Things I {don’t} Love

Good Thursday morning!
I hope your week has been great so far.
But if not, that means you have a few things to complain about, right?
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Here’s what I’m currently not loving this week:
Babies that grow up. It’s really hard when everyone else around you has children younger than yours. My husband and I started our family a lot earlier than most of our friends. So now they’re all having babies and I’m all like “Hi, I’ll have a teenager in about 4 years.” I would gladly trade some of my exhausted nursing mom friends out there right about now (just kidding!) But seriously, I used to think it got easier as they grew older but it doesn’t! This last week has proved that to me.
 {click to enlarge}
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. OK, I don’t really have carpal tunnel, and maybe I self diagnosed myself with the help of Google, but my hand really hurts. Especially when I’m using the computer a lot. It’s all my laptop’s fault! When I use it on my lap while sitting on the couch it kills my right hand, which I always hold in this weird claw-like position while using the touch pad mouse. I need to work on my posture. I’m using an external mouse now  and am sitting at my desk as I type this and it seems to be helping a lot. Check your posture too!
Not being able to have an opinion. I’m talking about having an opinion on something that goes against what “everyone else thinks.” Sure, it’s OK to have an opinion about something, right? Unless it opposes the majority. Sometimes you just have to keep your mouth shut even when you want to yell “WRONG!!!” in someone’s face.
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