Tips and Tools You Need for Home Haircuts

Cutting your hair at home can save you quite a few bucks in the long run, but it will require a lot of practice and investment. Some people might also choose to go for home haircuts in order to avoid going out due to an illness or any other issue. All these reasons are enough for us to look into cutting our own hair at home as well as that of other family members.

Knowing how to cut hair at home will also enable you to trim and manage your hairstyle properly, which is instrumental for maintaining healthy hair. Below are some tips to get you started on this DIY path, along with a discussion on the tools you’d need along the way. You can also check out the best hair clippers for fades here. 

Vertical Snips


If you feel that a certain hairstyle is looking too blockish, you want to rectify it using vertical snips with your scissors. Take a fine comb and separate your hair into small sections. Hold one section between two of your fingers at a time. Go for shallow snips in an upward direction.

Sectioning the Hair


Speaking of hair sections, this is something that every hairstylist should know of. Sectioning your hair or the hair of whoever is getting the cut will make everything much more manageable. Make sure the divisions are equal and clamped away from each other.

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Longer Cuts

One rule of thumb to follow for home haircuts is to leave the hair longer than you want it. This will give you some leeway in case there are any mistakes. If the resulting hair isn’t proportional or symmetrical, you can easily correct it afterward.  You must use professional scissors for cutting hairs like Japanese Steel Hairdressing Scissors.

Plus, we usually wet the hair before cutting, which means it straightens out for even cutting. When the hair dries out, it will look shorter due to the waves and curls. This is why you want to leave the haircut a bit longer; there won’t be much of a shock after you make the final snip.

You can wet the hair by using a spray bottle filled with water. However, remember that wetting hair before a cut is best suited to dry, curly hair types.

Following the Flow


When you’re cutting different kinds of hair, you’d use different kinds of cutting techniques. Curly hair, for instance, is best left as is. Don’t try to cut it into a single length, as each strand will have a mind of its own. You may want to simply brush out an afro-textured growth and simply cut off the tips. After that, brush out the hair again and trim any straggling bits.

Using Bobbles


Bobbles can come in very handy when you’re handling long hair. This involves turning up the hair into several ponytails; the exact number will be according to the thickness and length of the hair. Place these as evenly apart as possible in order to get the right length. Once the ponytails are in place, all you have to do is snip off their tips according to the length you want to achieve.

Use YouTube Videos

YouTube is an excellent source when you start out learning how to cut hair at home. There are several videos that can tell you how to cut different types of hair and achieve various hairstyles without your having to pay a penny.

Videos are best for this sort of instruction, as you can actually see what you need to do in order to achieve your intended hairstyle. Text-based instructions might be confusing and take a long time to absorb; even pictures might not get the message across very clearly. When you finally get the hang of your own home haircuts, you can even

The Right Tools


The most important tip for a successful home haircut is to get the proper and correct tools. There aren’t many of these, but some high-end options can cost quite a bundle. If you’re serious about cutting hair at home, though, investing in some of the best models will soon pay itself off. 

Below are the tools that everyone should have on hand before they start practicing home haircuts. Each item is available online, so take a look at the recommended products you might want to consider:

Where to Buy
Kilajojo Hair Scissors and thinning shears set
JOHN 6.5 Barber Scissors Japanese Steel Hair Cutting Shears Self-Sharpening Convex Blades Right Hand Hair Stylist Shears Case Pack
Hair Thinning Razor
Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper Comes with Blades Size 000 and 1
Oster T-BLADE Hair Trimmer with WHISPER QUIET Pivot Motor with Strong Cryogen-X Blade and Ergonomic Design


Shears or Scissors

There are many shears and scissors available on the market that are made especially for hair cutting. You can’t just pick up your kitchen scissors or shears and start snipping away at your hair; at least, not if you want to get a decent result. What you want is a pair that’s designed to fit a stylist’s hand while they’re cutting hair. The usual models have a length of five to seven inches and have a sort of tang where you can rest your pink and gain more control while cutting.

There are also some shears that have an ergonomic design. Since hair-cutting requires constant use of the hand and arm, you can develop carpal tunnel syndrome from this activity. The ergonomic design will place relatively less stress on the shoulder, arm, hand, and back muscles while you’re cutting, preventing such health issues in the first place.

You want to get a pair of shears or scissors that have the right shape, an inbuilt swivel, and just the right spacing between the finger holes. Here’s one model that might be able to do the trick:

Kilajojo Hair Scissors

These professional barber scissors have sharp edges and a fun shiny rainbow color. The model is made of premium stainless steel, so you can be sure of a sharp blade for a long time. There’s also a rubber gasket with the handle, which relieves pressure while cutting. According to the reviews, the price for these scissors is very reasonable given their quality and performance.

Thinning and Texturizing Shears

A thinning shear will help you out in taming thick hair, softening lines, and texturing hair ends. These are much like a regular cutting shear, only there are some notched teeth on both blades or even just one. We can also use these to help create volume with the right cutting technique. Just make sure to clean the carpet properly when you’re done.

There are several shear designs to choose from when it comes to these thinning shears. What you choose is based on what you intend to achieve with them. The number of teeth that the shears have, the spacing between them, and whether they’re on both blades or not are all factors to take into account. See if the pair discussed below will be good for you or not:

JOHN 6.5 Barber Scissors

This Japanese model boasts self-sharpening convex blades, suitable for all kinds of haircuts. It’s easy to hold the crafted handle, especially with the anti-slip finger rest. This pair is admittedly not a high-end option, but its low price and decent performance make it suitable for home haircuts.

A Straight Razor or Razor Comb

It’s possible to cut hair using a razor blade; in fact, this is the tool of choice when you want to add movement and texture to an ordinary haircut. The cut with a razor blade isn’t straight, but is more of a jagged style that might look a bit hard and textured. To gain more control, you should try cutting with scissors or shears first and then use the razor to give a bit of texture to the ends.

A razor comb is an easier tool for control, so you might want to consider that option if you’re a beginner. However, it requires a lot of care to cut one’s own hair with a razor, as they’re very sharp. The styling and thinning razor below is a good option to consider:

Awans Hair Thinning Razor

This razor is suitable for hair thinning, feathering, and general hair styling. There are several thinning blades and razors included here, so you can choose according to the style you want. The trimming here is easy and comfortable, with a safety design to boot.  

Hair Clippers

When you want a very short cut, such as a fade or even a military-type haircut, clippers are the tool you need. These usually have a couple of sharp combs in them that cut at every strand that you put between them. With an electric motor running inside, the blades move very fast to achieve a clean cut.

A decent hair clipper might be expensive, but it’s worth the investment if you need this tool on a regular basis. However, make sure you use the right broom bristles for sweeping up afterward. The clipper discussed below will probably be a great choice for most people:

Oster Classic 76 Hair Clipper

This hair clipper comes with a couple of small blades in the package, though you’d have to buy more yourself for a wider range of results. There’s a one-year manufacturer warranty, so we can be sure that this clipper will deliver on performance. You can even use this to shave heads if required, as the motor is smooth and powerful.

It’s also easy to change the blades with this model. You also want to get some proper lube and oil to keep the blades maintained.

Neck Trimmers or Edgers

These trimmers or edgers will clean up the edges on any short haircut as well as the hairline or neckline. They’re also good for keeping beards in proper shape. Their working is the same as that of clippers, but trimmers are much smaller. This means that they can work in really small areas as well. Check out the model below if you’re considering purchasing a trimmer soon:

Oster T-BLADE Hair Trimmer

This trimmer has a quiet pivot motor as well as a strong cryogen-x blade for a professional result. The ergonomic design means that one can use it for all sorts of trimming without worrying about putting stress on their limbs.

We can use this for trim work on sideburns, necklines, hairline, mustaches, beards, and even around the ears. Since the motor is a heavy-duty one, it will last a long time.


It could be quite difficult getting a stat on home haircuts, especially as there’s no ‘undo’ button or the opportunity to start over right away. Cutting hair might even seem somewhat impossible at first, but a bit of regular practice will soon give you the necessary confidence. With the right tools on hand, you’d soon be trying out different hairstyles in no time.