Tips for Selecting an Outdoor Grill


    It can be easy to be confused about what kind of grill to buy. They see the variety of options and don’t know where to begin. There are gas grills, charcoal grills, electric grills, infrared grills, and more.

    The first question to ask yourself is: “What do I want my grill to do?” Do you want it to be portable? Do you want it to have reverse-sear technology? Do you want it to have a large cooking surface? These are all things that should be considered before making your purchase.

    Once you’ve figured out what kind of grill is right for you and your needs, a few things can help ensure it lasts as long as possible. We’ve put together some tips for selecting an outdoor grill that will help keep yours running smoothly for years!

    1. Set a budget

    Setting a budget is one of the most important steps when shopping for an outdoor grill. Knowing how much you have to spend will help narrow your options and ensure you get the best bang for your buck. There are all kinds of grills out there, from the small, portable ones that cost as little as $50 to the big ones that can cost over $2,000 and some much higher than that.

    If you want to save cash, consider buying a used grill or looking for one at a yard sale or thrift store. You could also ask if anyone in your family or neighborhood has one they’re no longer using.

    If you’re interested in something more modern, look online for deals from retailers like Amazon and Walmart—they can sometimes offer steep discounts on popular models that are still fairly new.

    2. Know what you’re looking for

    Grills can come in various shapes and sizes, so research is important before purchasing. If you want a small and easy grill to store, then make sure to consider the size of your yard (and whether or not it will fit). If you’re looking for something that can cook for large parties, then make sure you consider how many people it will be able to accommodate at once.

    If you’re considering a new grill, the first thing to do is figure out what kind of grill you need. There are several types of grills: gas, charcoal, electric, and infrared.

    • Gas: Gas grills are great for those who want to cook quickly and easily. They’re also easy to use—turn on the gas and go!
    • Charcoal: A charcoal grill gives a smoky flavor to your food that can’t be achieved with any other type of grill. You’ll need a chimney starter to start your charcoal fire, but once it’s lit, it’s the best way to get that authentic barbecue taste.
    • Electric: An electric grill is perfect for those who don’t want to deal with charcoal or gas or don’t have access to either one! Electric grills are easy to use and clean up quickly afterward, so you can enjoy your meal more and spend less time cooking.
    • Infrared: Infrared grills use infrared heat instead of traditional flames or electricity, which means they get hot fast, so you can start cooking sooner than ever before!

    3. Know how you want to cook

    Knowing how you want to cook is one of the most important things to consider when selecting an outdoor grill. If you’re looking for something versatile, you’ll want to choose a grill with multiple burners so that you can cook several different types of foods at once. If you plan on grilling fish or chicken often, look for a grill with a side burner to keep the seafood at its ideal temperature without overcooking it. Likewise, if you’re planning on cooking veggies frequently, look for a grill with an additional burner dedicated to vegetables.

    Suppose you’re buying your first outdoor grill and aren’t sure what type of food you’ll be grilling most often. In that case, we recommend choosing a gas or charcoal grill with at least two burners—one large and one small—so that you have options when it comes time to cook.

    4. Consider size and cooking space

    When it comes to outdoor grills, many factors can help you determine which one is best for your needs. One of these factors is the size. If you have a small patio or balcony and want to save space, then a gas grill may be better than an electric one. However, suppose you have an outdoor kitchen or other areas with limited space. In that case, it’s worth considering electric grills as well.

    Another thing to consider when choosing an outdoor grill is the amount of space it allows for cooking food at once. Suppose you’re going to be using your grill often. In that case, you’ll want something that can fit all the food at once without overcrowding it so that everything cooks evenly and thoroughly.

    5. Check the quality of the material used

    If you’re looking for a grill that will last a long time, look for one made with high-quality materials. High-quality materials mean the grill is built to withstand the elements and will hold up better over time.

    The material used to construct your grill should be stainless steel or cast iron. These two materials are incredibly durable and can withstand high heat without warping or melting. They also won’t rust over time like some other metals do when exposed to moisture.

    Grills made from stainless steel or cast iron can also be used on many different types of surfaces, including both natural and unnatural elements like concrete or grassy areas. This means you won’t have to worry about moving your grill out of one spot into another every time you want to cook something new!

    6. Check the features of the grill

    One of the most important things you should do when choosing an outdoor grill is to check its features. A good grill will have all of these features:

    • A large cooking area so you can cook enough food for your guests at once. 
    • An adjustable flame control knob, so you can adjust it according to the type of food being cooked (low flame = slow cooking). 
    • A hooded lid that covers the grill’s top allows for even heat distribution throughout the cooking surface. 
    • An ash catcher tray is under the burner grate, which catches ashes before they fall into other parts of your barbecue pit, lawn, or garden area (this helps keep everything clean).

    7. Look for a grill that is easy to maintain and clean

    The best grills have removable parts that can be cleaned with a wipe, soap, water, and an easily accessible grease trap. Look for a grill with interchangeable parts to replace worn or damaged pieces without buying a new grill.

    If you don’t want to fuss with cleaning your grill every time you use it, look for one that has an easy-to-clean outer surface. Some grills have nonstick coatings, but these tend not to be durable enough for regular use outside over time because they scratch easily and may end up flaking off into your food. Other grills have porcelain enamel exteriors that are highly resistant to scratches and stains but also tend to be expensive.

    Some people prefer stainless steel grills because they are easy to clean. Still, suppose you’re planning on cooking in rainy weather (or want something less likely than cast iron or aluminum). Instead, you might want something made from materials like porcelain enamel or ceramic tile.

    8. Ask about the warranty

    The warranty is one of the most important things to consider when buying a grill. You don’t need a great warranty if you want to buy a grill and store it in your garage for a few years. But if you want to use your grill frequently, especially if you plan to use it near water or on a deck or patio, you must get a good warranty.

    A good warranty will cover all parts of the grill: burners, grills, and even metal components around the outside, such as handles and wheels. Sometimes these parts can be damaged by moisture or left out in the elements longer than they should be.

    Final Thoughts

    If you’re looking to cook up a storm on your outdoor grill, you’ll want to ensure you’ve done all your research. But don’t worry—we’ve done it for you! The best way to ensure your outdoor grill is the right fit for your needs is by asking yourself some key questions about how much space you have and what kinds of foods you like to cook.

    Once you know what size and type of grill are best for your home, all left is deciding which grill brand will best suit your needs. And honestly, this part can be kind of fun. Once you find the perfect grill for your home, it’s time to start thinking about accessories like grills and pizza stones. 

    We hope this guide has helped help you find the perfect grill for outdoor cooking! Check out our other articles if you like this one, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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