Tips for Dads Planning on a Trip to Walt Disney World


    Yep, you heard it right – how to survive on the so-called “happiest place on earth.” When you think that a trip to Walt Disney World is one easy, happy ride, the reality that lies behind all this revelry is a considerable amount of preparation and planning.

    I’m sure that most dads out there have been to Walt Disney World vacations in every stage of their lives. Before, my wife and I once traveled to Walt Disney World as part of our honeymoon in the South. Traveling to Walt Disney World with the kids is different now – it’s like two or three times more enjoyable, but also two or three times more stressful at the same time.

    But don’t worry, as we say: there is a solution to every problem. The stress may not be entirely eliminated because, let’s face it, kids will be kids – especially at this certain stage where they can be really impatient, rowdy, uncontrollable, given to a crying fit and throwing trantrums even in the places you wouldn’t expect. With the right planning though, the stress and all the drama will be at least significantly toned down.

    Unless you live in Orlando, you’ve got to do a long, long drive or fly thousands of miles to get to Walt Disney World. There’s always the challenging and daunting task on how to keep the kids behaved during a long, seemingly endless cross-country ride or a grueling flight. Kids tend to be impatient, irritable, restless and even throwing tantrums when inside a car or a plane for a long time.

    Check out “Tips for Dads on Traveling with Kids” to find sensible, smart and practical suggestions to keep your kids’ behavior under control and make your trips easier, more manageable and less nerve-racking.

    As for the other things to plan for the Walt Disney World trip with the kids, you should consider a few more smart “Dad” traveling tips to Walt Disney World – to keep the kids behaved, to save money and time, and anything else in-between.

    1) Kids love buying souvenirs from Walt Disney World, or any other theme parks, so it’s now time that they should earn their own money. As a dad, now it’s a great opportunity to teach them how to work for their own money by giving them some little extra chores. You can work on your “to-do tasks” to your every child, depending on their age and skill level. I’m sure kids will love helping their dads out as well as earning some extra cash. In the end, they will feel proud and accomplished of what they’ve done.

    2) If you have a flexibility in your vacation options, choose to take your kids to Walt Disney World during the off-peak season, rather than during the summer or during the holidays, where rates are getting more expensive. Going to Walt Disney World during the off-peak season – in late spring, early summer, late summer or early fall – is cheaper. You will also experience less crowds and shorter lines.

    3) Bringing your own stroller (if possible) is the most convenient way of taking your much younger children especially at parks and airports. When they are tired from walking or getting whiny or starting to throw tantrums, putting your child in the stroller is certainly a life-saver.

    4) If you want to get the best value for your money, refer to which offers Walt Disney World vacation packages for the whole family. You will find everything you need in these packages – from great hotel accommodations to one-off specials with free theme park rides (you should always watch out for these specials). There are even condos and private homes with pools where you and your family can call home for a few days at cheap rates.


    5) Finding filling but cheap eats is very possible in Walt Disney World and vicinity. Theme park grubs aren’t your only option. If you are staying in a hotel, condo or private room, you can eat meals there. Fortunately, there are grocery stores around Walt Disney World where you can buy everything affordable from snacks to ready-made meals which you can quickly cook or heat by popping them inside the microwave oven. If you don’t like cooking, you can dine out at restaurants in the area.

    Fortunately, these parks allow you to bring your own snacks. You may want to include packing your own snacks as part of your preparation before going to Walt Disney World. Bring these snacks while strolling at the park so that the kids will have something to eat when they get hungry.

    6) Have you heard of FASTPASS+? It’s really wonderful and handy, if you ask me. If you want to avoid horrendous crowds and scary long lines, you can use the FASTPASS+ to your advantage. This virtual queueing system can save you from hours in waiting in lines at attractions on which it is installed. The newer and more updated version of FASTPASS+ allows you to make reservations up to 60 days in advance! Doesn’t that sound nice?

    Traveling to Walt Disney World is no doubt fun and enjoyable, but planning for a trip there can be overwhelming especially if you’ve got your own kids around. I hope that this little guide will help in easing off the considerable burden that every dad usually encounters when planning for trips with children. Best of luck and have fun!


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