Tools To Create Better YouTube Videos

YouTube is a sea of opportunities for video content. Videos are the king of digital marketing. Ask yourself: Did you ever skip a day not browsing social media? I’m sure you are shaking your head in denial.

Would you rather watch a YouTube video or scroll a long page product review? Definitely, a Youtube video. With that being said, videos have become the go-to now for everyone from retailers to vloggers. The competition is tough out there.

Let me tell you a secret; it is video quality that makes you win on YouTube. What makes your video quality great? The right tools for your video. You can nail a YouTube video with the right tools.

The right gear for the best YouTube video

The quality of your video speaks louder than the content. There is nothing more irritating than a poor-quality video. The video quality and way your video fits the viewer’s screen tell a lot about your professional approach. Here we bring you the right tools for the best YouTube video.

Ring Light

Great lighting highlights the focus of your content, and a ring light is a perfect tool to achieve this. A ring light is a famous tool amongst vloggers and videographers. The ring light brings balanced light all around the subject and eliminates shadows.

The camera alone is not enough to make a professional and well-focused video. When a selfie ring light is used, it portrays a professional look and sets a mood while shooting.

Reasons why YouTubers are massively using selfie ring lights for shooting videos?

  • The easy user guide
  • Beautiful shots with professional looks
  • Great lighting for focused and zoomed in looks
  • They create distinctive catchlights in the eyes, which look amazing
  • They take up less space and are easily portable
  • Allows greater detailing of the subject
  • The mounted ring light on the stand also works as a tripod for holding your phone.
  • It comes in different sizes according to the user’s need
  • Easily adjustable for the required light intensity



The key element of shooting a YouTube video is the camera along with its lens. Cameras come with various price tags and specs. A camera is an essential tool for shooting a Youtube video and needs to be carefully selected.

A very expensive camera is not a YouTube video necessity. Any camera that can record 1080p will do the job. A YouTube video can be shot using different cameras ranging from mobile phones (12mp), Camcorders, and DSLR.

Modern-day camcorders are an excellent option to create a YouTube video because they are compact and made for video recording. They make a good choice for beginners when you are on a budget.

A mirrorless camera is also a good option when you wish to use it for both photography and videography. They offer the same quality as a DSLR but in a compact and small sizer. Think weight savings. It offers image stabilization and 4K quality videos with an external HDMI port.

A DSLR is another great choice to create a good YouTube video. They have a magic effect and are praised among all YouTubers for their high-quality images, great filming in low light, and impeccable specs. DSLRs are expensive but worth the purchase. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced YouTubers, depending on your budget.



What is the point of an amazingly shot YouTube video if the sound quality is poor? Yes, a microphone is as equally important as any other tool for shooting a Youtube video.

If you wish to create a quality Youtube video, you need to have clear sound. Microphones come in different shapes and sizes. You can narrow down your requirements and opt for the one most suitable.

Microphones come in many forms: wireless and non-wireless, ones with dynamic ranges to even specific options like Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphones or Ribbon Microphones. These all vary in specs. Most YouTubers opt for a mountable mic that they can attach to their camera, offering ease and convenience. Nevertheless, it all depends on your project and the sound quality you need. Rode produce the most versatile and high-quality mics on the market for video production

Editing Software

Editing Software

Not everything you shoot can be perfect, but good editing software can make it look perfect. A YouTube video can not be shot in one take. Usually, a YouTube video is shot, taking breaks and with multiple frames and angles incorporated. All these cuts and shots then need to be edited together.

A Youtube video uploaded without editing is like you’ve been living under a rock. Editing trends have improved YouTube videos and enhanced their quality enormously. So if you are a beginner at editing, you can practice on free software such as Canva. The paid software is most likely to be used once you have a reasonable skill level. Editing is a skill that needs to be continually improved with so many new cool techniques being constantly developed. The learning process can be at first difficult, but keep going.

Editing software helps create captions/subtitles for videos, audio tuning, adding effects/animations, etc. Nowadays 2 platforms are dominant. These are Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple’s Final Cut Pro. Both are great but the final decision lies with personal choice.



A tripod is something minimal with maximal effectiveness. Your videos need to be stable. A tripod is a necessary tool that saves time and human effort. Nobody is going to hold the camera for you!

A tripod ultimately brings stability to your video. It is also an excellent tool if you shoot solo and do not want to depend on someone else. They are also helpful if you’re going to shoot still frames where the object doesn’t move outside of the frame.

They are easy to use and carry, come in various sizes and lengths, but more importantly weight. A little pro tip always check how much your tripod weighs. No one wants to carry a brick around.


YouTube videos are a lot of effort, but these tools can double the video quality and bring you the best outcome at an affordable price. Enjoy the beginning of your YouTube journey!