Things I Don’t Love

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It’s time to vent my frustrations in a linky called Things I Don’t Love.
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Rainy summer days. Our first week of summer break damn near killed me. Seriously. There’s only so much Play-Doh, board games, books, TV, movies, video games, hide & seek, and so on before you just want to kill each other after being cooped up for a week straight. This also coincided with a tight budget week so that made for extra cranky people all around. This must have been right before someone got whacked with the rolling pin.


New people working the check-out lines. I know, I know…it sounds mean even saying it. But some days I just need to check out quickly and get the hell out of there without my bread getting squished and things falling out of the cart in the parking lot.
Mosquitoes. I’ve got a rogue one hiding somewhere in my bedroom and it seems to only enjoy biting me. I’ve discovered a couple new ones every day over the last week and my husband doesn’t have a single one.
Now it’s your turn.


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