Tips for Treating Coffee Stains


    The alluring scent of coffee marks the beginning of a successful day, and the first glorious cup of coffee is where life officially begins. Your morning is going great as you relax with your first cup of coffee of the day… until the unavoidable worst-case scenario occurs: the coffee intended to improve your mood is spilled on your white cloth, and as a result, your morning is ruined.

    Most of the time, coffee stains are inconvenient. You don’t want to see those irregular brown splotches on your shirt, carpet, or upholstery. Fortunately, they are not permanent stains. Generally, there are two types of coffee stains: fresh and dry. There are different ways to treat these two types of coffee stains. Knowing these tips for treating coffee stains will come in handy someday when faced with stain-y situations.

    Treating Fresh Coffee Stains on Clothes

    Woman hands with spilled coffee over her shirt

    It’s vital to remember that when the coffee has just been spilled, you have a greater chance of removing the new stain, so act soon. For a fresh cup of coffee, stain works quickly, and try to run it under cold water. Rub the stained spot lightly with your thumbs every few minutes. Be sure to dampen both the front and back of the stain. Once the stain has been removed, wash as usual.

    Treating Dry Coffee Stains on Clothes

    If you have a dry coffee stain on your cloth, dampen it and apply a few drops of detergent while gently scrubbing the spot with your fingertips. Before you rinse it again, let the solution sit for five minutes. Although it is only used for white garments, bleach is a last resort that may be worth a shot if your fabric is receptive. Remember to use caution when applying because you don’t want any other clothing items to be bleached.

    Treating Coffee Stains from Jeans

    If the coffee has spilled on your beloved jeans instead, there is yet another technique for removing it. Note that removing coffee stains on jeans is harder due to their fabric nature. However, if you are aware of the correct steps to take, coffee stains on jeans are still treatable in an appropriate manner. To clean jeans that have recently been stained by fresh coffee, combine one teaspoon of white distilled vinegar with four glasses of cold water. Using a clean cloth, dab the mixture onto the stain until it is completely covered. Using a dry cloth, gently remove the stain by blotting it. After that, you should wash the jeans as you normally would.

    Treating Fresh Coffee Stains on Carpets

    Coffee spilling on carpet

    If coffee has spilled on your favorite carpet, remember to wipe the stain with a clean towel. Rubbing the stain will push the coffee further into the carpet fibers. Then, carefully dab at the stain to absorb as much coffee as possible. Spray a tiny amount of water onto the stain and wipe it with a clean cloth. This process should be repeated several times. Never soak your carpet with water, and carefully dry the area with a fan or blower.

    Treating Dry Coffee Stains on Carpets

    If the coffee stain has already dried, don’t give up hope since one of the most incredible cleaning remedies comes from items you probably have lying around your house, and the stain may still be removed. Combine a half teaspoon of white vinegar, a half teaspoon of liquid dish soap, and around two cups of warm water. Sponge the stain using the mixture with a clean, white cloth. Apply a small amount at a time, often wiping with a dry cloth, until the stain is gone.

    Treating Fresh Coffee Stains on Upholstery

    Spilled coffee on bed

    Coffee stains should not belong on upholstery, whether it’s your office chair or your couch, yet they frequently end up there. If the coffee stain is fresh like if it had just spilled, dab it up immediately with a dry towel. Avoid rubbing the stain, which is particularly necessary in the case of upholstery. After removing all the coffee stains, rinse the area with no more than a cup of water. Then, using a clean, dry towel, carefully blot out all of the water.

    Treating Dry Coffee Stains on Upholstery

    Suppose you discovered the stain too late, and it has already dried. In that case, you can prepare a cleaning solution for the stain by combining one tablespoon of white vinegar, one tablespoon of liquid laundry detergent, and 1 cup of water. Then, gently wipe the cleaning solution into the spot using a clean towel. After that, blot it dry with a dry cloth. Until the stain is gone, switch between dabbing in the solution and pressing it dry.

    Treating Coffee Stains from Mugs and Cups

    Coffee stain on white cup

    It is unavoidable to stain your lovely mug with coffee from time to time, and it is much more unpleasant when the coffee stain cannot be removed with a simple handwash. If the coffee stain is already stubborn, begin by rinsing your cup with good, strong dish soap. If dish soap isn’t cutting it, your stash of baking soda comes in helpful. Baking soda, like vinegar, is a cleaning agent you will probably already have on your house. Put some baking soda over the stain and clean with a moist cloth. After cleaning, rinse your mug well to remove the annoying coffee stain.

    Treating Coffee Stains from Hardwood Floors

    Spilled coffee on wooden floor

    For coffee stains, especially dried ones, on hardwood flooring where a simple mop would not suffice, make a cleaning solution by combining 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar with 1 gallon of water. Dab the coffee stain gently with the apple cider vinegar solution using a cloth or sponge, covering the whole spot. Then, using a soft sponge or towel, scrub the coffee stain. And voila! Your wooden floor is now as if you hadn’t just spilled a cup of coffee on it. 

    These are some of the most efficient and effective tips for getting rid of stains caused by coffee. Just because something has coffee stains on it does not mean you should give up your addiction to coffee. There is no longer any reason to be concerned about drinking coffee. Sip your next cup with confidence. If you remember the steps that were described above, you will have an easier time cleaning up a coffee spill on your carpet, clothing, sofa, or furniture the next time it happens.


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