Tips for Caring for Your Rugs

A rug is a perfect accompaniment to any room. It can be a statement piece of décor and can also be used as a place to sit. While once rugs were often made of animal skin, today wool, cotton, and other thick fabrics are used. If you own a rug or are thinking of buying one, we’ve brought you ways to make sure your rug stays new for a long time. 

Vacuum Your Rug Regularly

Since a rug is made of thousands of strands of woven fibers, it can accumulate a lot of dust. This dust is not only harmful to your health, but slowly it will start to affect the rug’s condition too. The colors will start to fade and the constant dirt will make its fibers clump together. The result will be a matted and lumpy rug that no one desires. 

Regularly vacuuming your rug is one of the best tips for caring for your rug. For a cut pile rug, stand it up straight with one end, and lightly beat it to shake up the dirt. Use a vacuum to sweep that up. For a deep pile rig, use the suction-only feature of your vacuum. This will prevent frizzing and pilling in the rug. Always use the nozzle attachment of your vacuum, instead of the brush attachment. 

If your rug has fringes, and other such delicate elements, avoid using the vacuum on them. The force of the suction can damage these. We recommend washing the edges by hand, with mild soap and water. 


Immediately Clean Up Spills on Your Rug

Your rug is always at risk for spills, both liquid, and solid. This is highly likely if you live in a house with either children or pets. While spills are common, there is no need for you to let them destroy a perfectly good rug. 

The trick is to clean these spills immediately because if they stick around for long, they can leave permanent marks. If you’ve dropped something solid on the rug, scoop all of it up with a spoon. Try to be as thorough as possible. If the spill is liquid, try to blot out as much of the liquid as you can. You can use paper towels or high-absorbent microfiber cloths for this. 

To get rid of the remaining stain, use a good-quality rug stain remover. Apply it to a little towel, and then press the towel to the stain. Don’t apply the liquid directly to the rug, as that can cause it to spread to the sides. We need the application to be as limited as possible. 

Make sure the stain remover is absorbed to the other side. Be sure to never rub your stain remover, as that can damage the fibers, and even spread the stain. Once you’ve applied the stain remover, leave the rug to dry. Speed up this process by lifting the carpet, as this will allow airflow underneath it.  You can also keep towels, and other absorbent materials on top, and keep weight on them to draw out moisture. 

Here is our recommendation for the ultimate cleaning package of your rug which includes a Microfiber cloth and Rug Stain Remover.

Where to Buy
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by USANOOKS
Woolite Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Stain Remover
Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper 5 x 7 Feet

1. Microfiber Cleaning Cloth by USANOOKS

Microfiber Cleaning ClothRemember that whenever you buy microfiber, buy the thickest one you find. This is because these trap more liquid and use less cloth. Besides, they require less effort too. Fortunately, this microfiber cleaning cloth fits perfectly with the definition. From the strong weaves, it can lock up about 9 times the original weight of liquid. If you ever have to choose between a towel or a microfiber cloth, choose microfiber, especially when it comes to cleaning different items. Moreover, it soaks up 4 times faster than a regular cloth or even a towel.

The best part is that the weaves on this microfiber cloth won't fall off. Therefore, you don't need to worry about your rugging getting messed up. As per the company specifications, it has been highly “performance-optimized” because it does not leave lint, scratch, swirl, or bleed. This has further been proven with the outstanding user reviews who have found this to be one perfect solution. 

Ideally, this one package could last for years because it contains 12 pieces and each of them is expected to last for more than 1200 washes. The good thing? It can be easily washed in a machine and you don't have to worry about it getting damaged. Although the price of this microfiber cloth package is not very high, the company does give you a 30-day money-back guarantee in case anything that has been claimed does not turn out to be true. Talk about value!

2. Woolite Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Stain Remover

Woolite Stain Remover. 

In case you are late in cleaning up the stain from the rug, don't worry! This stain remover is all that you need to get your rug back to its immaculate condition. Not only does it clean but it also eliminates any bad odors while creating a protective layer on the top so that the same part does not get damaged again. However, this does not mean that you use it on a brand new rug just to get the protective layer. 

All types of tough stains such as urine, vomit, mud, and even worse could be treated with this stain remover. Coming in a pack of 4, you can have it at a better value for money too. The single-piece costs are quite high which is why the 4-pack has been quite popular among the users. Besides, it comes with a safe brush as well. In case the stain is very tough, we recommend that you lightly brush around with the stain remover. You don't need to worry because the brush is fabric-safe. 

Most users were satisfied by the outstanding performance of this stain remover which is why it has become an Amazon’s Choice Product as well.


Choose Your Cleaning Products Wisely

Sometimes vacuuming your rug isn’t enough, and you have to invest in some good quality rug cleaning supplies. However, we urge you to do it with care. Don't use stain removers with silicone in them, as they accelerate rug staining in the future. Choose products that claim to remove dirt, dust, and bacteria. The fibers of the thread are breeding grounds for all sorts of microorganisms. Choosing the right cleaning products is a very important tip for caring for your rugs. 

Also, choose the cleaning supplies that are meant for the material of your rug. If you're not sure about a product, always check it on a patch at the corner of the rug. If something does go wrong, you can very easily hide the mark. If you can’t hide it, you can simply cut the end off, and shorten the rug. If you can’t afford cleaning products, mild soap and water are good substitutes. There are also good home remedies for specific stains.

Here are some of the best ways to clean up a bathroom

Welcome Rug. 


Get It Professionally Cleaned

Every 2 years, you should have your rug cleaned by a professional. This one very simple step can ensure your rug lasts you for decades. A professional cleaning will remove mold spores, dust mites, cigarette smoke, and any other reagents that have built up with them. Good cleaners also give your rug a shine and make sure the colors don't bleed or fade in the washing.  


Avoid the Sunlight

If you own an oriental rug, keep it out of the sunlight. The constant sun will fade the color of the rug. If your rug is placed in an area when the sun is unavoidable, try flipping it over frequently. However, keep in mind that this solution is quite temporary and won't completely solve the problem. 

Avoid the sunlight to prolong the life of your rug. 


Buy a Rug Pad

A rug slides across the floor very easily with people’s feet. This isn't just an inconvenience, but it can damage the rug. The constant sliding will damage the rug from underneath, and the bunching will harm the fibers too. Good rug pads in the market are so thin, you barely even feel them. They are also perfect for providing a little support to thin rugs. Vacuuming is also a breeze because the rug doesn't move. 

However, the rug itself isn't all a rug pad protects. A rug pad can protect your floor too. Most rug pads absorb any stains you get on your rug, preventing them from transferring to your flooring. This might not be necessary for marble or stone floors, but wood and carpet-covered flooring would be highly protected with a rug pad. 

Most rug pads are meant to be placed on the floor. If you have a carpeted floor, be sure you buy a rug pad that is compatible with the carpet. 

Also, avoid keeping heavy furniture or potted plants on the rug. The weight from the furniture will compress the fibers, and leave dents. Potted plants on the other hand leak water from beneath. If you want to place furniture on the rug, always be sure to use coasters. Using rug pads, and coasters are essential when caring for your rugs. 

Here is one of the best options for a rug pad.

3. Veken Non-Slip Rug Pad Gripper 5 x 7 Feet

Rug Pad

Normally, rug pads aren't that strong and work for quite a short time before giving up. However, this one is truly a game-changer. The perfect non-slip protection will make sure that the rug stays in place and does not even move an inch despite rough usage. Your kids can play around and so can your pets. You won't have to worry about any damage. It is specially designed in a thick manner so that it provides you the extra comfort. This rug pad is made of Polyvinyl Chloride.

Your floor will also be protected from all kinds of damage as long as you have the rug pad installed. As far as installation is concerned, it can be easily trimmed and applied on any kind of floor with some basic tools such as scissors. Those who are still worried about buying it would be glad to know that it has 2-year risk-free support from the manufacturer. In case you buy it and do not find it suitable due to defects or problems, it will be replaced. 

A variety of sizes are available which can be checked on


Avoid High Traffic Areas and Rotate the Rug

Like everything else, rugs are also subject to wear and tear. When people walk on them, the rugs bear weight and experience friction. Slowly, the rugs start to rip in patches from the area that experiences high traffic. There are two ways to avoid this. 

Firstly, you should avoid placing the rugs in areas that do not have a lot of movement. Places like kitchens, or living rooms are to be avoided. If you do want a rug for these areas, choose something durable. The second thing to do to avoid the rug ripping is to rotate it often. This will distribute the force and friction between the different sides of the rug. The fibers will be allowed to rest, and the rug will last longer.

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Rugs are essential components of any living space. They give the room color, feel, and are perfect for blending different designs and prints. A good rug can last you for years, given that you treat it with care. While you can clean your rug at home, always have it washed by a professional after 2 or 3 years. In the end, if your rug does get damaged with time, there are a lot of good fabric restoration services available too.