out for When Buying Induction Stoves

Of course, each induction stove comes with its own bells and whistles as well as shortcomings. But there are a few general factors that you should always consider before buying an induction cooktop. For starters, you should check out the power rating of a model you are interested in. The higher the power consumption of an induction stove, the faster it may cook your food. However, the electric bill might also be something you would want to keep an eye out for.

Another thing to consider before buying an induction stove is what sizes of cooking pots and pans it supports. Modern induction stoves automatically detect pans on the surface, and switch on or off respectively. However, if you end up buying an induction stove that doesn’t support the sizes of the cooking pans you already own, you’ll be looking at a complete replacement of your whole pans and pots cabinet. Though you would already have to do that if you don’t own any cooking pots or pans that are compatible with induction stoves.

Safety features included in an induction cooktop are also a nice positive feature to consider. The aforementioned pan detection system makes a return, as well as turning itself off automatically if a pan gets too hot or if you leave the stove powered on by accident. And if an induction stove comes with a preinstalled set of settings for cooking various dishes or not is also something that may interest you. From simple things like boiling water or milk, to slightly more complex ones like cooking rice, these pre-determined parameter settings make your life in the kitchen much easier and all that much faster as well.

Where to Buy
Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop, Countertop Burner Induction Hot Plate with LCD Sensor Touch 1800 Watts, Silver 9600LS/BT-200DZ
Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop, One Size, Black
Double Induction Cooktop - Portable 120V Portable Digital Ceramic Dual Burner w/ Kids Safety Lock - Works with Flat Cast Iron Pan,1800 Watt,Touch Sensor Control, 12 Controls - NutriChef PKSTIND48
Duxtop LCD Portable Double Induction Cooktop 1800W Digital Electric Countertop Burner Sensor Touch Stove, 9620LS/BT-350DZ
Inducto Dual Induction Cooktop Counter Top Burner, Black


Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop

Duxtop has made a very nice portable induction cooktop, that features enough room for one cooking pot and also has the option for varying power consumption, with the maximum setting allowing for 1800 Watts of power consumption. The stove features no buttons, and is super stylish with its smooth and slightly angled transition into the touch control panel from the stovetop.

The induction cooktop also features child lock settings, allowing for it to be safe from tampering from smaller children. It also requires pans and pots with a magnetic bottom. Safety features turn off the cooktop automatically if no magnetic pans or pots are detected. Overall, a solid cooktop, though mostly suited for travel or a day out due to its small size.

NutriChef Double Induction Cooktop

For something slightly bigger in size, consider NutriChef’s double induction cooktop. It is exactly what its name suggests; an induction cooktop with two stoves. Though it is also marketed as being a portable induction cooktop due to its relatively compact assembly, it is also perfect for a small or medium sized kitchen. It consumes a maximum of 1800 Watts during its functioning, and also comes with child safety locks to prevent tampering and accidental activation of the cooktop.

This cooktop also features a very sleek design; with the whole cooktop being one flat and shiny surface that includes the touch-controlled panel buttons as well. And, it also comes with multiple preinstalled settings for different cooking modes to allow for easy and quick switching between them and for hassle-free cooking of any dish you like.

Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop

Cuisinart’s double induction cooktop is another fine entry to the list, with two different stoves and a control panel that provides you with quite a lot of features. This cooktop also requires induction-ready cooking pots and pans, and also comes with the safety feature of the stoves turning off automatically if they don’t detect a pan on the surface for a defined period of time. The left stove of this cooktop is larger and features three additional settings compared to the stove on the right.

Duxtop LCD Double Induction Cooktop

Duxtop returns to the list with a double induction cooktop offering of its own. Featuring the same qualities as the portable offering above, including a stylishly angled touch control panel, child safety locks and procedures, and multiple different cooking modes with 1800 Watts of power consumption alongside safety features regarding induction-ready pans and pots, this cooktop also features separate controls for both the stoves along with their own separate control panels and separate screens.

Inducto Dual Induction Cooktop

Inducto’s double induction cooktop continues the trend of sleekly designed stovetops, and perhaps even improves on it by minimalizing it even further with more compact and minimalistic control panels with fewer buttons and text. The surface is completely flat and jet black, and features two large stoves that require induction-ready cooking pans and pots. This stovetop also comes with a handy magnet so you can test your existing collection of pots and pans to see if they are compatible with induction cooktops or not.

Where to Buy
Empava 36” Electric Stove Induction Cooktop with 5 Power Boost Burners Smooth Surface Vitro Ceramic Glass in Black, 36 Inch
12" Built-in Induction Cooktop, GASLAND Chef IH30BF 240V Electric Induction Hob, Drop-in 2 Burner Induction Stovetop, 9 Power Levels, Sensor Touch Control
Empava 24” Electric Stove Induction Cooktop with 4 Power Boost Burners Smooth Surface Vitro Ceramic Glass in Black, 24 Inch
ChangBERT 1800W Portable Commercial Range Induction Cooktop, Pro Chef Professional-Grade NSF-Certified, High Power Brew Beer Food Service Restaurant Countertop burner
Amazon Basics 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Burner


Empava Induction Cooktop

Empava jumps into the list with an induction cooktop that trumps all others on the list so far when it comes to sheer size. Gigantic and beautifully designed, Empava’s induction cooktop features a whopping five stoves and is a contender for a perfect replacement of your gas stove. This induction cooktop is not made to be portable, and is meant to be used in one spot forever.

Power consumption can go up to well over 6500 Watts when all the stoves are being used together. The cooktop also comes with the standard child safety locks, and also features an “H” LED that lights up when the surface is too hot to touch. It also features nine different predetermined heat settings for quick and easy cooking, all available from an elegantly placed control panel in the center of all five stoves.

GASLAND Induction Cooktop

GASLAND’s induction cooktop is the most minimalistic cooktop featured yet. Everything about its design screams minimalization. The stoves are marked by a thin white line, the control panel barely features any buttons, and the surface is a flat, deep black rectangle with no markings at all. It also comes with nine different cooking settings built into it, and features one 6.3-inch, and one 7.1-inch stove, with the larger one having a maximum power draw of 2000 Watts.

Empava Induction Stove

Empava returns with an induction stove that is smaller than its last listing, but one that still manages to be larger than any other listed yet. This induction stove has all of the bells and whistles of its larger counterpart, including nine different heating modes, an “H” LED to warn you of a surface that is too hot to touch, and the child safety locks, while being smaller in size with a much smaller control panel this time around and four stoves instead of five.

CHANGBERT Portable Induction Cooktop

You didn’t think we had forgotten about those of you looking for a small, portable induction cooktop, did you? If a singular stove, portable induction cooktop is what you’re after, CHANGBERT’s offering may be what you want. CHANGBERT’s portable induction cooktop does away with the fancy and sleek designs of its competition, instead designing an induction cooktop that is much thicker and much more defined.

The induction stove is contained within a small area, surrounded by a nice-looking silvery border that extends downwards as well. The control panel, featuring actual buttons instead of touch screens, is found on the sloped front, also contained within the stainless-steel finish of the rest of the product. The company logo also proudly displayed in bug letters to the left of the control panel. Subtlety may not be CHANGBERT’s forte, but you would definitely be getting a quality induction cooktop if you went with this one. Maximum power consumption is the expected 1800 Watts, and overheating protection and pan detection features are also included.

Amazon Basics Portable Induction Cooktop

And to finish off the list, we’ll close off with Amazon’s own offering. The AmazonBasics portable induction cooktop consumes the standard 1800 Watts, has a unique and quite nice matte finish look, a simple control panel with simple buttons, a small screen, and requires induction-ready pans and pots. Overall, a great all-rounder, much like almost all the other offerings by AmazonBasics.


Induction cooktops take some getting used to, but with any one of the choice listings above, you will be cooking on inductions stoves like a pro in no time. And once you start, we’re sure you won’t even think about going back. For a cool gimmicky kitchen gadget, check out our post on the best self-stirring mugs. Or check out our article on the best sushi sets and platters if you are a fan of seafood.