Tips for Caring for Your Rugs


    Rugs are decorative and functional additions to any area, providing extra warmth and pleasure to people who walk, relax, and even nap on them. When laid on top of carpeting, they shield the floor covering from damage caused by foot traffic, liquid spills, and abrasive soils.

    In addition, a rug is the ideal finishing touch for any interior. It’s multifunctional; besides being a decorative accent, it can also serve as extra seating. Animal skin was formerly a common material for rugs, but nowadays, we use wool, cotton, and other heavy materials instead. We’ve compiled some tips to help you keep your rug looking as good as the day you bought it, whether you already have one or are planning to make a rug purchase soon.

    Make It a Habit to Vacuum Your Rug


    A rug’s design from hundreds of individual threads may quickly become a dust magnet. This dust harms your health and will eventually ruin your rug’s quality. The frequent filth will cause the colors to fade and the fibers to bind together. It will become a sticky, ugly rug that nobody wants.

    Maintaining your rug’s cleanliness by vacuuming it frequently is a must. To clean a cut-pile rug, just prop up one end and give it a quick whack to loosen any dust or debris that may have settled in. Put that in the vacuum and get rid of it. Use the vacuum’s suction function alone for a deep pile rig. The rug will maintain its integrity and not frizz or pill. The nozzle attachment should be used in place of the brush when using a vacuum.

    Similar to how changing car oil is an essential element of routine maintenance, so is vacuuming rug. To prolong service life, soil and grime embedded in the rug fibers should be regularly swept away.

    If you have pets, you should vacuum your area rugs twice or thrice a week. A regularly vacuumed house is less likely to contain allergens like dust and pet dander. Your rugs will last longer, and your family and friends will appreciate the cleaned surfaces.

    Quickly Remove Any Stains from Your Rug


    The potential for solid and liquid spills on your rug is always present. This is almost guaranteed to happen if you have kids or dogs at home. Even while accidents happen, you don’t have to let a spill spoil a fine rug.

    The challenge is to wipe these accidents away before they dry and leave lasting stains. Pick up any solids that have fallen on the rug using a spoon. Make an effort to be as comprehensive as possible. Dab up as much fluid as soon as possible to contain a liquid spill. The usage of paper towels or super-absorbent microfiber cloths comes in handy here.

    Use a high-quality rug stain remover to eliminate any leftover stains. Simply dab a little cloth with the solution and press it against the stain to remove it. Don’t pour the liquid onto the rug since it will seep through the fibers and soak the floor. The scope of the application must be narrowed down significantly.

    Achieve complete absorption of the stain remover. Avoid rubbing the stained area since this might cause the stain to spread and harm the fabric fibers. It’s best to wait for the rug to dry after applying the stain remover. You may hasten the process by raising the rug to expose the area below to airflow. To further expedite moisture removal, you can keep towels or other absorbent items on top and press down on them.

    Invest in Rug Pads


    Without a rug pad, you can’t get the most out of your rugs. They make things safer by avoiding slips and trips and removing wrinkles and bunching.

    Rug pads also shield the flooring below your rug from damage, including the spread of stains and dyes. Thinner carpets are just as comfortable with rug cushions. In addition, a high-quality rug pad will make it much simpler to vacuum your rugs.

    Pads are often made for use on hard, flat surfaces. However, if you plan on placing the rug on top of the carpet, you should seek a rug pad that is intended for use on the carpet.

    Make an Informed Decision in Choosing Cleaning Supplies


    In addition to regular vacuuming and investing in rug pads, rug cleaning may need specialized cleaning products. We advise you to proceed with caution, nevertheless. If you want to prevent your rug from being permanently stained, you shouldn’t use any products that include silicone. 

    Select cleaners that state they will get rid of allergens and germs. All kinds of bacteria and germs can multiply in the thread’s strands. You must use the correct cleaning tools to keep your rugs looking their best.

    Select cleaning products that are safe for your rug’s fibers. When unsure of a product’s quality, check a small area in the rug’s corner. It’s simple to cover up a mistake if it happens. 

    If you can’t find a way to cover it up, you may always just trim the rug to fit. Mild soap and water might do the trick without more expensive cleaning solutions. Home treatments for some stains are also effective.

    Have Your Rug Professionally Deep Cleaned


    Area rugs must be professionally cleaned every year to three years, depending on how often they are used. Your rugs will look and feel better after having been professionally cleaned, revealing the wool fibers’ natural suppleness and vibrant colors. Rugs can be cleaned using either a hot water extraction and stain prevention treatment or a dry cleaning process if they are very fragile.

    Having a rug professionally cleaned is an inexpensive way to prolong the life of your investment and restore it to its original beauty. An antique rug may be restored to its former beauty with regular professional cleaning, preserving its plushness, color, and quality for years to come. You won’t have to buy a new rug for a while, and the one you have will still look great and serve its purpose.

    Furthermore, a thoroughly cleaned rug eliminates bacterial growth, making your house a better place. When you have your rugs professionally cleaned regularly, the dirt and filth that has settled into the fibers are removed, stains are neutralized, and your rug’s longevity is ensured. Dirt particles wear down rug fibers and eventually weaken the rug’s foundation. If you don’t have it cleaned professionally, it will lose some of its hominess and comfort and start to appear worn.

    Above are all the tips that you can do right now to take care of your rugs. Because of the high volume of foot activity they receive, rugs and carpets can quickly become stained and worn. If properly cared for, rugs and carpets may be kept looking like new ones for longer and can even extend their usability.

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