Tips for Picking a Gun Safe Dehumidifier

Safes are considered to be the perfect storage units for guns and other types of firearms. These units are so suitable for firearms that many safe manufacturers have created safes that are specifically made for storing guns, and these are aptly called “gun safes.” However, a gun safe doesn’t really provide 100% protection, as it cannot control humidity and temperature on its own. The said factors often affect guns drastically, as they can oxidize metal and make some parts of guns rusty, which could lead to severe damages to the firearms.

Fortunately, there is a great item that you can pair with gun safes to provide controlled humidity inside the safes, and this item is called the gun safe dehumidifier. Here are simple tips on how to pick a gun safe dehumidifier and also a list of the best dehumidifiers that you can purchase online.


Tips for Picking a Dehumidifier

Not all gun safe dehumidifiers are created equal, as they may be different in size, features, and quality. Below are some tips to help you know the right gun safe dehumidifier to buy.

Choose the Correct Size

Gun safes can come in different shapes and sizes, so you would need to purchase a gun safe dehumidifier in the right size so that you can have better control of the humidity inside the safe. A dehumidifier that is too small may not be suitable for large gun safes since its features may not be as effective compared to larger dehumidifiers. If the dehumidifier is too large for a small safe, then the interior of the safe can get too dehumidified, which is also bad for firearms. Find the appropriate dehumidifier size so that you won’t have problems using it.

Find a Dehumidifier with Useful Features

If you want your gun safe dehumidifier to tell you the level of humidity inside the gun safe, then you may need to get the advanced devices that have useful features that allow you to monitor not only the humidity but also the temperature in the gun safe’s interior. The high-tech dehumidifiers may be more expensive than standard products, but they are worth it to buy since they are more intuitive and effective in preventing corrosion.

Read or Watch Reviews

One of the best ways to know about the best gun safe dehumidifiers is to read or watch reviews about them online. These reviews are readily available in various forums, blogs, and social media platforms, so you wouldn’t have a hard time looking for a review of the dehumidifier you are going to buy.

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The Best Gun Safe Dehumidifiers

Similar to reviews, you can also consult several lists of the best gun safe dehumidifiers so that you can narrow down your choices. To make it a whole lot easier for you to find the perfect dehumidifier, we are already providing you with a list of the best ones you can buy. So, without any more delays, here is a list of the best gun safe dehumidifiers.

Where to Buy
BARSKA Dehumidifier Packet
Hornady Reusable Canister Dehumidifier
Afloia Mini Dehumidifier
Lockdown GunSave Dehumidifier
Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

1. BARSKA Dehumidifier Packet

First on the list is the simplest but effective dehumidifier, the BARSKA Safe Moisture Absorber. This product is specifically made to control the humidity in closed spaces like closets, cabinets, and safes. The BARSKA dehumidifier has a built-in humidity indicator that is initially blue in color to indicate that it hasn’t absorbed moisture yet but would eventually turn pink to show that it has reached its absorption capacity. Once it has reached its capacity, you can heat it up for four minutes inside a 600W microwave, and it will already be ready to use again.

2. Hornady Reusable Canister Dehumidifier

The Hornady Reusable Canister Dehumidifier has the same features as the BARSKA packet, but it is enclosed in a sturdy and durable canister so that it won’t leak moisture accidentally. Similar to the BARSKA, the Hornady is reusable once its absorption capacity is at its limit, as you can just place the canister inside a warm oven for about two to four hours, depending on the oven’s temperature. The blue silica gel inside the canister (which you can see through a small window at the top) will turn pink if the capacity has been reached.

3. Afloia Mini Dehumidifier

Another reusable product is the Afloia Mini Dehumidifier, which features an integrated heating pad so that you won’t have to put the dehumidifier in the oven or microwave for reheating and reusing. The Afloia Dehumidifier has a 360-degree circular design so that it can effectively absorb moisture in different parts of the gun safe. In order to produce heat, the heating pad should be charged to an electrical outlet for two hours, and then you can install it again on the dehumidifier to heat up the silica gel inside once their absorption limit is reached. When dry, the silica gel inside the dehumidifier is orange in color, but once it reaches its absorption capacity, it will turn black.

4. Lockdown GunSave Dehumidifier

A classic gun safe dehumidifier that you can buy is the Lockdown GunSave Dehumidifier, an electricity-powered device that can be attached to a specific part of the gun safe so that it wouldn’t consume too much space inside. The GunSave dehumidifier comes in the form of a rod that has attachable legs, which allows it to be installed inside the gun safe. It also features a 12-inch plug that is long enough for you to not have trouble getting the plug in an outlet, even if it is a little bit far away from the gun safe. The plug can then be run through the back of the safe so that it wouldn’t consume space at the front.

5. Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier

The last effective product on the list is the Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier, which acts the same way as the Hornady product, but it is in a much more compact size so that it won’t take too much space inside the gun safe. Another difference that it has over the Hornady is that you can easily recharge it through an electrical outlet because of its built-in plug, so you don’t have to place the Eva-Dry inside an oven or microwave for it to be recharged.

Comparative Analysis

BARSKA Dehumidifier Packet Hornady Reusable Canister Dehumidifier Afloia Mini Dehumidifier Lockdown GunSave Dehumidifier Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier
Humidity Indicator Blue – Dry

Pink – Wet (Needs Recharging)

Blue – Dry

Pink – Wet (Needs Recharging)

Orange – Dry

Black – Wet (Needs Recharging)

None (Automatically Recharges Itself) Orange – Dry

Black – Wet (Needs Recharging)

Power Source None (Rechargeable via Microwave Oven) None (Rechargeable via Warm Oven) None (Heating Pad Can Be Charged Through Electrical Outlet) Electricity (Needs to Be Plugged Through an Electrical Outlet to Work) None (Can Be Charge Through Electrical Outlet)

And, there you have it, a few tips to pick a gun safe dehumidifier, as well as a list of the five best dehumidifying products you can buy. Always remember to buy a dehumidifier once you have a gun safe so that you can prolong the lifespan of your firearms while inside the gun safe.