Tips for Using Water Guns, Cannons, and Blasters


    Playing water gun wars with your friends, family, and even neighbors is one of the best things to do if you’re looking for something to do that’s entertaining and a way to beat the heat during the warmer months, aside from swimming. To succeed in these games, you will need excellent weapons. Here are tips for using water guns, cannons, and blasters. 

    Arming Yourself

    Group of young friends having fun spending summer day outdoors, playing with squirt guns, splashing water on each other, running, and chasing each other

    1. Select a Firearm with the Greatest Range

    Consider the gun’s range to be its primary selling point. Avoid using one that can only shoot five feet when the others can shoot fifty! To find out how many feet or meters the water will travel, check the box or instructions.

    • If the gun is already out of the box, test-fire each one and pick whichever one shoots the farthest.

    2. Think About the Water Capacity of the Gun

    Choose a gun that holds the most water to reduce the number of times you will need to reload. But keep in mind that you have to carry more weight the more water it carries! Pick a gun that can hold the most water while still allowing you to move quickly to outrun your opponents. 

    • Backpack-mounted guns typically have the most water capacity.
    • Avoid using a backpack if you need to keep your feet low because they can be bulky and heavy.

    3. Pick a Gun That Lets You Change the Nozzle’s Setting

    If your water gun has more than one way to regulate how much and how far the water is fired, check the nozzle. The ability to switch between “high-range” and “riot-blast” on your gun will help you manage how much water you use with each shot. 

    • You can conserve water and fire a thin, powerful stream over a great distance by using the high-range setting.
    • The riot-blast setting allows you to soak close targets because it blasts a lot of water over a large area right in front of you despite not shooting as far.

    4. Have Water Bombs Handy

    If you intend to remain stationary throughout the battle, support your firepower by having some grenades ready to hurl at your adversaries when they move forward. When your opponents are beyond the range of your gun, use these. Save a few for when you need to reload your gun after it runs out of water.

    • If all you have are regular balloons, use those. But instead, purchase some “water bombs” because these frequently explode in your face before you can even throw them. Although they are identical, the rubber on these is stronger and less likely to burst when handled.
    • Put your inflated balloons or bombs in a long, lidded container (like a tennis ball container). It will make them less likely to break. Additionally, if they do end up bursting earlier than you intended, it will keep you dry.
    • To fill them up quickly, purchase a special attachment for your outdoor faucet.

    Drawing up the Battlefield

    Group of three teens plays with water-gun squirt pistol on swimming pool outside on a sunny day

    1. Pick a location

    Take into account the number of players. Keep it in a small area, like your yard, if there will only be a small group of friends or family. Instead of allowing everyone to spread out and be safe for the duration of the game, force everyone to participate by keeping them close. Choose a larger area for larger groups, such as a park, beach, or several yards scattered throughout the neighborhood. 

    • Leave it outdoors! Mold, mildew, and, more dangerously, electrical shocks and fires can all result from flooding the interior of your house.
    • If you use a public area, show consideration for other users. Prevent the police or park staff from stopping your game because too many spectators complain about getting caught in the crossfire!

    2. Consider your Water Supply

    Everyone will eventually need to reload, so keep that in mind. Ensure that there are a few water sources nearby. If there isn’t an outside faucet, fill up a few kiddie pools (or any other sizable containers) with water.

    • Keep it fair. Make sure both sides have equal access to water if you’re playing a game that involves defending territories.
    • If your battleground spans the entire neighborhood, ask the kind neighbors who are situated between your home and your friends’ homes if you can use their outside faucets as well.
    • Take heed of any cautionary signs. If warnings are posted that the water is unsafe for swimming or drinking, avoid using natural bodies of water like streams and lakes.

    3. Keep Everyone’s Ages in Mind

    Young players are likely to become engrossed in the action. If young children are present, draw boundaries that should not be crossed. Before starting the game, clearly define these boundaries.

    • Remain in your neighborhood to prevent children from running into the street.
    • Keep everyone visible to prevent anyone from becoming lost or hurting themselves secretly.
    • If the shore is slick or the currents are strong, have an adult supervise reloading from natural bodies of water like rivers, creeks, and oceans.

    Games Using Water Guns, Cannons, and Blasters 

     Young friends shooting with water guns at each other while having fun in the pool

    Warm weather is here again, and you know what that means, right? Water gun wars! Your yard can now be turned into a fun battleground by assembling an army of your nearest and dearest family and friends.

    1. Free-for-All

    A free-for-all is one of the easiest and most enjoyable water gun games to play with your friends and family. When young children are joining the ranks and taking their first steps onto the battlefield, this game works especially well. They can just concentrate on having fun and dousing everyone in sight with water from their water guns without you having to worry about explaining the rules to them.

    2. Tag

    Similar to a regular game of tag, but more enjoyable, is a water gun tag war. Make sure that everyone’s water guns are fully loaded before everyone yells “Not it,” the person who is the last to do so will be “it” to begin the game.

    You should now start running! The only player who can pursue the other players and use their water guns to shoot at them is the player who is “it.” The “victim” they hit becomes the new “it” after they have struck them.

    3. Freeze Tag

    In contrast to regular tag, freeze tag only requires a single water gun. But unlike the normal tag, the victims have to freeze in place when they’ve been shot, so you’ll start by figuring out who is “it.”

    You can unfreeze victims by squeezing between their spread-out legs. Keep everyone from becoming frozen if you don’t want the battle to end.

    4. Point System

    This game is for you if you enjoy team combat. Divide your group into equal teams after arming every player. Set a time limit, say 10 minutes, and then get ready to fight!

    The object of the game is to soak the opposing team as much as you can in the allotted time. Depending on how wet they became during the battle, each player is awarded points when the timer expires. For illustration, you could give players who received a few splashes of water one point and players who were completely soaked 10 points. The team with the lowest score will prevail after tallying up the players’ points.

    5. Wearing Targets

    A target water gun round is great for players seeking a more precise and challenging game. Each participant is required to wear an Alka-Seltzer necklace style strung on a string. The objective is to use your steady water gun aim to dissolve the Alka-Seltzer on other players.


    We can recommend these tips for using water guns, blasters, and cannons. Using the tips will surely lead you to victory in your neighborhood’s water wars.  


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