Things I love {Thursday}

 This is something I’m going to be doing on Thursdays. As the name states…it’s simply things I love. I’ll try to let you in on everything that is rocking my world right now or making me super happy…whether it’s a great sale, an event, a movie, a book, a new product, something my kids did, a beauty tip, good news, pop culture garbage, or just some thrifty fun. Sound good? Great.
 Have you ever heard of or tried this?
It’s called Brow Zings by Benefit Cosmetics, and I’ve been obsessed with this stuff since I first tried it as a teenager. It’s perfect. It comes with a tinted wax & a brow powder that you can use to groom, shape, define, & fill in your brows with. Plus it comes in a cute little compact with mini tweezers & brushes. This has been my go-to item & I’ve always recommended it when women ask about a good brow product. The only downside? The $30 price tag.
Ouch. Thirty dollars? (plus almost 9% tax for me). For eyebrow stuff. As self-professed former beauty snob, that price tag always made me cringe. Especially as I got cheaper & more frugal with age (and children). I was on a mission to find something more affordable and sensible!
Wet n Wild’s Ultimate Brow Kit is my new favorite for brows and it only costs $4.99. Five bucks is a much more reasonable price to me for my eyebrows.
This stuff is seriously awesome. All I do is simply brush my brows with a disposable mascara wand thingy (that I reuse for like a month). Then I use the little brush in the kit to swipe on the clear wax. This stuff tames & grooms the brows, plus it gives the powder something to hold on to. Then I lightly apply the powder & shape my brows how I like them. For a dark haired gal like myself I use more of the lighter brown & just a touch of the dark stuff. That’s it! I love the Wet n Wild brow kit way more than any pencil I’ve ever used, and it worked just as well as the Benefit stuff in my opinion.
Not only that, the stuff lasts forever. I first tried it about a year ago. My mom gave it to me because it was too dark for her & she thought I might like it. I did, & I used it every day since then. Just last week I finally ran out and bought a new one. Check out the before & after pictures of my brow compact!
Don’t judge me…this thing was in my makeup bag for a fricken’ year. I can’t believe it’s still around.
As you can see, I use more of the wax than the powder. I wish they made the wax part like twice as big. I had the same problem with the expensive one too, but I guess it’s less annoying when it’s only 5 bucks & it lasts for a year, right?
Plus, it gives you fabulous brows.
Give it a try & let me know what you think!
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