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Driving downtown. I suck at it, apparently. At first I thought it was everyone else around me, but then the other day I realized it might actually be me. Maybe I’m the shitty driver. Within a span of about 2 minutes I nearly backed into a bus, almost hit a group of pedestrians getting ready to step off the curb, sat like an idiot in the middle of a cross walk (because I stopped too late & the light was red), almost turned up a one way into oncoming traffic, and then I drove off a curb turning a corner too tightly…right next to the bus I almost backed into before. How mortifying. I think I should just stay home all the time and never drive anywhere again.

Falling down stairs. This one seems to get me a lot. Years ago (when I was about 8 months pregnant with Lily) I slipped on some very steep, carpeted stairs and hit my butt on every step on the way down, injuring my tailbone pretty badly. After that, I fell 3 more times within a year and re-injured my tailbone each time. Then on Monday I did it again. My foot slipped off the top step and I slid all the way down these very steep stairs and slammed into a door at the bottom. It was loud enough to wake my husband up from a dead sleep, and I just kind of laid there in a heap at the bottom and cried for a few minutes- it hurt pretty badly. Nothing is broken, but I thought my toe and a rib might be at first. I’m pretty sore and bruised up still, and I’m going to try to remember to turn on the light and hold the hand rail next time.
Cancer. Cancer really sucks. We’re going to a benefit this weekend for a friend who is getting ready to undergo a bone marrow transplant. I mentioned this story before here, and we’re hoping this is one of the final steps to getting him healthy again.
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