Tips for Hanging Pictures Up Without Wall Holes


    It’s been a custom to display artwork on walls for quite some time. This started because hanging things up makes it easier to move them. It also saves space and costs much less than buying new frames every time you want to change the way your home looks. Putting up pictures on the wall is a terrific idea since they can serve as both a reminder and a decorative accent. 

    It takes a lot of effort to hang artwork, and making holes on your wall might be frightening. Whether you own your house and are anxious about hanging the photos properly, or if you rent and are concerned about being taxed for additional holes in the wall, it is still possible to hang your photographs.

    Tips For Hanging Pictures on A Wall

    Understanding the weight of the pictures is crucial before deciding on the best method.

    If a picture weighs less than 10 pounds, it is light. Medium weights are between 10 and 24 pounds, and heavy weights can go up to 50 pounds. When deciding which approach to apply, it is necessary to keep these values in mind.

    Additionally, you must know the wall material, since not all hanging products are suited for plaster, brick, or wood.

    Once you know how much the wall weighs and what it’s made of, you can decide which method to use.

    Ways to Display Pictures Without Drilling Holes

    It’s not only feasible to hang photos on the wall without damaging it, but it’s also simple and inexpensive to do so. Here are a few ideas for picture hanging without making holes in your walls.

    1. Put Your Artwork on Display Above the Mantel

    a frame above the mantel

    Fireplace mantels are sometimes packed with various stuff, but they are also an excellent area to exhibit picture frames and paintings. It’s a fantastic display for dramatic photographs. Simply rest your picture frame back against the mantel and admire it. Still, if you use your fireplace often, you should check that the area above the mantel does not become too hot and ruin your artwork.

    2. Using Hooks

    Avoiding drilling holes on your wall is exactly why hooks were created. A hook may be better option if you wish to display bulky items. If you ever wish to rearrange your walls or move your artwork with you, removing the hooks will not do any damage. The hooks’ little extension from the wall will give the impression that your artwork is displayed in a gallery. 

    You can also use them to hang handbags, hangers, jewelry, and towels

    3. Hang Your Favorite Pieces of Art Using Putty

    Another fantastic approach to hang and exhibit art without ruining your walls is using putty. People often use putty to hang art that is light and doesn’t need to stay up for too long. Simply attach it to the back of your artwork and stick it to the wall. With many things in a single space, you may create a one-of-a-kind decorative display. Create collages out of memories, magazine cutouts, and anything else sparks your imagination and interests you, or just print off and put up your favorite images or handmade creations.

    Putty can only support a certain amount of weight, so you shouldn’t count on it to keep anything heavier than a poster.

    4. Use Double-Sided Tapes

    You may hang your images using double-sided tape, which is convenient and simple to apply. Double-sided tape has the benefit of being very sturdy and can support a lot of weight. If you want to hang a heavy artwork, double-sided tape is often the best option.

    5. Use Clothespins to Hang Your Picture

    picture of clothespins

    If you do not want to place shelves on your walls, you may tie a clothesline or yarn to hooks on each side of the wall. Then, use clothespins to display your artwork or photographs on the clothesline or yarn. When displaying a huge number of photographs, this option is ideal. It’s perfect for displaying photos, tickets, and other mementos from your adventures.

    6. lace Your Artwork on An Easel

    It’s not always necessary to hang pictures. A painting easel is not only great for painting, but also for exhibiting artwork in your house. Tripod easels are space-efficient because of their triangular base. 

    Easels come in a variety of sizes and materials. The sturdy design and movable top strip allow for the graceful display of objects of varying sizes and weights. However, easels are not just ideal for large pictures. There are table easels for smaller photos, which are ideal as table decorations. 

    Having artwork displayed on an easel may also improve the aesthetic appeal of a place. You may put it on a pedestal and put it in a nook of your living room, workplace, or bedroom.

    7. Use A Console Table

    pictures frames on the top of a table

    When you’re not sure, why hang at all? Console tables are slim tables intended to be placed against a wall. Most of the time, they are put in hallways and underneath paintings. You may place picture frames on a console table or put a big painting against the wall. Since console tables are so narrow, this is a great choice for people who don’t have a lot of space. 

    8. Use Magnetic Paint

    When determining how to hang objects without harming walls, magnetic paint is an excellent alternative. Magnetic paint is ideal for hanging lightweight pictures and posters to walls. You just need a few gallons of magnetic paint for the walls, magnets and glue for the things you desire to hang, and magnetic paint for the walls. To maximize efficacy, it is preferable to apply numerous coats of paint, particularly if you want to paint over it with a different color. Some brands also include primers to boost efficiency.

    9. Install A Bulletin Board in Your Home

    To keep your images up without drilling holes in the wall, you could even transform an entire wall into a corkboard. You may use pushpins to attach several photos to the corkboard without damaging the wall and you’ll have a wall that is both more distinctive and eye-catching as a result.

    10. Use Your Floor

    framed artworks on the floor

    Please keep in mind… There is no need for nails when placing those very massive works of art on the floor and leaning them against the wall. That’s the way to go if you have any artworks that’s really tall. You can even group pieces together to make it feel like an art studio.

    To Wrap Up: 

    Hanging artwork without using nails or drilling holes on the wall may be a delicate task. These are some of the most effective methods available to you for displaying your images without resorting to the use of nails or drilling holes in the wall. You will be able to maintain the cleanliness of your walls and show your paintings and photographs in an attractive manner if you follow these steps.

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