Tips for Keeping Warm in Your Home Office


    There’s no denying the advantages of working from home. To begin with, there is no longer a need to travel to and from work. There are several advantages to attending a virtual team meeting rather than a face-to-face one in the morning, including not having to deal with the stress of getting into jam-packed trains and buses.

    Many people install their home office in any spare space. The attic and basement are popular options; you make good use of the space and don’t get in the way of your everyday routine. However, these spaces might also be among the coldest areas of a home. They might not even be part of the central heating system, or just be more susceptible to drafts. This is why the winter and colder months can be difficult for individuals who work from home.

    When you’re uncomfortable, your productivity goes down. You’ll also feel unhappier when working from home this way, with the cold making you feel isolated and depressed. It doesn’t have to be this way, though; there are many ways to keep your home office cozy, warm, and overall better for work. Here are a few ideas you can start trying out today:

    Cozy Things Up

    Having a comfortable environment in which to work can significantly enhance your productivity. Home offices benefit from carpeted flooring, but if you don’t have that luxury, adding throw pillows and blankets can do the trick in a pinch. You might also consider purchasing a home office rug to provide an additional shield between your feet and the cold floor.

    Layer Yourself Up

    Simply putting on more clothes can help you warm up if your home office is in a cold spot. Try putting on a pair of thermal leggings, a chunky sweater, or a blanket with sleeves to keep warm in your home office.

    Electric blankets are an excellent and inexpensive option to stay warm during the cold winter months. Compared to leaving the central heating on overnight, which also heats rooms that aren’t being used, the energy cost of using an electric blanket is far lower. To save on expenses, many electric blankets include built-in timers that allow you to leave them running for an hour or so as you sleep, snooze, or work.

    Look Out for Drafts

    Most of the time, drafty doors or windows are to blame for heat escaping your house. This could be the reason why your home office space isn’t as warm as the rest of the house. As the weather becomes colder, it’s an excellent idea to keep the cold out by installing thermal curtains or a draft excluder. 

    It is easy to spot a draft by running your hand across the edge of the door frame. Adjust the latch or hinges to ensure the door fits right in the frame. Use draft-proofing strips to seal cracks if any; these are especially helpful in draft-proofing of PVC doors.

    Avoid Sitting Idle for Too Long

    Our bodies stay warm when we are physically active. One of the simplest ways to stay warm is to move around or do some physical activity, whether by heading for a quick walk or by doing a short exercise. This can also help you in staying fit while working in your home office

    Staying physically active when working from home may be difficult, so why not set a timer to remind yourself to get up and walk around every so often? A short walk to the kitchen can do wonders for your blood flow. This practice can also help you take a well-deserved break from work, which actually helps to focus better. 

    Light Up a Candle

    A teacup and a candle are placed on a desk.

    A candle flame won’t change the temperature very quickly, but it will provide a nice atmosphere. If you use a scented candle, the fragrance may also make the surrounding seem cozier. 

    Even if you don’t have any candles burning, filling the room with a comforting aroma can make a big difference. If, on the other hand, you want to generate a greater sense of coziness in the area, you should light up a candle since doing so will help make the atmosphere seem warmer and cozier. 

    Have Some Tea or Coffee

    Man having tea

    A hot cup of tea or coffee helps you feel more comfortable and warmer when the weather outside is chilly. If you want to pamper yourself, pick some high-end tea leaves or coffee beans. The change can elevate your cup of tea or coffee and make it a relaxing respite during a tough work day.

    Keep Drinks in a Thermos

    Keep a thermos or a flask of tea or coffee warm and handy on your desk if you consume it often. This way you won’t have to get up again and again to make new cups of hot drinks. This will also save you time and allow more focus on your work. 

    Consider Wearing Knits

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s a thick, cozy knitted sweater or a simple knitted blanket that you can wrap over your legs to keep warm.

    You’ll be glad you have a throw blanket available on chilly nights. Throwing one over your arms or wrapping it over your legs can provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort as you work. If you’re in the mood for some do-it-yourself, you can even try knitting your very own thick blanket.

    Insulate Your House Properly

    Insulating your house properly is an investment worth the price in the long term, especially if you plan on working from home on a permanent basis.  One of the best methods to reduce heat loss from a house is to install a cavity wall insulator. This can soon heat up a small space in your home that wasn’t very warm previously. Modifications like double or triple panes on top of the attic, roof, or floor insulation, might also be helpful. 

    Hang Thick Curtains

    You may want to rethink hanging a heavy and thick curtain in your home office. Curtains are a great way to insulate a space, especially if you just have a light blind or nothing at all covering your windows.

    Draft-Seal the Chimney

    If you own an open chimney that isn’t being used, you may seal it to keep drafts out. 

    Make Use of Hot Bottles and Heating Pads

    Hot water bottles are affordable, functional, and provide a warm plus fuzzy experience all at the same time. Most of us have a hot water bottle hidden somewhere. Use it to keep warm at your home office on chilly evenings. You can put a hot bottle or heating pad on your lap or beneath your sweatshirt to stay warm.

    Invest in a Heated Desk

    Workplace culture has shifted dramatically in the last year, with an increasing number of employees opting to work from home. Because of this significant shift, there has been a corresponding rise in the market for home office furniture and devices, with manufacturers responding by developing items tailored to the needs of those working from home.

    A heated desk is designed to cater the growing trend of people working from home by creating a warm and conducive environment for productivity. A well-furnished home office can make working from home more comfortable, ensuring that employees can work long hours without interruption. Here are some more tips for higher productivity while working from home

    Get a Space Heater for Your Home Office

    Space heaters will prevent your fingers from freezing off while you type or do any other work in your home office. They are essential especially during the winter, giving you control of the climate in your office. There are many kinds of office space heaters you can find in stores and online as well. 

    How to Keep Warm in Your Home Office Using a Snuggie

    One has to take out a range of comforters and blankets during the winter season to protect them from cold. However, the main problem arises when you are feeling cold but don’t have any comforter or blanket close. For example, sitting out on your chair, at home, or office, you can’t just carry a whole blanket.

    The best solution for this problem is to use a sleeved blanket or as we call it, a snuggie. This helps you get a full wraparound experience without having to deal with a cumbersome blanket.

    Other than protecting you from the cold, the snuggies are quite easy to carry from one place to another. Being compact and usually in precise measurements for the users, a snuggie can be customized according to your needs. You can use the snuggies in your home office, then easily carry it to the living room and relax there. This is also convenient when you’re going to be in any other cold spot in your home.  


    Several problems might develop if the temperature in your workplace is even a few degrees lower than it should be. Home offices that are too chilly can be a health concern. However, if you maintain a consistent temperature in the workplace, you can ensure that you are happy and healthy, which ultimately boosts productivity. The benefits of working from home can far outweigh the costs, so making a few changes is worth the time and investment. Which idea will you try out first?


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