Things I {don’t} Love Thursday

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to link up with me & spend a few minutes venting on Things I {don’t} Love Thursday.
I should point out that this isn’t meant to be a super negative post. It’s just a kind of fun way to rant & make light of the little dumb things that annoy the crap out of us! You can not-love anything…it could be a TV show, a pop culture event, a work thing, a person, a place, etc. If you’ve got something you’re currently not loving, this is the place to link up!
So what am I currently not loving?
1. Not being able to find a cute jacket in December. Oh, cuz you know, if you’re looking for a winter jacket in the winter you’re much too late. You snooze you lose! Everyone’s shopping for bikinis in December, right? It’s so annoying! Everywhere I went the jackets were completely clearanced out. I couldn’t find anything except an abundance of 3XL sizes. I guess I’ll buy my winter jacket in July like everyone else in 2013.
2. Not being able to stay awake to read. I’m slacking on my GoodReads 2012 reading goal. I’ve been trying to catch up and read every night but my eyes just won’t stay open. Sure, I can stay awake and watch hours of Bravo & Teen Mom, but the second I start reading I’m suddenly losing consciousness. I wish I could spend as much time reading as I do wasting time staring at the TV.
3. Copycats. Seriously? If you’re a blogger and you have to steal someone else’s material you are really pathetic. Not just stealing someone’s general idea, or jumping on a trend or something that “everyone” is doing…but blatantly ripping off people’s hard work & creativity? I would expect more out of a self proclaimed “super mom.” Tsk tsk.


So have fun, be social, & link up! 

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