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    Job hunting is never fun. It is nerve wracking, full of suspense, and can take a long time. The thought of having to give interviews where you will be judged is enough to make many break out in cold sweat. The fact that job requirements keep climbing to new levels of difficulty doesn’t help either. And of course, the feeling of sitting home doing nothing can get too much for some people.

    In this post we’ll be listing some tips you might want to adhere to when looking for a new job. This list is essentially the same as a topic on how to find a job, because when done right, you will find one quickly. Though there isn’t guaranteed success when job hunting, these few tips should make you stand out from the crowd. And that’s exactly what employers are looking for.

    A Word Of Advice

    Before we jump into the list proper, we would like to let you know that there is no shame in being unemployed as long as you are actively seeking employment. The corporate world of today is competitive and ruthless. You are competing with potentially thousands of others that have the same qualifications as you, so don’t take it to heart if it takes longer than you expected to find a job. Getting a job quickly is nice and all, but losing yourself in despair when you can’t is detrimental to future success. Now, on to the list.

    Make Your Resume Stand Out

    This should go without saying, but your resume is your ticket to a job. Your resume is your first impression on a potential employer. Remember, employers go through hundreds if not thousands of resumes daily. They are likely to toss yours to the side without a second glance if it doesn’t catch their eye. But how do you make a resume attractive? No, not lots of colors. It’s simple; make it simple.

    Your resume should be clearly detailed with all the necessary information neatly written down. It shouldn’t be jam packed but shouldn’t be bare bones either. List your reason for wanting a job at the respective establishment and your qualifications and experience in simple, short sentences. Do not make your resume over more than one page, and use bullet lists to detail headings. In a pile of poorly written resumes, one with proper grammar, formatting, and indenting can stand out very well.

    List Your Qualifications And Experience

    List Your Qualifications And Experience

    The more the better, though remember to keep it simple. Keep in mind that employers do not care what your CGPA in college might have been. They want to see what you have worked on and what accomplishments you have under your belt. List these clearly and manage to impress an employer, and you have an interview next week. Use bullet lists for the Qualifications and Experience headings, but don’t go overboard so that the whole resume is just bullet points. Strike a nice balance. There are even professionals out there that can write your resume for you, but they cost a lot. What you do yourself will help you immensely later on.

    Keep It Relevant

    Keep It Relevant

    When writing your resume, one way to keep the content’s breadth in check is to keep it as relevant as possible. Sure, we said the more the better, but that doesn’t mean you should be talking about your time as the head of the music club when applying for a database manager role. Your employer at a software development company does not want to hear about you winning football matches. That is a surefire way to never get a call from them. Talk about what you made and studied regarding your field of employment.

    Apply, Apply, Apply

    Apply, Apply, Apply

    It’s a big world out there. Millions of companies and hundreds of millions of competitors. If you send your resume to a handful of places and be done with it your chances of being hired are as good as zero. Job hunting is a vicious game and you have to give it your all. The more places you apply to, the likelier your chances of potentially getting hired. Scout out each and every place you think you might like to work at and send them your job application. If you don’t hear back from them in some time, apply again. Constant warfare of this nature is the only way to emerge victorious.

    Interview Tips 

    Interview Tips 

    So you got a call from an employer. They’re interested in potentially hiring you due to your resume. But they still need to meet you face to face and get to know you firsthand. This can be the scariest part of the process for many people. And so, here are some tips to keep your cool and nail that interview:

    • Dress Sharp: Look good. Dazzle the interviewers. And we don’t mean snazzy clothes that are “in” right now. We mean make yourself look professional. Get a nice suit, polished boots, and a proper haircut. Get a trim and floss. Your potential employers should be assured just by your looks that you are professional and capable of handling yourself.
    • Stay Calm: The one thing that can set employers off is constant nervousness. They might try to soothe you if they see you’re scared, but they might also decide you won’t be able to handle the pressures of working with them. Calm down, remind yourself this isn’t the end all be all, hitch a smile on your face and start answering some questions. Speaking of which…
    • Have Some Questions Ready: There will be a part of the interview where the employers might ask if you have any questions. Don’t readily say no. Prepare some questions beforehand. Make sure they’re not generic questions everyone might ask because that too will turn off the interviewers.
    • Do Not Speak Harsh Of Your Previous Employers: If you have been employed before, refrain from badmouthing them during the interview. If you start talking bad about them, or start revealing corporate secrets, your interviewers will decide that you have no respect for trade secrets and might be in the wrong if you’re badmouthing your previous employers. And that’s a surefire way to not get hired.


    And there you have it. Tips for finding a job quickly, and really, just finding a job in general. Fingers crossed you’ve got this in the bag now. Looking for help with other stuff? We talk about how to learn to code quickly here and how to maintain an efficient work-study routine here.

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