Tips for Taking Tea to the Office

Taking your favorite hot beverage such as tea to the office may seem like a complex task. Many people feel as if there are too many problems like spilling, loss of flavor and taste, and many more as well.  In reality, you can take tea to the office easily while avoiding all problems that usually occur. Follow our simple tips for taking tea to the office without any problems.

Tips for Taking Tea to the Office

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Use an Air-Tight Thermos

One of the main problems which is faced by many people is that they don’t have proper containers to carry the hot beverage to the office. The glass or cup that they might have would spill some liquid even if tightly closed. Spilling occurs when either the container is leaking or it has not been closed properly or maybe it is a container that is not supposed to close in an air-tight manner. 

Therefore, many people don’t take tea to the office and feel laziness throughout the day. One solution for this problem is to take tea in an air-tight thermos which will help in retaining the heat of the tea for maximum time. If you are unaware of an air-tight thermos or don’t know which one to buy, here is an option that we recommend. 

THERMOS Stainless King Vacuum-Insulated Food Jar


Imagine if you could make tea in the morning and it would stay hot all day. This has become possible in reality with the amazing Stainless King Vacuum Insulated Food Jar which allows you to have all kinds of food items or liquids and the temperature will be retained. Liquids remain hot for 9 hours and cold for 12 hours. There are three color choices including Midnight Blue, Slate, and Matt Black. Personally, we just loved the Midnight Blue shade but you can get anyone depending on your personal preferences.

With the help of insulation technology, taste and temperature are preserved. There is no chance that liquid spills from this bottle. One of the main reasons why we recommend this is that it is a long-lasting and durable choice because of the stainless steel interior and exterior which won’t break even if you drop it. The choice of material also helps the users to touch this bottle easily even when the liquid inside is hot or hold it firmly even when the liquid inside is cold.

However, we don’t recommend drinking directly from this thermos as it has a wide mouth. There are chances that when you open it and try to drink from it, the liquid falls down. The better solution would be to have a mug by your side and drink in it every time you feel like it. 

Use Tea Bags

For those who don’t want to go for the air-tight container and want to drink fresh tea at the office, they can carry tea bags instead of ready-made tea. This is quite a helpful idea because teabags do not take much space so you can easily carry them in a small bag or pouch. However, if you don’t have access to hot water at the office, tea bags are not the idea you should consider for taking tea to the office. 

If you are unsure which tea bags are perfect for giving the best taste of tea, we have a recommendation for you. 

Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold


One important fact that you should always consider when buying tea is what your purpose is. Are you wanting to just satisfy the craving for tea or do you want it to be improving your performance as well? The answer to this question will help you make the right purchase. In case you just want to satisfy the craving, regular tea would be perfectly fine. However, those who want to drink tea at the office are more interested in staying active and have improved performance. 

Therefore, black tea is going to be the most suitable tea for taking to the office. Yorkshire Gold is one of the best brands of black tea made from organic tea leaves that gives you a refreshing and authentic tea experience. One reason why we recommend Yorkshire Gold is that they are also an environmentally aware and friendly company that aims to preserve natural resources and use them in an efficient manner. For this reason, it has got a trademark from the Forest Stewardship Council as well. There are 160 tea bags in this pack which makes it a great value for money too.

With over 6000 positive user reviews and being an Amazon’s Choice product, we believe this has been the right choice for many and so it is going to be the perfect tea for you too. Carry these teabags to your office in the same packaging that they come in. 

Keep an Electric Kettle at the Office

If you are a really big fan of tea and cannot miss out on having it the normal way, then you should consider getting an electric kettle at the office. This electric kettle can be set up at your cabin easily and you can make tea at any time yourself. All you need is an electric kettle, water, and tea at the office. One might ask, where do I keep the tea at my office? Simple, you carry it every day from home to the office in your electric kettle. 

There are many kettles that have a specific option of dispensing tea powder in the water so you don’t have to worry about anything else. The electric kettle will help you in providing instant tea perfectly made and savored to taste. Kettles will stainers should be your first choice. Here is one option that we recommend. 

Zwilling Enfinigy Cool Touch Electric Kettle Pro


The Electric Kettle Pro is one option that requires a major investment compared to other electric kettles but is surely worth the money. When a person goes to the office, he or she should not have the hassle of carrying the wires with them. It’s just another mess at the office so better avoid it by getting a cordless electric kettle. Fortunately, this one is a cordless electric kettle with smart options too. With 6 pre-set program settings, you can make different types of drinks without any problems. 

Make coffee, tea, baby food, and many other items as well in this cordless electric kettle. Being insulated, it has a double wall body which keeps the inside content hotter while the outside remains cooler. Once you heat some water in it, it will retain the temperature for 30 minutes. Once you are done using it, clean it easily because it has a seamless stainless steel inner. With high ratings and exceptional German engineering, the electric kettle will make up for the high price tag along with it. 

In case you don’t want to pay a high price for it, you can choose the low-end variant of this electric kettle which is also available at 

Pick a Favorite Nearby Morning Cafe

Many people find themselves busy in the mornings so preparing a cup of tea could be a hassle. Simultaneously, many people might consider carrying tea to the office using an electric kettle, tea bags, or air-tight mugs (thermos) as too much work. If you are among those, skip these ideas and just find a good breakfast place near your office. There are many cafes around the offices as the demand for coffee and tea is usually high in these areas. 

Finding a good cafe may be difficult so we recommend that you search for one on Google Maps in close proximity, Yelp, or Facebook and see their ratings. Try making a route such that the cafe comes on the way to the office. This will help you avoid all the troubles and work of making tea and you’ll be getting a fresh cup right away as well. 


Vending Machine

The easiest way to get instant tea at the office at any time is via a vending machine. There are coffee vending machines and tea vending machines, both of which are common in the majority of workplaces in America. However, some might not have it as well. For one, we recommend that you talk to the HR department at your office with a request to have a tea vending machine or a coffee vending machine as per your preference. 

While making your request, highlight the benefits of tea on the work performance and gather as many people as you can on this request. Remember that the higher the signatures on this request, the more quickly and easily you are likely to get a vending machine at the office. Follow here for more tips – Tips for Communicating Clearly and Effectively

Alternatively, if you are in a senior position, affording a coffee or tea vending machine wouldn’t be a problem too. Here is one great option that we personally recommend for the various benefits. 

Atlas Espresso, Coffee, Chocolate & Tea Touchless Vending Machine


It’s the era of technological advancement and so should be your every purchase. This vending machine is a true reflection of advancement and sophistication. The vending machine can make all the drinks just like you want them to be. The best part? You will get the precise taste every time. Talk about being a perfectionist!

Owing to increased health concerns, the manufacturers have given this machine a touchless interface. Simply, hover 1 inch away from the screen and control it thereby making it the safest approach to ordering drinks. We believe this is the perfect one for an office because it can serve up to 500 drinks in a day. There is an option for dispensing cups, sweetener, stirring sticks, and even payment as well (if you want). 

Being such a state-of-the-art vending machine, it requires minimal maintenance while the performance is superior. There are specific auto-clean mechanisms which means that the machine will clean up all the sensors and internal components itself. You can adjust how you want your tea or coffee every time by adjusting the strength of tea, level of sugar, and other factors as well. It may be a little expensive, but this one investment is truly going to be a remarkable one.

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Which Option to Go For?

Above, we mentioned various techniques. If you are still confused about which is suitable, we hope the following table helps you make a decision. 


Tea Bags

Electric Kettle

Visit a Cafe on the Way to Office

Vending Machine

Price Range











Very High


Easy to carry to the office

Keeps liquid warm for a long time


Easy to carry to the office

Make fresh tea every time


Easy to carry to the office

Fresh tea every time

Keeps liquid warm for a long time

No self-work required

Hassle-free solution

Delivers perfect tea every time

Hassle-free solution to taking tea at the office


Lower convenience than other options

Lower convenience than a vending machine

Pricier than making tea directly. 

Requires maintenance.

It may take extra time to stop at a cafe

An expensive option

Not suitable for one person


Taking tea to the office may sound like a task that is too time-consuming or a hassle. However, if you follow one or more than one of the ideas mentioned above, you can avoid that hassle. It all comes down to how much you can spend on satisfying your craving and need for tea at the office. We hope our guide on taking tea to the office has provided you with some of the most beneficial tips.