Tips for Hanging Pictures Up Without Wall Holes

It is great to hang photos on the wall because they make great decorations at home. It is a way to remember family members, friends, and the good times you had with one another. However, there are walls where you want to hang pictures but can’t use nails because you don’t want to leave holes in the wall, especially if you are frequently changing your pictures or arrangement. There are also parts of the home where it’s tough to drill or hammer through the wall. That’s why it’s sometimes challenging to keep pictures up.

If you are one of those who want to keep pictures up on your walls but can’t drill holes, no worries because we are here to help you. Today, we are giving you different methods you can try on how-to put-up pictures without nails.

Use Adhesive Hooks and Strips to Hang Pictures


You can find different kinds of adhesive hooks and adhesive strips in stores, which can hold the weight of a framed photo. However, these may not work well if you plan to hang large frames, like 10-foot by 10-foot pictures. But if you will be hanging light-weight frames or paintings, you’ll be able to find hooks and adhesive solutions that will work well.

Just make sure that you check first the weight rating of any adhesive product you will be purchasing. You can also use multiple hooks or strips for your frames. Also, if you are not sure with the framing adhesives, or you want to test first how strong they are, do not hang the frames over your bed or collection of other decorations to avoid breaking other items in case it is not strong enough to hold your pictures.

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Use a Pegboard to Hang Your Pictures

A pegboard is not just for garages and hardware stores because you can also use it in your living room and bedroom to hang pictures on your wall. This way, there’s no need for you to make your own holes on the wall because it is already filled with lots of holes. You can just buy pegboard hangers and then hook the back of your picture frame onto it where you want. Pegboards also come in different colors and materials, meaning you can choose which one will match your home best.

Stick Your Pictures to the Wall Using Decorative Tapes

If you want to decorate your walls with unframed pictures, you can easily do this by using stationary tapes like the Washi tape. This will help you tape pictures to the wall more stylish compared to using clear tapes. It is also perfect to use over desks if you wish to switch in and out your pictures on a regular basis.

Hang Artwork from Your Molding

If your home has rail moldings along the tops of your walls, then these could be useful in hanging pictures. You just need to buy special hooks that can fit over the rails, and then adjust the lengths of framing wire to have your picture hanging on the exact spot that you want. This option can be challenging, but it will surely keep your walls at home pristine. It is one of the best ways to keep your pictures up without using nails.

Display Your Pictures on Bookshelves

If you have smaller picture frames and empty shelves at home, you can definitely display them there. Bookshelves can be a dramatic multi-level showcase for your smaller works of art. There are also bookshelves in stores that offer a variety of adjustable shelf options. These will give you lots of display configurations to choose from.

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Use Your Mantel to Display Your Pictures

Fireplace mantels are often cluttered with different items, but it is also a good spot to display your picture frames and paintings. It is an amazing showcase for dramatic photos. You can simply place your picture frame on the mantel, lean it back, and enjoy admiring it. However, if you are using your fireplace regularly, make sure that the temperature above the mantel will not damage your pictures.

Lean Your Picture Frames on the Wall

If you have dressers or a credenza at home, one of the best ways to add texture to your space is by adding framed pieces of art on them. It is also a perfect way to keep your pictures up without the need to create holes or use nails on your walls. It will be an attraction when you have visitors at home, and it will offer a unique experience with the pieces.

Install a Bulletin Wall at Home

Another way to avoid unwanted holes on the wall but keeping your pictures up is by turning your whole wall into a corkboard. This way, you’ll be able to pin lots of pictures to it without making any permanent marks on your wall. This will also make your wall standout, look more artistic, and unique.

Put Your Pictures on an Easel

Easels are not just for art because you can also use them to display your pictures and spare your walls from holes. Using an easel will also make your home or room look more artistic. You can let it stand up in one corner of your home, office, or bedroom.

Use Wall Grids to Display Your Pictures

You can also invest in savvy furniture like wall grids because you can use them to hang your pictures and paintings instead of creating holes on your wall. This metal wire photo rack is one example that you can use to display your photos. You can place it on your deskor hang it on your walls as well and use clips to hang your printed photos on.

These are some of the best ways you can do to keep your pictures up without the need to drill holes and use nails. By doing these things, you’ll be able to keep your walls clean, and your pictures and paintings displayed beautifully.