Things I love Thursday

This week I wanted to show you my new scarf. I’m in love with it.

My mom sent it to me and it’s a Warriors in Pink scarf in support of breast cancer awareness.

She sent me one last year as well, so now I have 2.


Look at this gorgeous print!


{click to enlarge}

I’ve been wearing this scarf everywhere and people always ask me about it and want to know where they can get one. I figured I’d share the information with everyone just in case you want to snag one for yourself and promote a good cause!
So go HERE to check out their entire store of Warrior Wear. Some of the shirts & stuff are really cute. I also saw a cute pair of pajama pants on there that have the same print as the scarf and I think I must have them. I’d love to cozy up in some cute pink pj pants right now!

Let me know what you’re loving this week so I can check it out.