Top 10 Dusters for Your Home

Keeping your house free from those dust bunnies is crucial to maintain a healthy and fresh atmosphere inside the house. Dust practices can cause problems in breathing and make your furniture and décor items look dull and drab. Daily cleaning is required to keep your furniture glistening clean. A handy, easy-to-carry duster can do the job correctly for you. You only need to take a few minutes out from your hectic schedule and dust off those dirt particles to keep your home nice and tidy. 

Dusters are used for brushing and cleaning purposes. They are very convenient to use and come in various shapes, forms, and sizes. You only need to know and find out the best duster well suited to your needs. There are many types of dusters available for you to choose, for example, feather dusters, microfiber dusters, etc.

In the article ahead, we have listed down a few ideal cleaning dusters that you can choose from to purchase for your home.

Where to Buy
BOOMJOY Microfiber Telescoping Duster
OXO Good Grips Microfiber Delicate Duster
Swiffer Dusters (Pack of 2)
Unger Cobweb & Corner Duster
Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac 500-Watt, 0.75-HP Electric Duster


1. BOOMJOY Microfiber Telescoping Duster

This Microfiber Telescoping Duster is by BOOMJOY. An amazing feature that differentiates this duster from usual ones is the bendable head which makes it super convenient to clean high unreachable corners. It can be adjusted to any different angle you want according to your need. The pole is made of stainless steel and extends to approximately 100 inches which aids in cleaning ceiling fans, cobwebs, lamps, etc. 

The duster head is made of microfiber and the static produced by the duster absorbs all the dust easily. 

2. OXO Good Grips Microfiber Delicate Duster

This duster by OXO is lightweight and easy to handle which makes it super convenient to clean delicate pieces such as expensive paintings, décor items, etc. The fluffy microfiber head is easily detachable with the pop of a button for cleaning in the washing machine. The handle is soft and non-slip which makes it trouble-free to use. 

Replacement heads are also available for this duster. The microfiber strands easily trap dust and clean surfaces without the need of harsh chemicals. 

3. Swiffer Dusters (Pack of 2)

This pack of dusters by Swiffer contains two in one pack. The handle is made of plastic which makes the duster easy to carry. The bristles of the duster are made of fiber which has the quality of trapping dust particles super efficiently and avoid dust fall-out. 

4. Unger Cobweb & Corner Duster

This corner duster is manufactured by Unger. The unique shape of the duster allows for easy cleaning of the corners. You only need to stick it to the crooks and spin to capture maximum dust and cobwebs. The flagged bristles clean all the spider webs also stuck in difficult corners. 

Also, the brittles are super soft which prevents furniture and paintings from getting scratched. You can also attach the duster to a telescopic pole to clean ceiling fans and lamps. 

5. Metro Vacuum ED500P DataVac 500-Watt, 0.75-HP Electric Duster

This DataVac Electric Dust Blower is produced by Metro Vacuum and has an all steel construction. It is more effective than a dust blower that works with canned air. It is more economical and safer to use than a duster with tinned air. It effectively blasts dust, debris and dirt off your expensive furniture and equipment. 

This duster is designed to provide you with a tool that is light in weight but powerful in its functions. It supports greener technology, therefore, if you are someone who worries about negatively impacting the environment, this duster is the perfect pick for you. 

Where to Buy
MG Royal Ostrich Feather Duster (Mini (14” inch), Gray)
Multi-Functional Super Soft Microfiber Portable Duster 
J&A Lambs Wool Duster 
Black + Decker DustBuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, Blue (HNV215BW52) 
REESIBI Cordless Electric Air Duster


6. MG Royal Ostrich Feather Duster (Mini (14” inch), Gray)

Royal Feather has manufactured this MG Royal Ostrich Feather Duster. It is made of thousands of soft, small filaments. These tiny fibers on each feather act as dust magnets and trap all the dust particles. It is made of 100% authentic ostrich feathers and is purely handmade. The soft and silky feathers glide smoothly over your furniture to clean every speck of dust. You do not need to use any harsh chemicals since this ostrich feather duster is solely capable of capturing all the dust particles without fail. 

7. Multi-Functional Super Soft Microfiber Portable Duster 

This car duster by MOONRiver will help you save a lot of time, money, and effort. It does not impact the paint of your inhouse items or even the car but gives them a nice and clean look. This duster is made of nano cotton, which is high quality, super soft, and cleans almost any interior without damaging the paint.

The brush head of the duster can be detached for convenient washing. It is small and lightweight, which means it is super easy to use and store. It can be used for cleaning household items such as cars, windows, patio furniture, appliances, ceiling fans, boats, etc.    

8. J&A Lambs Wool Duster 

This lambswool duster is by J&A Jason Aerobic. It is made in China and has a 100% pure wool head. It makes it super easy to clean spaces where it is tough to reach. The soft texture of the wool ensures that the duster does not cause any harm to the furniture. The soft, pure wool head makes it ideal for cleaning chandeliers, plant leaves, window shutters, etc. 

9. Black + Decker DustBuster Handheld Vacuum, Cordless, Blue (HNV215BW52) 

This Black + Decker duster is designed for quick and easy cleaning because of its cordless nature. It is ideal for fast and speedy clean ups and spills. It is highly portable and easy to carry because of its lightweight and design. It comes with a wall-mountable charger that allows for 1-step charging and storage.

This handheld vacuum duster includes a washable bowl and a filter that allows for thorough cleaning. The translucent, bagless dust bowl makes it effortless to see the dirt level and is also accessible to empty and clean. 

10. REESIBI Cordless Electric Air Duster

This cordless air duster is made by REESIBI. It provides deep cleaning and is the top in the market because of its ability to produce an intense thrust of air. It helps in cleaning the microscopic dust particles and leaves your furniture gleaming. Starting from printed circuit boards to computers, medical devices, electronic instruments, and many more such areas can be brushed by this mini duster, which your conventional wiper or duster cannot clean.

There are three wind speeds on the Reesibi air duster (50000 RPM, 70000 RPM, and 90000 RPM). There are three airflow modes that can be used for cleaning various gadgets. Your treasures won’t be harmed in the slightest by the constant, clean breeze. The device can be turned on and off by pressing the switch for three seconds. Three wind speeds can be selected with a short push of a switch. The Reesibi R3 Pro air duster has an increased maximum power of 90W and a maximum speed of 90000rpm. This air blower is the strongest one available, and it can readily remove dust from any location. longer longevity, reduced noise, and great power with less energy use. Cleaning will grow to be enjoyable.

Our cordless air duster features a built-in, huge 7500mAh lithium battery that gives it about 25 to 40 continuous minutes of use. It comes with a USB-C fast charging connection, and it takes 4 hours to fully charge. It may be charged via a computer, a mobile device, an adapter, or a car charger. The Reesibi dust blower won’t produce chemicals, liquids, or freezing when cleaning compared to the compressed air can. Your electronics are shielded from liquids by it. Multiple uses of this air compressor will result in significant energy savings. In the long term, it can help you save money and the environment.


Dusters are an essential tool for your weekly cleaning missions. They will make sure your house stays glistening clean, and tidy. They will help bust all those dust bunnies and ensure a happy, healthy home environment for you and your family.