Tips For Quickly Cooling Your Anger


    As human beings we have been blessed with a wide range of emotions. From the happiness we relentlessly pursuit to the love we all crave, we are able to feel and enjoy a plethora of different feelings. Sometimes however, these feelings have a habit of getting out of hand. One emotion in particular that many people fail to keep in check is anger.

    Now anger can be beneficial at times yes. But more often than not you might find yourself succumbing to it when the situation might not actually warrant it. And that is why we present you with this article; in the hope that some of the tips we mention here help you keep your cool next time you’re in a confrontation. So let’s dive in to some tips on how to quickly get your temper back under your control.

    Remember: It Makes You Look Unreasonable

    One reason why many folks get angry quite quickly is because they feel their opinions being challenged. It’s quite egotistical to get angry when you feel your thoughts being questioned, but if you care about your ego and are smart about it, you’ll realize that getting angry over it only makes you come across as even more absorbed in yourself. Now we realize this isn’t enough to calm you down, but do remember this the next time you feel your temper rising. You might just be impressed by the results.

    Remind Yourself To Not Waste Time

    Remind Yourself To Not Waste Time

    If you’re prone to getting angry when things aren’t working out for you, this is a good tip to remember. If something refuses to work like you want it to, getting mad about it won’t change anything. Remind yourself that all the time you spend spewing curses is wasted time better spent on actually continuing your efforts. Admit it, we’ve all been there; spending half an hour cursing and then trying again and ending up fixing things in five minutes. Then you get angry at all the wasted time. It’s a vicious cycle and it takes some will and strength of mind to get out of.

    Just Imagine How You Look

    Just Imagine How You Look

    This is a tip that works wonders for some people, and does nothing for others. And so, it’s something you’ll have to try to find out if it works on you. Next time you start feeling hot under the collar, imagine just for a second how must look right now to the other party. Even if it’s not anger at someone else, just think how easily influenced you might seem that you’re boiling up. For many people this thought sobers them up really quickly; just imagining how must look getting all worked up for no reason. There’s always a civil way to resolve problems, and it only takes some humility on both sides to bring that way to light.

    Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten

    Close Your Eyes And Count To Ten

    More oft than not your anger is a spur of the moment short burst of emotion. You might end up blurting out some hurtful things you don’t really mean and then the damage is irreversible. A good way of making sure this short time period of hotheadedness doesn’t ruin your relationship with someone is to do the following step: Whenever you feel yourself suddenly get angry, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and count to ten in your mind. Chances are by the time you’re done you and the other fellow both feel better and less likely to hurl insults at each other.

    Remember Your Past Mistakes

    Remember Your Past Mistakes

    Another way to sober yourself up fast is to recount all the times in the past that your anger has ruined something. When you’re about to burst, do a quick bit of self-reflection and remember all the other times you got mad. Odds are you’ll struggle to find many instances where the outcome was favorable. And this alone can easily sucker punch your unwelcome anger back into the pits of irrelevance where it belongs.

    Ask Yourself If You Remind Yourself Of Someone

    Ask Yourself If You Remind Yourself Of Someone

    A lot of the times what happens is that your anger is actually something you inherited from someone. Perhaps from your father who was unfairly tough on you during your childhood. There’s a good chance that if you can pinpoint someone who you think you might have gotten this from, you will realize you don’t exactly want to emulate that person. You’ll remember how much that person’s temper affected your life and how you swore you’ll be different. This is a powerful realization that can completely transform a person. And many, many people can attest to this.

    Consider The Other Side’s Point Of View

    Consider The Other Side’s Point Of ViewIf you’re having a heated argument with someone, it’s most likely over solid facts that you both interpreted your own way. When you feel yourself giving in to anger to make the other person admit you’re right, pause for a bit and imagine trying to defend their side of the argument. There’s a very good chance you’ll suddenly realize why they’re arguing for whatever they’re arguing, and you’ll find logical fallacies on both sides. Once you fully comprehend the other side’s argument, you can find better and much more civil ways to come to an agreement where both sides find an agreeable compromise.

    Word Of Advice: Admit When You’re Wrong

    This is something that happens to the best of us. You’ve been arguing for over an hour and suddenly something just clicks and you realize the other person was in the right all along. Believe us when we say this, it’s better for everyone involved for you to accept that you were wrong. Pointlessly dragging the argument on when you know you’ve lost will do no one any good. And no one will think of you as the lesser man if you admit your mistake.


    And that about wraps up our list. Hopefully we hit some right switches and right now you’re smiling and nodding and itching to find your new state of mind, and we wish you the best of luck with that. In the meantime, there are always other posts here for you to learn something from. We’d suggest Useful Tips for Falling Asleep Faster or Useful Windows Shortcuts To Speed Up Your Daily Computer Use as good ones to read.



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